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Krishnadasi 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Aryan says to Aradhya that listen to me then day or night, rain or storm, even if i have to stay here for months, i will stay here till you dont return with me, this is my promise Aradhya, this is my repentance. Aradhya is shocked, she runs away from there, Bhamini hides behind tree seeing all that, Aryan looks on.
Aryan is walking in garden of orphanage, Barish song plays. He looks at gate of orphanage, waiting for Aradhya. It starts raining heavily, Aryan drenches in Aryan. Aradhya looks from her room’s window and sees him standing outside. She comes out of orphanage and emotionally looks at him, she says stop pretending to be drenching in rain, i know what is right for my family and i will do that but not on your saying, you go back to girl whom you accepted before me,


she is your life, go from here. She goes inside again, Aryan looks on. He sits beside his car getting drenched in rain. Aradhya sees from her room’s window. Aryan catches cold and sneezes.
Shravani comes in store room and brings wine for Raj. He says thank you for bringing it for me. Shravani drinks it, he says so mean, make pack for me, i listened that you were fasting, Shravani says hell with fast, Kumudini is thinking about getting Aryan married, Raj says why you are taking tension about it? he drinks wine, Shravani says i did so much to throw Aradhya out of Aryan’s life and now if Kumudini gives my place to someone else.. Raj angrily looks at her, she says i mean if some girl comes here then she will become owner of this house, our plan will fail, Raj says i will bring such an idea that Aryan wont be able to marry ever, Shravani looks at him stunned.
Aaba’s family is in mandir, Chimaji says Aaba is respected citizen of here so he will aarti today. Aaba is about to do aarti but Kumudini comes there and saves diya which was about to blow off, Kumudini says if you give diya in hands of criminal and weak then this will happen, you are doing aarti of Krishan without Krishnadasi? Chimaji says it was decided beforehand that aaba will do aarti, Kumudini says i know that, i am just saying that without Krishnadasi aarti cant be done.
Aryan is still outside, getting wet in rain, Aryan thinks that my heart is saying Aradhya will come out, we met today, it means its sign from God.
Bhamini gives Krishan’s idol to Aradhya, Aradhya recalls how Tulsi prayed for Aradhya. Aradhya looks at Aryan standing outside their house. She looks at idol then at him. Aradhya comes out of house. Aryan smiles. They both take steps towards each other, Humari Adhuri kahani plays. Its raining. Aryan offers his hand to Aradhya, she ignores and starts walking away, she opens his car’s door but slips, Aryan holds her in his arms and they share eyelock, Aradhya tries to move away but he holds her hand, Aradhya pushes him away and sits in his car. Aryan sits in driver seat, Aryan thinks that soon i will win your trust back, you would know that i was not wrong. Aradhya says before you think that i am returning for you, let me tell you that i am returning for my family, everything has ended between us, aryan thinks that if you can still hear my heart’s voice, it means that you still love me, Aradhya thinks that yes there is still little love for you in my heart but the pain you have given me is so much more than that love is not comparable to that, Aryan drives away with Aradhya. Bhamini is happy to see it and prays for them.

Banwari and Markand are drinking wine, Markand says out story’s villain is Kumudini, Banwari says you are right, Markand says one day we will scare Kumudini and we will rule here. Nakku comes there and talks like Kumudini, they hold her feet and says we were cursing aaba not you, they see its Nakku, Nakku laughs and says you are lucky that Kumudini was not here, this is Kalyug, only villain will rule here, she made Aradhya go away and now she will make Aryan marry.
Program starts. Chimaji says kids will perform, there will be competition between kids, the group of kids who will raise stones first will win and will be supported financially by Aaba and Kumudini. Banwari comes and sees aaba and Kumudini sitting beside each other and says they are sitting together like brother and sister. First group of kids couldnt raise stones. Second group comes and is able to raise stones. The kids stand under stones, stones are tied by ropes at height but rope loosens and stones about to fall over kids’ head, everyone gets worried but Aradhya and Aryan comes there and tries to raise huge stone together. David tries to pull rope of stone. Aryan and Aradhya holds stone over their head, Aryan asks Aradhya to take kid from under stone out, Aradhya takes him out. Banwari shouts ghost seeing Aradhya. Markand says she is real. All are surprised to see Aradhya there. Pavitra, aaba, Gayetri comes to her. Shravani says to Kumudini that Aradhya is alive and Aryan has brought her. Pavitra says aaru you are so weak, aaba says you are tanned, Aradhya says i am fine, i was just trying to gain strength, i used to run behind kids there thats why maybe looking weak, i missed you all, Shashwat says the family which stays closer from heart is real family. Aradhya says to Gayetri that i will make you get married to David now, she looks at David, Gayetri says my wedding preparation will be done by you, Aradhya smiles. David thanks Aryan for bringing Aradhya back. Kumudini says this witch died then how come she is here? Pavitra says God wanted her to live so she cant die. Kumudini stop this family drama, Shashwat says doing drama, playing tricks is your forte not ours, we did what was best for our daughter. Shravani comes to Aradhya and says you cameback, i am so happy to see you here, i used to think that you died because of me, i used to think that i came between you and Aryan, you know i am fasting for Aryan today but you have made me happy by coming here, now i can happily leave Krishnavati. She says to people that its Krishan’s birthday today and Aradhya is here too, so today this Krishnadasi will dance, Kumudini thinks that she acts like on my side then goes to their side, what is going on? One kid asks Aryan if he will dance? he says i am happy so why not. Shravani says to Aradhya that dont say no, today is Krishan’s birthday so you have to dance with me, she asks kids to dance while she will get Aradhya dressed, she takes Aradhya from there. Raj is there too disguised as old man.
Shravani and Aradhya comes on stage and dances together on dola re dola re.. everyone enjoys it, Aradhya sees Aryan smiling at her, she stops dancing. Aryan imagines dancing slowly with Aradhya on Banjara song, he pulls her closer and closely dances with her, Aradhya smiles at him and shies away, Aryan hugs from back and pulls her to dance with him, they look in each others eyes while swaying to beat, Aryan comes out of his imagination. Aradhya goes away from him and stands with Gayetri while Shravani continues dancing, she falls unconscious after dance, all are shocked, Aradhya and all rushes to her. Aradhya asks Shravani to wake up, Aradhya says call doctor, Aryan is calling doctor. Raj says i am doctor, i have come from Pune, should i check her? Kumudini says why are you waiting? check what happened to her. Doctor sits beside Shravani, Aryan doesnt call another doctor. Raj checks Shravani and says nothing to worry, its happy news, she has to be careful now, she is not alone, she has life inside her, congratulations she is going to be mother, all are shocked, Aradhya looks at Aryan and is tensed.

PRECAP- Aryan and Aradhya are in mandir, Aryan says to Aradhya that listen to me once, i didnt cheat you. he walks over rangoli and it gets destroyed, Aryan sits down to make it fine again, Aradhya says its no use to make it fine again, some things cant be fixed once they are destroyed, she gives him necklace back, he looks at it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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