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Krishnadasi 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Aradhya comes in Shravani’s room and sees Aryan. Aradhya asks if he is fine? she sees lipstick mark on his face and chest, she sees Shravani sitting on bed covered with comforter and crying, Kumudini smirks. aaba is stunned. Aradhya is in tears seeing her, Aryan asks why did you come here Aradhya? what happened? Aradhya sees lipstick marks on his chest and Shravani on bed. Aryan asks Aaba if Sharad happened nicely? Aaba says you did sharad of your character. Aaba slaps Aryan hard, Aryan turns and sees Shravani on bed covered with comforter and crying, he shocked. He turns to Aradhya, he looks around in room and says i dont remember anything, Aradhya is in tears and leaves from there in anger, Aryan goes behind her, aaba leaves too. Kumudinji gives flying kiss to Shravani and leaves.


Shravani wipes her fake tears and says tension gone, she smirks.
Aryan stops Aradhya and says listen to me, Aaba says stop drama, we have seen everything, Aryan says believe me, nothing happened. Kumudini comes and says why you are giving explanation to her? Nakku call Shravani, she will tell truth to everyone, Aryan says you all will believe after listening to her, Aradhya i didnt do anything wrong. Shravani comes there, Aryan asks her to clear everything, they think that we.. Shravani says i did mistake, i shouldnt have called Aryan in my room, i saw Aryan tensed about Sharad so i brought Parsad for Aryan, after eating Parsad i dont know what happened to Aryan and he started with me.. she cries, Aradhya is shocked and looks at Aryan, Shravani says Aryan is my care taker so i couldnt stop him and i have to comply him as its my religion. Kumudini smirks, aaba says someone mixed poison in Parsad then how did he faint? Shravani looks on in tears. Nakku says Parsad is in kitchen untouched then what did Aryan eat? Kumudini asks Shravani to tell truth, what you made Aryan eat? did you make him eat poisonous Parsad? Shravani says i dont know if there was poison in Parsad, Parsad fell from my hands mistakenly so i couldnt give it to him so i made him eat home cooked food lying that it was Parsad, Kumudini says but act happened and we cant change it, Shravani cries and leaves. Kumudini says aaba you did enough drama, leave with your grand daughter, she says to Aradhya that Aryan is Shravani’s care taker so he can do anything with her, you are not his wife so dont act jealous and leave, Aryan asks her to not speak, he says to Aradhya that nothing happened, trust me, look at me, he grabs her hand but Aradhya jerks him and runs from there, Aryan is pained to see her go, Aryan runs behind her, aaba leaves too. Nakku says Shravani did great work, Kumudini says she locked Aradhya’s mouth, Aryan and Aradhya’s relation died today.
Pavitra makes dish, Gayetri says Aryan likes it, he will be happy to eat it. Pavitra comes to Shashwat and asks what happened? Shashwat says i am calling Aaba, dont know if Kumudini and Aaba are fighting. Gayetri is so excited for Rakhi tying but dont know if Kumudini will agree for it, Pavitra says i dont know about her but Aryan loves Gayetri and he wont listen to her, Shashwat says but Kumudini didnt allow him for Sharad pooja, she can do anything, i will go and check. Aradhya comes there, she is in tears, Shashwat says Aaru? Aradhya runs and goes to her room, Gayetri says what happened to her? Aryan comes there and looks at family, he goes behind Aradhya. Pavitra asks what happened between them? Aaba comes there and says i will tell. Aryan holds Aradhya’s hand and asks her to listen to him, she pushes him away and locks herself in room, she sits down on floor beside door. Aryan knocks on door from outside and asks her to listen to him once, dont do this, Aradhya recalls how Shravani was with Aryan.
Shravani says sorry Aryan, i had t do this drama to keep you away from Aradhya, everything is fair in love and war. Kumudini knocks her door. Shravani says if this oldie gets to know that i was pretending then my plan will fail, i will have to make her believe that i really did with Aryan then i will get what i want. She opens door. Kumudini brings jewelry and sarees. Shravani cries. Kumudini says why you are crying? they dont even do this much good acting even in films, you got medal of Olympics by breaking Aryan and Aradhya’s relation, i have brought so many gifts for you, be happy, you made me happy, Nakku asks her to stop drama, nobody is around now, take all gifts, Kumudini says if you want anything else? Shravani says i dont need anything, i lost everything, she says aaji tell if there is anything greater than dignity for woman? because of your drama, i lost my dignity today, i became Krishnadasi for real, Kumudini is shocked, Shravani says these jewelry is of no use, where will i go now? Aryan did everything with me and then left me, let me cry alone now, Kumudini says i am with you, dont think like that, she says to Nakku that lets leave her for sometime, she goes from her with Nakku. Shravani wipes her tears and looks around to check if they are really gone, once she is sure, she checks jewelry Kumudini brought and says my dream money money..
Shashwat says i cant believe Aryan can do this, Pavitra says Aradhya was dreaming to start new life with Aryan, dont know she must be so hurt.
Aryan says Aradhya you know i love you so much, we had so many fights but our relation survived because we trust each other, how can you think that i would do something with Shravani, i dont remember anything but i am sure, i didnt do anything wrong, i know you are hurting but i am yours and i will always be yours, please open door. Aradhya cries and doesnt open door, Aryan says if you dont open door then i wont leave from here. He sits down outside her room by door-side. Both are hurt and sad, Aryan says i cant imagine that you would cry because of me, trust me i cant cheat you even after death, trust me i didnt do anything like that, open door. Shashwat and Aaba comes there, Aryan asks Aaba to ask Aradhya to open door, Aaba drags him and says it was my dream that you both live happily together but what i saw today, i want you leave Aradhya’a life, you have broken our trust, Shashwat says leave Aryan, Aryan says you know me Aaba since childhood, trust me, aaba says thats most hurting part, today i got to know whose blood is in your veins, only this matters, they drag Aryan from there. Aradhya gets up and tries to open door of her room to stop Aryan but she recalls Shravani with Aryan and stops. Aryan says to Pavitra that you know me, i cant do this, ask Aradhya to come out, PAvitra says i thought i knew you but i was wrong, i never recognized you. Aryan says to Gayetri that please ask Aradhya to talk to me, you brought this Rakhi for me? right? Gayetri throws away Rakhi and says it was for person who never breaks anyone’s heart but you broke Aradhya’s heart, she trusted you so much but you broke it in one moment. Aryan says aaba please.. He says Shashwat baba please trust me, i swear i didnt do anything, Shashwat says there is nothing left to say so you should leave, he pushes him away, Aryan is hurt seeing their disgust on their faces for him, he is in tears and turns to leave. Aradhya is crying in her room, Aryan leaves her house. Aradhya breakdowns in tears again. Aaba sits on swing and says i was content that my enemy was not my own but it was Jairaj but Aryan broke our Aaru’s heart totally.

