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Krishnadasi 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kumudini says to Shravani i have come to talk about Aryan’s marriage, Shravani says did you find any girl? Kumudini says i found nobody on internet? Shravani says so did you find any princess? Kumudini says something like that, Shravani says so is it Aradhya? Kumudini says dont take witch’s name, Shravani says tell me her name? Kumudini says she is one who is going to give birth to my Aryan’s son, Shravani says what are you saying? i am Krishnadasi, Aryan can be my care taker but cant be my husband as per ritual, are you showing pity on me and my baby? dont do it, Kumudini says no i like you for my Aryan, there is no rule like that, care taker can marry Krishnadasi, he can take her as his wife, Aryan’s baby is living with you too, he will get name and great life


too, nobody will point finger at you, i am with you, she hugs Shravani and says i didnt ask you but now tell me is there any family member of yours? i will meet them and talk about your marriage with Aryan? Shrvani says there is no one left but only old aaji, Kumudini says dont say like that, i am your aaji, all are you family here, dont cry now, i will meet your aaji and will tell you about your marriage with Aryan, she will be happy to listen it, she leaves, Shravani smirks and says i did great work today, i fooled this oldie too, everything is perfect. She looks at Aryan’s picture and hugs it, she says i am going mad thinking that i will be daughter in law of this house and Aryan’s wife, she smiles.
Aryan comes to hospital and asks nurse about Bhamini’s operation. Aradhya comes and says what are you doing? i told you we dont need your help, Aryan says i told you too to give it back later, calm down. He gives cheque to nurse but Aradhya takes it back and gives it back to Aryan.
Shravani comes to store room and says to Raj that i am doing drama of getting married with Aryan so that we can take all money and runaway from here. Raj says once we get money then we will go london, paris everywhere, he hugs her, Shravani thinks that he is fool, he thinks that i will marry hims still, now rich Aryan is in my life, i will become owner of his property after marrying him. Raj says lets have wine to celebrate. Someone knocks on door, they get tensed. Shravani looks at door.
Aradhya says to Aryan that dont think you will win heart by doing this, i will arrange money myself, i dont need your favor. Aryan drags her aside and says where will you get money from? you called everywhere but did you get money? i have relation with bhamini too and if you have ego then return me money later, i will take it, surgery is important, we have to do it, i have called specialist too, dont be egoistic, her voice is important, please, ARadhya says fine but i will return your money even if i have to do anything for that, he says sure give it back, Aradhya leaves.
Nakku knocks door and asks who is inside? Shravani asks Raj to hide, he hides behind sacks. Shravani opens door and says Nakku you here? Nakku says what are you doing locked in store room? Shravani says fighting, i just came to see if its clean, aaji gave me duty to check everything by giving me keys, Nakku says but you have to rest, you know that, i came to take keys, give it to me, from now on i will clean store room, just rest and eat, Kumudini asks me to make kheer for you, i came here to get sugar container. Shravani says let keys be with me, doctors say that pregnant woman should keep working, it doesnt pain when you give birth then, Nakku says you know alot, i will take sugar. she takes sugar container but its empty. Raj is hiding behind wall. Shravani shows sugar container to Nakku before she can see Raj, Nakku takes it and leaves. Raj comes out, Shravani says thank God she didnt see you, Raj says you take tension alot, nobody will doubt that i am hiding here.
Doctors are checking Bhamini. All family members are waiting outside. Aradhya comes to Aaba and says dont worry, doctors are saying that Surger went well. Aaba says but these hours are crucial. Aradhya says dont worry, God will make her fine. Pavitra parys. Aryan is sitting at a distance. Aradhya sees him sitting on different bench, he looks at her, she looks away.
Kumudini asks Nakku about Aryan, she says he didnt come. kumudini says he has gone behind Aradhya since yesterday and hasnt come till now, dont know what has happened to him, Kaka says he didnt tell us anything, Kumudini says go and call him, Kaka leaves. Nakku asks her to calm down. See Shravani has come, we should start ritual. Shravani comes there all dressed, Kumudini says come Shravani, Kaka has gone to bring Aryan. Kumudini does her aarti, she says you are going to be daughter in law of this house for sure. she fills her lap with rice and says be happy with Aryan always, she says i will talk to Chimaji for wedding date then i will meet you aaji, will she agree? Shravani blushes, Kumudini laughs and says after this ritual, eat something. She gives saree and sindoor box to her as gift, she says pray to God for happiness.
Aradhya asks doctor about Bhamini. doctor says she is alright, we will shift her to ward soon then you can all meet her but dont talk to her much, aaba thanks her. She leaves. Aradhya says see Aaba now she can speak. They all hug each other. Aradhya is hugging everyone and turns to hug but its Aryan infront of her, she stops before she could hug him, they share eyelock, Aryan smiles at her, she looks away and leaves. Bhamini is brought out of ICU and shifted to ward, Aradhya goes with her. Pavitra stops Aryan and says we are thankful that you gave money for bhamini’s treatment but what you did with Aradhya, for that neither Aradhya nor i can forgive you ever, Aryan says there is misunderstanding between me andA Aradhya but i promise to break it, then Aradhya and you all will believe that i didnt do any mistake, Arahya wont understand now but she knows in heart that our relation is not that weak and that i didnt do favor by giving money for operation, Pavitra says you did favor by giving money and staying here whole night, i just request you to stay away from Aradhya, her pain increases when she sees you, she folds her hand and asks him to stay away from her, she leaves. Banwari has listened everything hiding behind wall. he says what Aryan is spending money on Aradhya’s family? he laughs and says its time to show loyalty to Kumudini by telling her this.

Scene 2
Nakku does Shravani’s aarti, she asks Shravani to shower water infront of sun. Banwari comes there and calls for Kumudini, he asks where are you mai? Nakku says i asked you to get treated, Banwari says i went for treatment but what i saw there, i had to tell Kumudini that, Shravani asks what did you see? Banwari says i saw that Aryan gave lots of money to Aradhya for her family’s member’s treatment, dont know who is this family member. Shravani says dont know when Aradhya will leave Aryan, she thinks that only i have right on Aryan and his money now, i have to stop him splurging, she says lets go there. Nakku says you cant go without doing ritual, i will inform Kumudini, she will think what to do, she leaves. Shravani thinks that i will go and see who is this family member of Aradhya on whom Aryan is spending money.
Shashwat is holding Bhamini’s hand and says where were you? we thought you left us forever. He cries, Bhamini says I.. I.. ARadhya says you got saved? she nods, Pavitra says what happened that night? Shashwat says dont ask her, doctor said she shouldnt talk. Bhamini says let me talk, that night.. i didnt do suicide. Flashback shows Shashwat crying on Bhamini’s deadbody after retrieving her from hanging by ceiling fan, he says this all happened because of Tulsi, my mother left me, i wont spare her, he leaves. Nakku goes behind him. Servant asks Bhamini to get up, Bhamini gets up and coughs, servant says there is no one at home, what to do? bhamini is not able to speak, he says speak, servant says you told me to take you from here as deadbody? i will do that, fb ends. bhamini says i told my servant Ghulab Rao earlier that make everyone believe that i died. Flashback shows, in morgue, doctor says i will help Bhamini, she gives him money but he doesnt take it, Ghulab asks him to take it as reward, he takes it and says i will give some deadbody to her family but they shouldnt see its face else we will be caught. Fb ends. Bhamini says forgive me son, i didnt have any choice, your father hated daughters so much that he announced that if Pavitra gives birth to daughter then he will kill her, she cries. Aaba comes

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