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Krishnadasi 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kumudini says let Aryan come, he will have to decide if he wants Aryan or his aaji, Shravani do something big to shake Aryan up.
Aryan closes Aradhya’s eyes and brings her to place. Place is fully decorated with lights and balloons, Aradhya smiles, they both come close, Aryan holds Aradhya and slow dances with her. Aradhya turns and Aryan back hugs her, tai hai plays. Aradhya says i thought it was something else, Aryan something else means? he comes close, Aradhya says Pinto Singh doesnt know, Aryan says so you want me to bring fields for you? just look at me, you will find flowers everywhere. Aryan tries to kiss her but she stops him and says this dream is not complete, Aryan moves away from her and makes her wear bangles, Aradhya smiles. They are standing surrounded by heart


Singh, i mean Pinto Kaur, aryan says i want to see what you can do in love, Pinto Singh of 2feet, ARadhya says you dont know about my power, she tickles him, Aryan lifts her arms and swirls her around, Tai hai plays, they share eyelock, Aryan puts her down and caresses her face, she closes her eyes, Aryan says i made you wear bangles but my heart wants to.. he brings Sindoor(vermilion) and is about to fill her forehead but she stops him and says no Aryan, whenever we tried to get married, we always separated, now when families will reunite then you marry me, promise? Aryan promises her and says after Sharad ends, i will hold your hand infront of everyone, Aradhya hugs him.
Pavitra and Shashwat are making list for Sharad. Aradhya comes there and is still thinking about Aryan and smiling, Pavitra asks where were you? Aradhya says i was with Aryan to buy things for Sharad, Pavitra says you have started lying to me? Aradhya says i am not lying, Aryan is always confused when shopping, Pavitra says still you want to be with him? Aradhya says yes, she blushes, she says i was thinking that now we have money, we should to Bhamini’s Sharad like we would have done in that Haveli, Pavitra says we will distribute food to whole village, Aradhya asks what Bhamini liked in food? Pavitra says asks Aaba, ARadhya leaves.
Gayetri says to David that you think i will forgive you and will hug you? you could have told me, David says you would not listen to me and Raj’s men were behind me always but leave everything now, he hugs her but she moves away and says what are you doing? i dont want to talk to person who doesnt let his people know when they are in trouble, David says forgive me, i dont like space now, he hugs her, Gayetri laughs and hugs him back.
Aradhya comes to aaba’s room, there is Bhamini’s picture on bed, she is about to see it but Aaba comes there, Aradhya says i came to ask what Bhamini liked in food, we have to make it for Sharad, i dont know anything about her. aaba looks at Bhamini’s photo and says she was 18years old when we married, she liked to mango, pakoras and she used to make chutni. Aradhya says aaba you miss aaji? aaba sadly looks at her and then at Bhamini’s photo, he says to be honest, for all these years, i didnt let myself miss her, i was living in ego but when it broke down, i remembered everything she said, Aradhya asks if he wants to tell to anything more about her? Aaba says there was no one more beautiful than her in Krishnavati, she was elegant, if someone tried do her then she would stop them with her hand.
Bhamini is working in kitchen and stops man with her hand who tries to help her.
Aaba says she used to wear most beautiful sarees, she had a very good taste.
Manager asks bhamini if she will not change clothes for function? she hints that these clothes are fine.
Aaba asks Aradhya if she wants to see her aaji? he is about to give Bhamini’s photo to Aradhya but Pavitra calls her, Aradhya leaves.
Manager says Bhamini that this orphanage cant stay here anymore, this land is getting sold, i know this orphanage is your life but we cant do anything without money, he leaves. Bhamini cries and is sad.

