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Krishnadasi 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kids come to bhamini and ask her to make them Krishna, they are happy, Bhamini looks on.
Pavitra cleans Bhamini’s photo. Aaba, David and Shashwat come and gives them things then shopped for. Gayetri says i was thinking to do something different this time, Aaba says Bhamini used to make kids Krishna and Radha, she used to cook for them and it used to be so good.
Bhamini is cooking food. Kids come to her, she distributes food to them and smiles.
Shashwat says to aaba that she used to make me break Dahi Handi, i fell one time, Aaba says yes i remember then all laugh. Aaba misses her.
Manager comes to Bhamini and says the allegation on you for mixing poison in food is removed, you have got reward for that and we were able to this orphanage because of it.


says how to trap Aryan, he doesnt even let me come in his room, that mice Aradhya is gone but how to bring Aryan out of her memories, i have to do something, i will not only fail my plan this way but would have listen to Kumudini’s taunts. She sees servant taking Aryan’s washed clothes, she says give to me, he says Aryan has asked to not let anyone enter his room, she says i am not anyone, i will go there, she takes clothes from him and says i will clean his room. Shravani comes to Aryan’s room and sees Aradhya’s photos all over the wall, whole wall is covered with her pictures, Shravani says i want to make Aryan mine, this heroine is gone but have made Aryan devdas. She asks servant to throw these pictures in bin, he says Aryan has asked to not touch them, she says i will talk to him, throw them away. She looks at Aradhya’s picture and says i will throw you away from Aryan’s mind, soul and heart. Aryan comes to his room and sees servant taking off Aradhya’s pictures from wall, he grabs his collar and says i told you to not touch them, servant says Shravani madam asked me.. Aryan stares her and shouts did you ask him to take off photos? she nods, he says why? she says i cant see you in this situation, Aradhya always wanted to see you happy, till you dont face truth, you wont be able to handle yourself, Aryan is in tears, he takes Aradhya’s picture from her hands, he asks her to leave, Chimaji comes there, Shravani greets him and leaves. Aryan picks Aradhya’s pictures from floor, and cries looking at them, Chimaji comes and picks Aradhya’s pictures too, Aryan looks at him sadly, he gives her pictures to him, he says what you have become? its not to be so angry. He makes him sit on bed and sits beside him, he says what are you doing? if you really love Aradhya then do something which Aradhya used to like, she used to make people smile, tomorrow is Janmashtami, do something to give happiness to someone, make your love your strength not your weakness, he caresses his face and leaves. Aryan looks at Aradhya’s pictures and recalls their moments, Agar tu hota plays.
Its morning, Aryan meets manager of orphanage. Manager says with your help, kids will get new life here. Manager gets call and leaves. Aryan sees Dahi handi(yogurt pot) placed on height and kids dancing underneath it, he is about to leave but stops. One kid strikes with him and says be careful, he has yogurt bowl in his hands, he says we are going to break it, come with me. Aryan says okay. He drags Aryan in celebrations. Aryan stands at a distance. Kids are dancing and enjoying. Kid says our didi has taught us alot, we will prize this time, Aryan says you are doing hard work full time. Kid says see our did is coming. Aryan sees some girl far from him. Everyone chants for her. Kids make man pyramid. Didi climbs it to break Dahi handi, Aryan doesnt see her face and claps for her. Did breaks handi but loses balance and is about to fall down but Aryan runs and catches her in his arms in time. They look at each other and its none other than Aradhya in his arms, kids are dancing around them. Music plays, both are shocked. Flashback shows Aradhya getting hit by police van in which Bhamini was traveling. Bhamini runs to Aradhya who was injured on road. She cries and sees Aradhya’s pulse working, she tries to inform policemen that she is alive, they take her from there. Aradhya is brought to hospital. doctor is treating her. Aryan comes to same hospital and comes to ICU, doctor asks him to leave, Aradhya says i dont want to see his face, ask him to leave. wardboys drag him out. Bhamini is there and sees everything. Aradhya’s heartbeat is going low. Bhamini rubs her hands while doctor treats her. Damini meets Aradhya and says thank God you are fine, you have come out of death, i will inform your family, Aradhya says no i dont want to go to Krishnavati, memories wont spare me there, Bhamini listens all that, Damini says i understand that you dont want to meet Aryan but your family must be worried for you, Aradhya says i will