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Krishnadasi 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Aradhya is searching trash can of Shravani’s room, Aryan finds powder bottle in it. They are checking it when they listen Shravani coming there, Aryan says she is coming here, Aradhya says you said she wont come early, Aryan says i dont know how she is coming so soon. Shravani comes to Aryan’s room and sees him checking files, he scolds Aradhya for bill, she says i ordered biscuits with it, Aryan says i am not leader that i will give tea parties, dont waste my money. Shravani thinks when did she come here? Shravani comes there and says i have made everything you asked me to cook for breakfast and you here? Aryan says i have useless people checking my accounts, i have to check myself, i will eat breakfast later, Shravani says should i bring it here? Aryan says no i am not hungry after seeing bill, you go and eat, she nods and sees Aryan angry on Aradhya, she thinks that i know you both are doing drama, she leaves. Aryan and Aradhya have sigh of relief, Aradhya lies her head on Aryan’s shoulder, he holds her hand, she sadly looks at him, he smiles at her and holds her hand tightly to reassure her.


Nakku says to Kumudini that enemy is going to get rich with dollars, Kumudini says he doesnt have penny, Nakku says Pavitra is doing business, she is making designer sarees, she has got order of 200sarees, Kumudini laughs and says let her run the house, she wont get much money, she will become rich in thousand years, Nakku says foreigner company has given her order, she is going to become rich, if she gets work like this then she will have haveli like you in an year, Kumudini says enough, go, Nakku leaves, Kumudini says i will see what she will do.

Aryan smells powder bottle, Aradhya says i dont get its smell, Aryan says it has smell like it was in my milk, Aradhya says so this powder was mixed in your milk thats why you were acting like that? Aryan says maybe, she says what she wants? Aryan says we cant blame her rightnow, calm down, let me think, Aradhya says we found bottle from her room, lets confront her, how can you say there is chance that she is innocent? Aryan says i know one person who is chemist, he calls chemist and says i need to ask about medicine, he tells him name of medicine, chemist says this medicine can be purchased from hospital’s pharmacy, Aryan says okay and ends call. he tells Aradhya, Aradhya says i know chemist of hospital, she calls chemist Savita and tells her about medicine, she says can you tell me if that medicine was taken from your pharmacy? Savita checks in details and says Rakesh was on duty that time, name is SK, Rakesh was saying that one woman came there and was crying for medicine so he gave it to her, Aradhya says can you send Rakesh to Aryan’s house? i will give money, Savita says i can do this for you, no need for money, i will tell him to go to Aryan’s house, ARadhya thanks her and ends call. ARadhya says to Aryan that he will recognize who bought it from her, they have hi-five.

David comes to skit lounge, he is finding Barkha bai. Gayetri is there too and is interviewing one woman. David is searching for Barkha and strikes with a girl, girl asks if he is flirting? David says i just came to see your dance, girl says i learned it from bai, can i get your autograph, girl says but Bai is most famous, David says you will make company, i can say it infront of Barkha. Gayetri sees david there and thinks that so this is real face of this person? David sees her there and gets shocked.

Pavitra is working on sarees in center, woman says our order is finished on time, we will deliver it tomorrow, she says to Pavitra that you are talented, we will get another order too, Pavitra says my whole family helped me. Woman sees sarees torn, she asks if there are rats in house? she says no, Kumudini and Nakku sees this from far and smirks. Paivtra says everything was fine in house, give me two days i will make it again, woman says but where we will get material from? Kumudini shows scissor and says i have torn her dreams, she can cry now.

Gayetri comes to David, he says you here? Gayetri is hurt seeing him with a girl, she leaves from there. Girl asks who was she? David says leave her, i was saying i can say infront of Barkha that you are amazing, girl smiles and leaves. Manager says to man that Barkha bai is not coming today, David thinks how to meet her then?

All gather in hall, Kumudini asks Aryan what is this new drama? Aryan says guest is coming, Nakku thinks if he got to know about blames. Rakesh comes there, Rakesh says i was on duty at medical store, Kumudini says nobody is ill. Aryan shows him powder bottle and says you sold it? Shravani thinks that he is clever than i thought, Rakesh says i sold it but why? Aryan says just tell me who bought it, Rakesh points finger at Shravani and says it was she, Aradhya says to Shravani that you mixed that powder in Aryan’s milk to make inebriated, Aryan says i was not drunk but it was effect of powder, Aradhya says thats why we called chemist here, Nakku says i thought she is trapping Aryan but she gave him milk, Aradhya says why did you mix in it in his milk? what is your mission? Aryan says everyone trusted you Shravani but what you did? now truth is out so tell us, ARadhya says what you wanted to do by making him lose senses? did you want to runaway with his money? ARadhya says i will call police if you dont answer me, Chemist says i was not talking about her but servant behind her, Aradhya asks if he is sure? he says yes, dont involve us in family matter, he leaves. Servant tries to run but Nakku stops her, Kumudini slaps her, she says how dare you give medicine to my grand son? srvant says i am sorry, Kumudini asks what was your mission? Servant says i thought to faint everyone so i can take money from here, i gave milk to Shravani to give it to Aryan so everybody doubts her, Kumudini throws her out, Kumudini asks Shravani to not worry, Shravani runs away from there, Aryan and Aradhya are tensed, Kumudini is fuming in anger.

