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Kawach 6th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kawach 6th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rajbeer’s family discuss why Rajbeer is behaving weird, why he wants to sell their family property. Pari walks into her room and sees Saudamini and Manulika dancing there. She dies behind door. Saudamini tells how she entered Rajbeer’s body and made him go against his family. She continues that poor Pari thinks Rajbeer is the culprit. Pari realizes it was Saudamini who did all this. She goes out and sees family discussing same thing, how can Rajbeer change. She says Rajbeer is innocent and asks Saudamini in Saroj’s body to bring property papers. She brings. Pari gives papers to Rajbeer and says he is the owner of all properties. He asks if she is out of her mind, this property belongs to his siblings, uncles, and whole family. He returns papers and walks away. Janaki


praises Pari that she is kavach of this house. Saudamini realizes that Pari knows she was in Rajbeer’s body. She silently tries to leave with property papers,b ut Pari stops her and takes papers and locker keys from her.

Once Pari goes to Saroj’s room, Saudamini strangulates Pari’s neck and tortures her. Pari says she cannot harm her family, whatever she tries. Saudamini and Manjulika fume. Pari then goes to Rajbeer’s room. Rajbeer shouts at her how can she think he will betray his family, he will never go away from his family. Pari thinks it is time to tell Rajbeer truth now. She says he went through what she goes through each day. She shows papers which he signed and is about to tell him about Manjulik and Saudamini when Saudamini hits Rajbeer’s head from behind and he falls down unconscious. Saudamini laughs that she cannot do anything. Pari goes out to call doc. Manjulika asks what happened to Rajbeer. Pari says Saudamini hit his head and he is bleeding, if she does not believe, she can ask her mother.

Manjulika goes to Saudamini’s room and asks why did she harm Rajbeer. Their fight starts. Saudamini beats her repeatedly and says she can do anything to take revenge and is using even her. Pari watches their fight and thinks she wants them to fight. Once Pari leaves, Saudamini tells Manjulika she will give her Rajbeer if she heps her take revenge, they have to kill Jagath first, they will use their helper from Bundela family.

Pari calls doc who treats Rajbeer and tells family he will be fine soon. Uncle tells he will go to hospital to be with Jagath. Pari says she will go there and it will help prove her innocence. Pari takes property papers to hospital and thinks person who is helping Saudamini and Manjulika will come there for property papers. She falls asleep while sitting on chair. Shakti enters wearing doctor’s apron and mask and removes Jagath’s oxygen mask. Jagath gasps for air. Pari hears something falling and runs to room. Shakti wearing mask runs from there picking property papers. Jagath dies. Pari runs behind, but fails to catch him.

Shakti reaches home and shows property papers to Saudamini and Manjulika. He goes into flashback where Saudamini comes in front of him and he identifies her as a witch in photo frame. She says she is his mother. He does not believe her. She reminds her of childhood song which only he used to hear, birth mark on his back which even she and Manjulika has, etc. She then tells a story where she gives birth to him in a hospital where Jagath’s son is also born. Jagath’s son dies and she exchanges dead baby with her baby and says he is born to rule like a king. Shakti says even then he does not believe her. She asks Manjulika to feed him some poison. Manjulika forcefully feeds him poison. Shakti asks if they want to kill him. Saudamini says he is her son and will not die with this poison. Shakti comes out of flashback and says he killed her enemy Jagath. She laughs that soon all enemies will die.

Precap: Pari gets ready for party thinking Rajbeer did not trust her. Her friend comes to meet her and blindfolds her from behind. Rajbeer gets jealous.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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