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Kasam 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Bani scolds Tanuja for wandering around. They book a taxi. Vidhi and Nidhi were upset if Bani won’t search for them if they get missing. Tanuja holds her own luggage, the cab driver comes to her help calling them awkward. In the car, Bani assures Vidhi and Nidhi to search for them. She takes Vidhi in her lap to make space for Tanuja. Tanuja turns to look at Mumbai Central board recalling her dream.
Smily and Chintoo were playing with each other when family return. Smily asks Rano why she is tensed. Rano suggests Smily to celebrate today, because her mother must be happy. Raaj curses Rano instead to force Rishi into it. Bee ji also accuses Rano. Rano goes to remind Bee ji she urged her, Ahana seconds Bee ji saying she didn’t. Rano comes to curse Ahana now as Rishi only listens to what Ahana says.


Raaj stops Rano from pouring Tannu’s anger over Ahana. Ahana clarifies it’s not because of Tannu, it was because of her stubbornness. She never understood her son’s love, because she didn’t want to. Had she listened to Rishi, that accident wouldn’t have happened. Rishi couldn’t bear the pain that Tannu lost her life because of him, he went to suicide and the family had to make up that Papa ji got a heart attack. Rishi came back and is living for Papa ji only. Today, Rano is repeating the mistake again, she is pushing her son to death. Rano was upset and cries, Raaj calms Rano. Ahana tells Rano this is the bitter truth, Rishi hates Tannu for getting the bullet instead of him. But it is because of that most hated girl that Rishi is there in front of their eyes, but her sister left to nowhere. She leaves crying. Rano asks Raaj what her mistake, why she is always insulted was. Raaj goes behind Rano, while Manpreet goes to Ahana.
Rishi comes to Kaali Maa temple. Tanuja asks to go there too, Bani allows her. Tanuja happily walks towards the temple. Rishi says he came into the temple because of Tannu twenty years ago, today he is again here because of Tannu. Then he loved her, but today he hates her and has come here to get away of all those memories. He trusted each word, and promise of Tannu about not leaving him, she then vowed to return but she didn’t. Now, he has believed she will never return. Tanuja enters the temple from behind and comes to stand beside him. Rishi turns to leave, Tannu feels some presence around and turns to look at Rishi. Rishi curtly goes away. Vidhi and Nidhi also want to see the temple, Bani happily comes with them.
Tannu looks around, flashes from Rishi and Tannu’s wedding come in her mind. Tannu thinks she has seen this temple in her dreams. She goes to tell Bani she came her before. Vidhi suggests may be she came here in her past life. Bani denies any such truth like reincarnation. Tannu insists that there is no proof it doesn’t exist, Sandy says it does and the mark over her back also suggests about some past life. The girls get into talk about Sandy’s murder. Bani scolds them for discussing the matter, they must only remember that Sandy is a crazy person. Tannu thinks there is definitely some link, else how she could see that Mumbai board in her dream exactly it is. She thinks to Goddess, for whom she has come here.
The girls come to Bani’s house and curses it to be too small. Bani assures she will keep them into a huge mansion. She advices the girls to get ready and keep an eye over Nakul, he is close to Rishi and Manpreet’s son is too young. They must trap Nakul at once. Rishi drives the car thinking about Tannu.
Tanuja arrives at Bani’s house, recollecting all the memories in her mind.

PRECAP: Rishi and Tanuja got wet in heavy rain. Rishi was about slip when Tanuja holds his hand, concerned if he was hurt?

Update Credit to: Sona

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