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Krishnadasi 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Aryan calls Aradhya and asks about Pavitra’s consignment, she says its almost ready, Aryan says aayi must be happy, she says alot, everything is fine there? Aryan says one boy is missing, he wants you to come to him before he goes crazy, Shravani comes to his room, he ends call. Shravani says aaji is calling you for breakfast, Aryan says i will get fresh, he goes to washroom, Shravani checks his phone and says i have to keep his phone away from him for sometime so that he can talk to Aradhya, she takes his phone and leaves.


Aradhya says to Aaba that our consignment is completed, aaba says i pray that Pavitra you go ahead in this field, she touches his feet, Shashwat says Pavitra you have made me proud, Pavitra thanks women for helping. Van comes outside house. Aaba coughs, Aradhya asks what happened? he says i am fine, she says you should go to doctor, he says lets go to doctor first, Shashwat comes inside and says we have to load sarees, Aradhya says take Aaba to doctor, Aaba says no, she says you have my swear, Shashwat says lets go, you cant win from daughters, he leaves with Aaba to go to doctor. Aradhya brings cartons of sarees outside house to load in tempo, she goes inside to bring more. Truck people start adding drugs in cartons, driver of truck runs from there. Aradhya comes out and asks why you are opening boxes? man says we are just checking boxes, he loads all boxes and has hidden drugs in it, he says to Aradhya that everything is fine. Aradhya asks Pavitra to break coconut, Pavitra breaks it and does aarti of truck. Aradhya asks where is truck driver? Gayetri says if this consignment doesnt reach Mumbai on time then it will be bad, Aradhya calls driver but its not reachable, all are tensed. Nakku spies on them, driver comes to her and says i have done as you said, Nakku says they wont find another truck soon, does any other man of your groups knows driving? he says no, she says good, she gives him money, driver takes it and leaves, Nakku smirks.

Raj asks David if i am looking hero? i have listened that you are arranging dance events, David thinks if he got to know that i am trying to his wife? David says i am not earning much from law so i am arranging all this, i got to know that Barkha Bai has good shows but she ditched at end moment and left show, i didnt know she is unprofessional, Raj says enough, till you are working with me, dont do any other work, leave, David nods and leaves.

Pavitra says to Aradhya that what if driver doesnt come? Aradhya thinks that should i call Aryan? no so much already happened, i should drive, she says to Pavitra that i will drive tempo to Mumbai, Pavitra says have you gone mad? Aradhya says its like driving normal car, its important, we have to take consignment, Pavitra says i have to talk to your father first, Aradhya says he always say that sons and daughters are same, if it was Aryan then you would have allowed him right? please let me drive, Pavitra says okay, be careful and reach home on time, Aradhya says dont worry, i will comeback, she sits in tempo and drives away.

Man calls Raj and says temp driver ranaway, Raj says find him and beat him, man tells him that Aradhya is driving, Raj says what Miss Krishnavati is driving? good that driver ranaway, i have to clear debts with her. He calls his goons and says one beautiful girl is driving tempo, catch her and bring her here, goon says what about our drugs? Raj says its risky if Aradhya is with it, bring her here, my man will take tempo ahead and will deliver drugs to client, bring that girl here with respect, goons nod and leave. Raj says now it will be fun. David has listened all this hiding behind cartons, he thinks and leaves.
Shravani says to Aryan that aaji told me you like black coffee, she serves breakfast to him, he asks where is aaji? Shravani says he has done breakfast, you woke up late. She sits beside him around dining table and stares him, she thinks that i have mixed powder in coffee, it will work soon, Servant is bringing Aryan’s phone, Shravani comes to him, servant says his phone was ringing, Shravani thinks i hided it but he had to find it? Aryan sees his phone in Shravani’s hand and says is it mine? she says yes, and gives it to him. Aryan sees Aradhya’s miscalls and sees David’s message. it reads ‘Aradhya is driving consignment van to Mumbai, goons are behind her, its dangerous’, Aryan says what? Shravani says what happened? Aryan says i have to go, he leaves, Shravani sees he didnt drink coffee, she says it must be Aradhya’s message that he left, whenever i give him this medicine, he runs away to Aradhya, Kumudini will scold me too now.

Aryan is driving his car and tries to call Aradhya, she is not picking up. goons are waiting for Aradhya on road. Aradhya is driving van. Aryan thinks that there is no network here, how to call Aradhya? He sees tempo ahead of him and says seems like this is tempo Aradhya is driving, he follows it and comes ahead of it, he stops tempo and comes out of car, Aradhya sees him and comes out, Aryan says are you mad? you think you are Jhansi ki Rani? you could have called me, Aradhya says i thought its not right to call you after yesterday, Aryan says you think i would let you go like this? she says you know this consignment is important, i have to take it, Aryan thinks that if i tell her there is danger ahead then she wont allow me to go too, he thinks, and says she is my aayi too, i have duty too, i know you want full credit, i will take tempo and you will drive my car and go back to Krishnavati, Aradhya says but.. Aryan says i know its important to take consignment, let me do this for my aayi, Aradhya smiles and caresses his face, he takes off her hand and says you are going alone, you be careful, Aradhya says you drive safe, he smiles and sits in tempo, he takes it from there, Aradhya sits in Aryan’s car to leave.

