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Krishnadasi 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Raj takes off Aradhya’s mustache, all are shocked. Gayetri says why Damini hasnt come till now? she calls Damini. Raj gets up and says what you think you are? he slaps Aradhya, David says Aradhya you? Raj says dont act, i know everything, you brought here, Aradhya says Raj your game is finished, i will find Aryan, Raj laughs and says Aryan’s work is finished, he asks goon to bring Aryan’s bones, goon brings one bone, Aradhya is shocked to see it and says this cant happen, you are lying, Raja says i have made Ayan boneless, i burned him alive, ARadhya is in tears and says i dont believe, Raj asks goon to tell, goon says yes we burned him alive, Aradhya says i dont agree, Raj says what should we do? should i bring his ashes? its useless as you are going to your husband,

he points gun at Aradhya, David tries to stop but goons catch him, David says this is wrong, Raj is about to shoot but Damini comes there and points gun at Raj, she asks Raj to hands up, she says nobody can save you now, Raj puts his hands up, Raj beats policemen and runs from there, Policemen runs behind him, Shravani goes behind him.
David says to Damini that he kidnapped Micheal and Saras, Damini says Aradhya have already freed them. Aradhya asks goons where is Aryan? Damini slaps them and ask, goon says Aryan is alive, boss asked to burn him alive but bag got changed, we didnt burn him, he is alive, some cartman Markand took him from there, Aradhya says i will find him, Damini says i will send police with you, Aradhya runs from there, Teri Meri Kahani plays.
Aryan is lying unconscious in Bhamini’s house while Aradhya is running from Raj’s den.
Aaba hugs Bhamini’s photo, Shashwat comes there and sees him crying, aaba keeps photo aside and wipes his tears, Shashwat looks at photo and says aayi’s photo? you have taken out her photo after so many years, aaba cries and says i never did justice with your aayi, i didnt even do her sharad(peace prayer meet), this is all happening because of my sins, Aradhya is finding Aryan and Pavitra is in jail, i was asking forgiveness from Bhamini maybe then my family will be saved, Shashwat says aayi must have got to know that you have changed and she must have forgiven you, we will do Sharad too, Gayetri called me told me Aradhya found out Raj is behind all this and Pavitra will be freed soon, Aryan is not found anywhere, Aradhya is finding him.
Aradhya comes to Markand and asks where did he take bag? Markand says to orphanage, what happened? Aradhya says nothing, she leaves.
Aradhya comes to orphanage and says there was man in one bag, how you couldnt not know it? Manager says akka opened all bags, she didnt tell me anything about it, Aradhya says i dont trust anyone, tell me where akka lives, he tells her address of Akka, Aradhya leaves.
Aradhya comes outside Akka’s house, she sees it locked from outside, she asks policemen to find akka, she comes in Akka’s house from window and sees Aryan lying on bed unconscious, she asks Aryan to wake up, she says Aryan i am Aradhya, i was shivering just thinking about losing you, why did you risk your life to save me? you love me so much? she hug him and says i love you. Bhamini comes there and is stunned to Aradhya there. She takes one stick and is about to attack Aradhya but Aradhya turns and shouts no, Bhamini recalls how she had seen her photo in Aryan’s purse, Aradhya takes stick from her and says you have kept Aryan here for money? i cant let anything happen to my husband, if you do anything with my husband then i wont spare you, police is waiting for you, Bhamini gets scared and runs from there. Aradhya comes to Aryan and says i am here Aryan, she brings water and sprinkles on his face, she asks him to wake up, he wakes up and looks at her, Aradhya says nothing will happen to you, she caresses his face, music plays, they share eyelock, Aryan looks around, he gets up, Aradhya caresses his face and is emotional, she cries putting her forehead on his forehead, he smiles, Aradhya hugs him and cries, Aryan says i am fine, i am fine, Aradhya says you know Raj did all this, he ranaway, some old woman has kept you here, i think she is with Raj, we will catch him, Aryan says i think she saved my life, i couldnt see her face but she was trying to bring me to consequences, she was a nice woman, Aradhya says i said things to her in anger, where she must be? Aryan says are you serious? i felt like someone close to me was taking care of me, there was motherly love in her, if she wasnt here then dont know what will happen to me, Aradhya says stop, i have got you after much difficulty, i will say sorry to her when i meet her,

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