Scene 2
Raj says i have many problems to deal with, alongwith Police, even drug dealers are behind me, only Barkha can save me. he calls Barkha and says why you are not picking my calls? listen to me, i have many problems, he asks if she is at her usual place? he says i will come there. he ends call and says Barkha’s place will be safe for me, i will leave after sometime.
Nakku says to Kumudini that this Shravani is clever, you asked her to pretend only but she gone all the way for it. Kumudini says she did right, if this makes Aradhya go away from Aryan then let her do it, dont forget that i can make this girl dance to my tunes, Aryan is her care taker so he can do anything with her and these things happen, Nakku agrees. Aryan comes there, Kumudini asks why he is sad? did you get free from snake Aradhya? Aryan says stop spitting venom for Aradhya, did you plan this? i know you dont like Aradhya, you can do anything to make her go away, did you mix anything in my food? Kumudini says you dont trust your aaji? i have nothing in all that happened between you and Shravani, i know you are thinking that you did wrong because you never saw her like that but you didnt do anything wrong, dont forget that she is your Krishnadasi, Aryan recalls how he became her care taker, Kumudini says you didnt do anything wrong but if you turn away her face from her then she wont be able to show face to anyone, where will she go? dont forget her husband had accident because of you, if you not accept it then her dignity will fully go away, these things happen in young age, accept what happened and move on, think about it, i am not pressurizing you, Aryan thinks about her words, he is in tears and recalls Pavitra’s, Gayetri’s and Shashwat’s words, how Aradhya pushed him away.
Shravani is eating nuts and says i have to celebrate with these only, i had to act like i dont want to eat anything because i had to shed crocodile tears whole day. Someone knocks on her window, she opens it and sees Jairaj outside, she smirks, Raj smiles and gives her flirty smile. He jumps in her room and pulls her closer, he says see Anarkali, your Salim has come, he hugs her, she smiles and hugs him back.
Aryan comes to his room and thinks that i lost my aaru’s trust, i dont understand how everything happened. He recalls how he went Shravani’s room to pray then how he ate Parsad and after that Aradhya came in that room and saw him with Shravani. He recalls how Aradhya pushed him away, how aaba despised him too, he thinks that how to make everyone believe that i didnt do anything and nothing is more important than Aradhya to me.

PRECAP- Shravani and Aryan are in mandir. Aradhya is listening to their conversation from far. Shravani says to Aryan that i lied to Aradhya that we were not conscious when we did it. Aryan says what you.. Aradhya comes there and slaps Aryan, she says i wont be pacified even if you try ton times, i am going away from you so that shadow of a cheater like you doesnt cast on me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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