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Kasam: ff (Epi-2)

Here Rishi and Tanu come out of the forest to the road.They are at a side of the road when they see a car which is not driving properly.

The car hits them and both fall far away.


Rishi gets unconscious but Tanu with many difficulties calls Raj.

Raj picks up the call

Raj:Hello Tanu

Tanu:Papa we met with an accident.

Raj is shocked and asks where they are.Tanu tells the address and gets unconscious.

Raj:Come with me Tanu and Rishi have met with an accident.

All are shocked and Beeji to is shocked she is about to fall but Yuvraj saves her.They go to place where Tanu and Rishi are.

Here Tanu is barely able to open her eyes.She opens her eyes slowly and sees a unconscious Rishi.She reminces their marriage.Tears roll down her cheeks.

She slowly goes to Rishi and catches his hand.Rishi is still unconscious but he takes the name Tanu from his mouth.

Raj and everyone comes there but Rano is not there.


When Raj told about Rishi and Tanu’s accident then Ran out listened and when they were going she got unconscious.

Flashback end

Manpreet:Rishi bhai wake up.

In the mean time ambulance too come there.

Rishi and Tanu’s hand were in each others hand like they never wanted to get a parted.

They all reach hospital.

Doctor takes them both inside the operation theater.

After some times doctor comes out and says

Doctor:Tanu is save but Rishi needs blood then only he stay alive.

All are shocked.

Doctor:And his blood group is too rare.His blood group is O negative.

Yuvraj:Only ma’s blood group is O negative.

Doctor:Within half hour we need blood.

Raj:No Rano can’t come as it will take one hour.

Here Tanu is in other room.Nurse comes there and changes her saline bottle.

Nurse changed the bottle and is going but Tanu stops her.

Tanu:Nurse how is Rishi?

Nurse:Rishi needs blood within half and hour and his mother can’t come in half hour and his blood is also rare and that blood is not available in our hospital.

Tanu:What is his blood group?

Nurse:O negative

Tanu thinks

Tanu:My blood group is Sam’s only then I will donate my blood to Rishi

Tanu:I will donate my blood for Rishi as my blood group is same.

Nurse is shocked.

Nurse:But if you will donate the blood then you will die.

Tanu:I don’t have problem to die by saving my Rishi’s life.

Nurse goes to doctor

Precap:Tanu to donate her blood to Rishi in order to save him.
So how is this episode?hope you all will like it.

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