talk to them, they will understand my pain, they wont force me to comeback home, i dont want to give them pain, till i dont get fine by soul and physically till then i wont go to Krishnavati, Aradhya starts breathing heavily, Bhamini brings doctor, Doctor treats her and says she will be conscious soon. Bhamini cries and kisses her forehead. Aradhya becomes conscious, Bhamini makes her drink soup and smiles, Damini sees Bhamini taking care of Aradhya. She comes out of room and says to policeman and says i dont think that this old woman can be involved with Raj’s plan, she is innocent and is taking care of Aradhya like she is her grand daughter, i will talk to Aradhya to withdraw her case. Doctor informs Aradhya that she can be discharged. Damini asks Aradhya to come home with her, Aradhya says no, Damini says where will you go? come with me, Bhamini hugs her and tries to hint that she can come with her to her home, she will take care of her, she cries and folds her hands begging Aradhya, she wipes Aradhya’s tears, Aradhya says i will go with Akka to her orphanage but Damini dont tell this to anyone, Damini says okay i wont but talk to your family once, Aradhya says i will but promise me to not tell Aryan anything, she says i promise. Damini says to Bhamini that we misunderstood you, forgive us, Bhamini hints that it isnt a problem. Flashbak ends. Aryan puts Aradhya down, Aradhya runs from there, away from Aryan. Aryan looks on and runs behind her. Bhamini sees them running and is tensed.
Pavitra and Gayetri are in mandir, Pavitra says wish Aradhya was here, she just called us and said that she wants to live alone, she didnt meet us even, Gayetri says she would become weak if she meets us, Pavitra says i know but i am her mother, dont know how she is living, who is taking care of her? Krishanji give her smile back to her.
Aryan says to Aradhya that its Krishan’s trick, we met again and on Janmashtami only, i dont have any work here but i came here, my feet brought me here, dont turn away from me, Aradhya pushes him away and says i dont know about Krishanji but i dont get happiness seeing you now, leave and let me be. Bhamini is seeing them from far. Aradhya is in tears, Aryan is hurt.
Pavitra is dressing kids, she announces competition for them.
Shravani asks Nakku if Kumudini is miffed? Kumudini comes and says i dont get miffed with anyone today, today is Krishan’s birthday, i will celebrate it with my enemy. Shravani says you are looking good today, Kumudini says i always look good, she laughs and says its Krishan’s birthday, i have to be dressed, i have fast too, Shrvani says i am fasting for Aryan too, so that he gets his happiness, Kumudini says fast for him to change him, Shravani says yes i just want him to forget Aradhya and.. Kumudini says a beautiful and mannered girl should come in his life, i will pray that God sends god daughter in law to my house, who would listen to me, when that girl comes then my problems will be solved, Shravani is angry to listen it, Kumudini says dont feel offended, you are devdasi, you can love him but daughter in law will be someone else, Shravani thinks that Aryan will be mine only, Kumudini says you will remain dasi for life, i was like that, king Keshav gave me everything, my position was in his feet and his wife used to sit on throne but see today i have everything, i will dance today, she leaves. Shravani says i will dance today aaji but i wont let your wishes to come true aaji, i will make Aryan mine only.
Aryan says you can runaway from me but you will find me more near you. Aradhya looks at him. Aradhya says even if i have to run for whole life to be away from you then i will run but i will never come near you, Aryan says you dont want to come near me? dont do it but do you realize you ae going away from your family too, what about them? how can you be so selfish? Aradhya says they know everything, they know i want to be alone, Aryan says you just informed them and left, do you know about their pain? Gayetri is not marrying David because of you, you dont want to settle down but let your sister settle down, your family pretends to be happy infront of everyone but inside their house they just wipe each others tears, what you want? you want your sister to die alone, without marrying? Aradhya looks away, Aryan says say something, comeback to Krishnavati for your family, you think you can be stubborn only? listen to me then day or night, rain or storm, even if i have to stay here for months, i will stay here till you dont return with me, this is my promise Aradhya, this is my repentance. Aradhya is shocked.

PRECAP- Humari Adhuri kahani plays. It starts raining. Aryan offers his hand to Aradhya, she ignores and starts walking away but slips, Aryan holds her in his arms and they share eyelock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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