David to manager that Barkha hasnt come but her special friend is showing show, he leaves. David says i have to talk to her best friend. David comes to Barkha’s best friend and says i need Barkha’s number, she says are you trying to give er another project? he says i will arrange it, girl writes her and Barkha’s number, she says commission will be mine.

Kumudini says to ARadhya that since the day Aryan has become Shravani’s care taker, she is creating problems, dont know what she wants, Shravani will take care of this house and office, you are afraid, Aradhya says no aaji.. Kumudini says i know you must have given money to that servant, get lost now, Aryan says it was not ARadhya’s fault fully, i found that bottle not she, Kumudini says i dont know why you keep taking her side? she is a snake, you will regret for taking her side, do what you want, she leaves, ARadhya cries being hurt, Aryan tries to comfort her but she runs away.

Pavitra says to Shashwat that my work was destroyed, how can rats destroy all sarees, Shashwat makes her sit and gives her water to drink, he says we will find some way, Pavitra says its not easy. Aaba comes and says it will be done, dont worry, everything will be fine, Pavitra says i only have one machine, how will work happen? Aaba says just have hope and one more thing i am not your father in law anymore but your father, Pavitra is emotional listening this, aaba says we are all with you, he asks Shashwat to come with him, they leave, Pavitra is tensed and prays to Lord.

Aradhya is leaving Aryan’s house, Aryan comes behind her and pulls her to him, he says you know aaji still you are hurt with her words? She will understand your goodness soon, Aradhya says i did mistake by doubting Shravani and tagged you along too, Aryan cups her face and says we are both one, i am always with you in all situation, Aradhya says Shravani is nice girl, dont know why i doubted her, Aryan says we will say sorry to her, i hate tears, Aradhya wipes her tears. Kaka comes to Aryan and Aradhya and says Shravani is not opening her room’s door.
Kumudini and Nakku are trying to open Shravani’s room’s door, Nakku says to Kumudini what if she is doing suicide? you know aaba’s sister did suicide in this house only. Aryan comes there with ARadhya and tries to break door, Kumudini says she felt insulted, if she does anything to herself then we are gone. Aryan breaks door, they see fan first, Aryan says where is she? she is not in her room, Nakku says she is not in bathroom, all get tensed, Aryan says door was closed then where did she go? Aradhya checks window and says did she run from here? Kumudini says if anything happens to her then panchayat will not spare Aryan and me.
Shravani gives money to Rakesh and Savita for informing her and taking her side. She thinks that i have to do something with this ARadhya then i will get Aryan, she sees Aryan calling and says now i have to bigger drama so that nobody doubts me further. She sees Chimaji and says i got an idea.
David calls manager and says i need Barkha bai, i am arranging bigger program and i am ready to give extra money, manager asks when is program? David says tomorrow, bring Barkha bai at sugar factory, he ends call, David says tomorrow i will meet Raj’s wife, once i find her then i will save Saras and Micheal.

Shravani runs from market and says i should die, Chimaji sees her and asks what happened ? she says i have hurt many people. i should die. Aryan and Aradhya are searching for Shravani in market. People run behind Shravani to stop her. Shravani stands on well’s wall and says dont come near, i will jump in well, Chimaji calls Aryan and says Shravani is doing suicide, come to well side, Aryan and Aradhya goes there.

David comes to meet Gayeri, Gayetri says i dont want to talk to you, you are a cheater, David says i was talking to girl but there is reason behind her, i cant tell you reason but once i come out of this situation then i will tell you, if you dont believe me then come to Lavani dance tomorrow, she says i dont believe you, she leaves, David says she has right to be angry maybe she will understand.

Chimaji asks Shravani what happened? Shravani says i never thought bad of anyone, tell Aryan and Kumudini that i care about them, she thinks where is Aryan and Kumudini? when Aryan comes only then drama will start, he will save me. Aryan comes there with his family, Kumudini says to Shravani that come down, dont do this, Shravani says i did mistake by coming in your house, there is no fault of yours, Aryan asks her to give her hand, Shravani thinks will he keep standing there or save me? Aradhya says to Shravani that i am sorry for everything, please come down, Shravani says i cantt hurt people like Aryan and aaji, they are really good, i should die, Aryan says to Shravani that i am giving you promise, dont do this, give me hand, Shravani thinks that he has swear on me, its right time to save my life. She slowly walks on well’s edges to gives her hand to Aryan, she is about come down from well’s wall but her foot slips and she falls in well but Aryan holds her hand in time, he says dont leave my hand, Shravani says i will falls inside, my hand is losing grip, Aryan shouts for rope, someone brings rope, Shravani loses Aryan’s hand, she is about to fall in well but they throw rope towards her, she holds rope, Aryan says Shravani dont lose grip, keep holding rope, Aryan tries to pull her upwards with rope, Aradhya says rope is breaking, Shravani says today is my last day i think, Aryan says i will save you, rope is tearing from one side, Shravani is tensed.

PRECAP- Raj says to his man that Rao family is doing saree business and we have to supply drugs, one mistake and your life line is finished in this business. Whole Rao family is busy in making sarees, Aradhya says if we work like this then we will come consignment. Saree cartons are loaded in trucks, Raj’s men are hiding drugs in them when Aradhya comes out and sees it, she says what are you people doing?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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