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Krishnadasi 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Aaba objects but Kumudini decisively instructs to take this girl to her home.
Aradhya comes home, Pavitra was sewing. She appreciates Pavitra’s work and asks about Sashvant and Aaba. They return home then, worried about the decision. Sashvant was upset that Shravini’s responsibility has come to Aryan now. Aaba apologizes Aradhya, but Aradhya was happy as Aryan will take good care of Shravini. Aradhya was sure Shravini will not affect their relation in anyway. Aaba could foresee a storm coming Aradhya’s life.
Jairaj appreciated his wife on phone, David thinks his wife had died he needs to figure out who his wife is. David turns but hits some boxed, Jairaj clutches his collar demanding what he heard. David says nothing, he only came to inform Jairaj that the girl’s authority

was given to Aaryan. Jairaaj shouts in disbelief. David thinks about the riddle of Jairaj and his wife to free his brother and Bhabi.
Kumudini and Naku discuss that they must part Aryan and Aradhya using Shravini. Aryan comes to Kumudini angry, and tells Kumudini he doesn’t accept the decision of Panchait, he can’t think about anyone except Aradhya. Kumudini asks what that girl Aradhya is for him. Aradhya warns her not to take his decisions for him. Kumudini warns Aryan that he is accused of murdering her husband, and may go to jail. Aryan was ready to go to jail but to capture a girl as Devdasi. Kumudini thinks about taking an action soon.
Shravini was in her room dancing, but Kumudini finds her crying on her bed. She comes to her and assures her everything got well. Shravini asks what Aryan would think about her. Kumudini tells Shravini that Aryan doesn’t believe in any rituals, he will take care of her but in return Shravini must also take care of Aryan. She shows her dislike to Aradhya and tell her keep Aryan and Aradhya away from each other. Shravini assures to take care of Aryan’s needs; Kumudini says she must fulfil Aryan’s physical demands as well. Shravini cheers when Kumudini leaves.
David shares his plan with his brother and bhabi, to find out about Jairaj’s truth.
Aradhya and Aryan talk to each other on phone. Aryan asks if Aradhya isn’t feeling possessive that there is another girl in his life. Aradhya boasts he would have left unmarried hadn’t she married him. She was sure no one can take her position in his life. Aryan miss Aradhya and wants to meet her right there. Aradhya gives him a place to meet. Someone knocks at the door, it was Shravini with her clothes and asks to use Aryan’s bath. He allows Shravini and leaves the room.
Shravini day dreams about coming out of bath in towel and drop it deliberately while Aryan sat there. She thinks about making it true. When she finally comes out Aradhya stood there. Aradhya was offensive and scolds Shravini for coming out in such a form into Aryan’s clothes.
In the office, Muneem complains about Aradhya opening old records of office. Aryan gives him a single look to him and tell him that Aradhya is computerizing all these records. Muneem takes Aryan’s attention to Aaba standing at the door. Aryan calls him inside and offers him a seat. Aryan inquires his reason of arrival; Pradyumna says his grandson’s… granddaughter’s worry brought him here. He will now have to take care of the girl. Aradhya trusts him. Aryan assures Aaba that Aradhya is never wrong. Aaba takes a leave.
In the sewing centre, the manager comes to announce they got an international order just because of Pavitra’s art. She wonders why Pavitra never used her art before. Pavitra boasts about her daughter who is teaching her to face the world now.
Jairaj confirms from the contracter that no one is aware that this order is not a foreign one but will come to him. Jairaj tells the man standing there say he will get this order made up in an NGO for low cost and will sell it.
Kumudini comes out to find Shravini crying. Shravini was ready to bear Aryan’s scolds but not of someone else, taking Aradhya’s name. Aradhya comes home then; Kumudini asks how she dare scold Shravini and what she was doing in Aryan’s room. Why Aradhya accused of Shravini’s character. Shravini says Aradhya is jealous because Aryan was given her responsibility.

1 hour episodes to be telecasted from 3-5th August.

Update Credit to: Sona

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