Aryan is driving tempo, he is feeling dizzy due to medicine Shravani gave him. Goons says women never come on time. They see tempo coming their way. Aryan is trying to control tempo as being inebriated. Goons see tempo going haywire, they think Aradhya is driving. goons throw needles on road, tempo passesby needle, tires get punctured and tempo hits tree, Aryan hits on steering wheel. Goons see that there is guy in tempo, goon says boss said that there is girl in tempo but its a guy, other goon says seems like drug mafia got to know about our plan so they did some trick, goon says lets take him to boss, Aryan tries to fight but he is dizzy, Goons bring him out of tempo, they hides him in big bag, and puts him in their van, his phone is thrown on road, one goon goes to drive tempo to drug client. Someone messages Aryan but his phone is on road.

Scene 2
Goons bring Aryan in a bag to Raj’s place, they see David leaving, they ask where are going? they check his phone and sees he was calling Aradhya, goons say he was calling girl which we had to pick up, lets take him to boss too, they drag David too.

Aaba says to Pavitra that why did allow Aradhya to go? its not easy, she has to drive to Mumbai, Shashwat says you could have called me, i would have arranged driver, you sent girl alone. Aradhya comes there and smiles, she says i am girl but not weak, you say that you dont believe in it, Pavitra says you went to Mumbai? Aradhya says Aryan said that he will take tempo to Mumbai, he said he wanted to help, all are tensed, she says Aryan is with us, he wanted to help aayi, dont you trust him? Pavitra says we do but.. Aaba says he still loves us but doesnt wanna show, Aradhya says yes thats why he is helping us in this difficult situation, Pavitra says where did he reach? we have to make sure that order reaches on time, Aradhya says let me call him, he said he will call me but he didnt, she calls him.

Raj says to his goons that you both did great work, no courier deliver something like this, princess in this bag? he looks at bag and thinks Aradhya is inside, he says i have to clear many debts, he recalls how Aradhya slapped him first time, how she disclosed his truth and sent him to jail, Raj says i will take my revenge, he laughs like maniacs, he says to goons why they are tensed? you both will get reward for this, he ask them to open bag carefully, goon sits down to open bag, Raj says one minute, i will open it, he opens it and sees Aryan inside bag, he slaps goons and says i asked you bring Aradhya not Aryan, David is listening all this. Goon says there was guy in tempo not Aradhya. David thinks Aryan got caught, Jesus. Raj says to goons that you both dont deserve to live, he laughs and says i forgot he is my biggest enemy, if i kill him today then i will become King of Krishnavati and become heir of Keshav’s property, he points gun at Aryan and says now Aryan will go to heaven, David is outside room.
Kumudini says to Nakku that you did great work, sent driver away, now i will see how aaba’s life changes, Nakku says when i used to do something like this, aaba or Pavitra used to give me jewelry, Kumudini says if you like them so much then go to them, those beggars will give you penny, i know you, i can trust scorpio but not you, i know you only want money, go to Pavitra, she will give you sarees, get lost you betrayer, she thinks that Shravani must have done her work, lets see how she is serving Aryan, she leaves. Nakku thinks this oldie is jerk, there is no use to serve her, i have to think about myself, i have to keep one door open for myself.

Kumudini peers inside Shravani’s room and sees her sitting alone, she comes inside and asks what happened? why you are tensed? where is Aryan? Shravani says i.. Kumudini asks if she gave medicine? she says yes, i mixed it in coffee but Aryan got someone’s message before medicine can work and he left, i think it was Aradhya’s message, Kumudini that Aradhya is curse for me, i told you, you are beautiful and young, when will you use it on Aryan? Shravani says i tried, whenever he gets Aradhya’s message, he leaves like bullet, i tried to hide his phone too but servant gave it to him, Kumudini says i now i will do my work, i will call Aryan and tell him that i am ill, i have high BP, heart attack is coming, i am dying then he will comeback.

Raj is pointing gun at Aryan and thinks that i have done murder earlier too, he recalls killing Tulsi, he thinks that i wont put my hands in dirt again, let these goons kill him, he says to goons that take Aryan away from here and kill him, no burn him with kerosene, i will give you much more money but dont do anything stupid, bring his ashes back for my peace, goons take Aryan from there, Raj thinks my enemy is finished now, David has listened all this.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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