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Kawach 21st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kawach 21st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Saudamini confines Arhaan into a cage and shouts her guruji will kill him and then she will destroy Bundela family. Heera sees unusual signs and gets worried. At Bundela haveli, Natasha complains Shakti that nobody cares about them in this house, so they should leave this house. Shakti says this is their house, where will they go. Saudamini calls him from Rajveer’s phone and says she has captured Arhaan, he should come and take him to guruji. She laughs that Pari does not know that she was in Rajveer’s body. Pari cries reminiscing Rajveer giving her divorce papers. Janaki comes and Pari asks if Rajveer came back, why did he leave mantap like that. Janaki hugs her and cries. Shakti meets Saudamini who gives him cage and asks him to give it to guruji and not remove black cloth from

cage, else her powers will be lost. He asks what about Rajveer. She says Pari troubled her a lot, so she will trouble her husband.

Pari gets worried for Rajveer and goes to meet Arhaan. Saroj comes and Pari thinks Arhaan came is shocked to see Saudamini who says she destroyed Arhaan and his powers, now who will save her. Pari runs in jungle and Saudamini tortures her and enjoys. Pari bears her torture and continues running.

While speeding car, Shakti meets rams his car to a tree. Cage falls down and Arhaan comes out of cage. He is about to see Shakti’s face when he hears Pari’s voice and leaves to help her. Shakti wakes up and sees cage on floor. He goes to tantrik’s cave and says he needs to come with him, it is urgent. Pari continues running and Saudamini torturing her. Pari prays hanumanji to protect her. Arhan comes and holds Saudamini’s hand and says he told her that she cannot harm Pari until he is alive he will now destroy Manjulika. He asks Pari to run and fights with Saudamini. Pari reaches neaar temple and thinks now Heera will show her a way to destroy Manjulika. Arhan is about to kill Saudamini when tantrik comes and captures Arhaan in a skull. Pari reaches temple and calls Heera. Her aide says she went to find kalkot parbat/hill. Pari thinks who will help her now. Tantrik tells Saudamini he was waiting for jinn since ages, now he got it. Saudamini says she will go to bring back ring from Pari.

Pari pleads hanumanji to help her. Arhaan comes and says he is going now, but she is unique and will succeed in her goal. Saudamini comes and shouts at her to come back, else she will destroy her world. Pari thinks what she is talking about. Saudamini hangs Rajveer in air and warns Pari to come out and give ring, else she will kill Rajveer. Pari comes out of temple and gives ring to Saudamini. Saudamini drops Rajveer on floor. Pari tries to wake up Rajveer, but Saudamini drags him and tortures Pari again. Pari says she gave her ring, now she should free Rajveer. Saudamini says she captured Manjulika in a ring with Arhan’s help, now she will kill Rajveer with her guru’s help. Pari prays hanumanji if he is really there. Saudamini says she is taking Rajveer to her guru’s cave. Pari says she knows that place.

Shakti goes back home. Janaki asks where are Rajveer and Pari. Shakti says he could find them, but they will come back soon, hopes they don’t come and get whole property alone. Janaki says she wanted to perform pooja via Pari. Natasha says Pari is gone, if she did not see divorce papers. Janaki gives her a tight slap and warns her to mind her tongue. Jagath also ays same followed by Shakti. Natasha yells.

Gurudev tells Saudamini that he did a mistake by killing Arhaan, Arhaan had captured Manjulika in a ring and only he could get her out. Saudamini asks what to do now. He says if they sacrifice a person Manjulika loves the most, they can get her out of ring. Saudamini says Manjulika loves Rajveer most. Saudimini says if he is not useful to his daughter, she does nnot care if he kills Rajveer, Rajveer is her enemy’s son. Tantrik orders his puppets to get Rajveer ready for sacrifice. Pari hiding sees everything and thinks she will free her husband at any cost. She frees unconscious Rajjveer and tries to take him out, but Saudmini comes and says until she is there, she will not let her take Rajeer. Today, Rajveer will die and Manjulika will come out of ring, she will kill both Rajveer and Pari. She drags Pari on cliff and says she is Manjulika’s sautan and when Rajveer is dying, even Pari should die. She pushes Pari from cliff. Pari faalls down unconscious. Saudamini checks her and laughs that Bundela family’s kavach dead. She goes back to tantrik’s cave and asks him to kill Rajveer, she killed kavach Pari. Tantrik asks her to go and kill Bundela family. Rajveer wakes up and asks who are they, free him. Tantrik throws ash on him and he falls unconscious. Tantrik shouts he has to kill Rajveer right now. Saudamini then meets Shakti and says both Pari and Rajveer are dead, now it is Bundela family’s turn. Shakti says Janaki does not have protective thread in her wrist, she can kill her today. Saudamini cribs Janaki will die today. Pari wakes up.

Precap: Pari prays devi maa to protect her husband, lights lamp and says she it will not blow off until her suhaag is alive. Devi maa comes in her body to save Rajveer.

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