Scene 2
Kumudini says to Aryan that how dare you? you want to do sharad of that Bhamini devil? am i your aaji or her? Aryan says Bhamini aaji was my aaji for 21years, Kumudini says i lived in pain for 21years because of her, you do her sharad in this house then do my Sharad in this house next year. Shravani hints her man to come inside house with kerosene. He comes inside, Kumudini sees kerosene and takes it from him, she pours kerosene on herself and lights match stick, Aryan tries to stop her, Kumudini says dont come near, i will die, Aryan says what is this madness? Shravani thinks that i have to act too. She says aaji dont do this, she asks Aryan to say yes to everything she is saying, Aryan says dont interfere between us. Kumudini says he can do anything but i will die today, Aryan throws match stick from her and says what is this drama? Kumudini says this is not drama. Kumudini comes in kitchen and puts on stove, she is about to put her saree pallu in stove, Aryan pushes her away, Aradhya comes there and puts off stove, Kumudini says this witch provokes my grand son against me, Aryan says stop blaming Aradhya for everything, Kumudini says i know why she comes here, she likes when my grand son fights with me, bring your whole family here, i should die, Aradhya says we can do Bhamini’s sharad anywhere, we should not miff anyone, aaji are you happy now? Kumudini says you are doing favor on me? Aryan asks Shravani to take Kumudini to her room and make her change her clothes. Kumudini comes out of kitchen with Shravani, Shravani says we won one fight of Bhamini’s sharad now you should take a break and should change saree otherwise you can die in real, Kumudini holds her face and what would happen to you then? she leaves.
Aradhya says to Aryan to calm down, he says i thought animosity will end but it wont end ever, Aradhya says its 21years old hatred, it wont end that easily, Aryan says i misbehaved with aaba and family and i thought to rectify it by doing Sharad but Aaji, ARadhya says dont be miffed, we should stop women from coming here, aaji will get angry, Aryan says how you dont get angry? how can you be so mature? Aradhya says in tension, we should have patience, we have many problems, we have to distribute food in village too, who will cook food? Aryan asks if he should call caterer from Pune? Aradhya says we dont have time, you remember that orphanage woman whom i scolded? she is expert in cooking, we should hire her but i said so many ill words to her, Aryan says sorry to her, they start to leave. Shravani thinks that i wont let them go easily, she says to Aryan that Kumudini is heavily breathing and her health is not fine, we have to call doctor, Aradhya says seems like her BP has shot up, lets see her, she says Kumudini will get angry seeing me, she asks Aryan to go and check her, i will go to talk to Akka(Bhamini), Aradhya leaves. Nakku gives thumbs up to Shravani. Aryan goes to Kumudini’s room.
Manager comes to Bhamini and says the boy Aryan you saved, his wife called me, Bhamini recalls how Aradhya threatened her, manager says dont worry, she wanted to give contract for her aaji’s Sharad to you to cook food, i told her that you are best in cooking food, lets get ready, you have to go to Krishnavati tomorrow, Bhamini gets shocked and recalls how she ranaway from Krishnavati with a child. Manager says what happened? arent you happy? that girl will give you money, we can give shelter to orphan kids with that money, Bhamini nods no, kid comes and says girl has come to meet, manager says i will bring her here, say no to her if you dont want to go, he leaves, Bhamini thinks.
Aryan says to Kumudini that doctor said you have high BP, he tries to give her medicine, she says to Shravani tell him to leave, he doesnt have to worry about me, he wants to do oldie’s Sharad then leave me alone, Shravani but he.. Kumudini says you want to take side of your care taker too? leave with him, Aryan says its just sharad, Kumudini says i dont want to keep any relation with family who killed my daughter, Aryan says what did you get by hatred all these years? Kumudini says i will burn myself, dont give me lecture, Aryan leaves.
Aradhya meets Bhamini and says i am sorry, i was just trying to save my husband’s life and told you ill words, she touches her feet and says forgive me, say something, manager says she cant speak, Aradhya says i am sorry, i want to thank you for saving my husband’s life, its my aaji’s Sharad, i want you to cook food, Bhamini hints no, Aradhya says dont say no, i will think that you have not forgiven me, say yes, please aaji.. Bhamini gets emotional, manager says two things will happen if you say yes, one this girl will be happy second we will be able to save shelter for orphan kids, Bhamini agrees to cook food for Sharad, Aradhya hugs her and thanks her, Bhamini feels connection with her.
Shravani says to Kumudini that dont worry, Aryan will understand you. Kumudini says he has to, why dont you do something? Shravani says i will do anything you say. She thinks that i will do something that will break Aradhya-Aryan’s relation.

PRECAP- Food is being cooked on large scale for whole Krishnavati for Bhamini’s Sharad. Raj enters venue and thinks that Aradhya now you will understand that you did mistake by messing with Jairaj, i will teach you lesson now which you will remember for life, he mixes some liquid in food. Shravani brings same food which Raj poisoned and gives to Aryan, he is about to eat it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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