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Kasam 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishi comes to hotel with Malika, she tells Rishi she doesn’t speak much but she was happy to know he wanted to meet her alone. She asks Rishi if he loved someone else, Rishi asks her to look towards future. Manpreet and Nakul come cheering, Malika announces they won. Manpreet asks Rishi not to punish him hard, Rishi announces that whenever he will throw a manager away Manpreet will work in its place. Rano asks Rishi to go to a separate table, Rishi heads towards a separate table. UV and Divia arrive with Malika’s parents and watches the family had already reached. Rano notices Ahana’s mood off, and thinks she has a problem about Rishi moving ahead in his life. The family get seated, Rano was sure to marry Rishi in huge celebration. She boasts it is her son’s first wedding, Ahana corrects its second.

Rano says the first marriage didn’t last for 24 hours.
Rishi asks Malika why she wants to marry him, he wants her to be very true. Malika says she fall in love with him in her first sight, when she watched him on TV. Rishi asks why she left his two older husbands. Malika says they left her, and betrayed her. Rishi announces a surprise for her, and calls the two men; her past husbands. Viren and Tejas were on single side, Rishi asks them remind Malika about her actual story. He is sure she should have told the other two the same. Viren says she loves diamonds only, she sold his house after she got it after her name. Tejas accuses Malika that she got his property, and got him in dowry case and sent him to jail. Malika asks Rishi what was the need to do this all, he should have rejected this proposal. Rishi looks into her eyes saying he has rejected hundreds of proposals, but she lied to him. She disrespected love, the society’s name is being ruined because of women like her. Malika leaves. Tejas advices Rishi not to trust a girl who confess her love by herself. Rishi tells him he fall in love once, and trusted the girl who promised to stay beside him always. She had vowed to return but she didn’t. Now he hate girls and the word love itself.
Tanuja arrives at Mumbai station, wondering what story has been written in this city. Sandy says she is made for someone, to complete someone’s promise.
Rishi says everything was ruined.
Tanuja looks towards the moon, thinking today the moon is really different. It seems she is closer to her destination, her love. She finds a small temple on the station and was attracted towards it.
In the hotel, Malika cries hugging her mother. Her parents complain Raaj and family for insulting their daughter, they had already informed them about her divorce twice. Rishi comes saying they didn’t tell why she was divorced. Malika runs away, her parents follow. Rano accuse Rishi to have deliberately done this, he still loves that Tannu who not only died herself but also killed them all. She hates even the name of Tannu more than anything. Rishi shouts Mom! Then leaves the hotel.
Tanuja walks towards the temple.
Rano’s words echo in Rishi’s mind as he stop the car, at the same place he filmed Tannu’s last video. He says she promised just at this place that she will return, she broken her promise and never returned. She betrayed him, came for a single moment and gave him a hope about returning. Today, 20 years have spent, but she never returned. She loved him dearly, but she forgot her promise.
Tanuja prays to meet the person she is made for, the person she returned for. She wants to feel the love that returns in each life.
Rishi asks why he can’t see her love if she really loves him. Tannu took his life along with hers. He has spent so many years, but now he is suffocating. He hates her now. He get on the floor, crying and shouts if she is listeningggg??? Tanuja responds at the voice, she wonders who called her.

PRECAP: Rishi was at the temple, Tanuja comes there too.

Update Credit to: Sona

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