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Kasam 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Neha comes out with a cloth tied over her head. Bani informs her about leaving tomorrow. Neha asks Bani to take this Tanuja with her, so that her daughters will also go with her. Bani understands that Neha wants to send her daughters to Mumbai with her. Bani denies taking them along, Neha asks who will help her if not Bani. Bani tells Neha its Nakul who can save them from their poverty, but giving her daughters an entry in Bedi family. Neha reminds that she and Sandy killed Tannu. Bani makes a plan with Neha to write to Bedi family that Neha died in youth, Guljeet has died ten years ago already and she has already got a heart attack twice. She will request them to take care of these three girls now, Nidhi, Vidhi and Tanuja. They cheer and Bani agrees to take the girls Mumbai along her.
Rishi was busy

in his office, Rano calls him to book the hotel of his choice. He agrees and assures he will come home soon as well. Bee ji says Rishi must really have found some similarity in Malika with Tannu. Ahana was upset.
Bani excites Vidhi and Nidhi to trap Nakul. The girls want a maid, Bani says Tanuja is there. Neha says 20 years ago Tannu stepped in Mumbai to ruin her life, now her daughters will step in Mumbai to relive her life. Now the love of Rishi and Tannu has ended, it’s her daughters’ turns.
Sandy comes in Tanuja’s room, he was upset that he never set Tannu apart from him. This time Neha is right, their life is endangered as the villagers may attempt to burn their house again. It’s better for them to leave, he will find a way to come to Mumbai. Tanu wipes his tears, Sandy says she is daughter of his brother like friend Vikram, he doesn’t know what connection he has with Tanuja but it is worth more than an uncle and a niece. Whenever he looks at her, she appears to him to be… Tannu flash in his mind. He confess about taking an innocent life, and when she saved that boy and girl he felt… Tanuja qualifies if she came to rid him off his repentance. Tanuja tells Sandy it was the situations he was in, else Sandy is a nice person otherwise she wouldn’t have been here. She was deprived of her family, but he gifted her with a family, home and sisters. She entered his house and set him free from all his wrong deeds. Neha enters the room then, watching Sandy crying with Tanuja. She suggests about stopping Tanuja here, but Sandy says its safe for her to leave. Bani calls Tanuja to leave.
The family was excited to leave for dinner. Rishi was going alone. Raaj demands Manpreet to return the keys, he drives rash. Bee ji says she will go with Rishi if Manpreet drives. Rano holds Bee ji back. Rishi leaves home, Manpreet hands the keys to Nakul.
Tanuja leaves with Bani and girls. Bani recalls her expensive clothes and go inside to get it. Guljeet goes outside with Sandy. Nidhi tells Tanuja that she is going with them, to do her makeup and cooking. Tanuja says Neha already told her she is going to take care for them. Nidhi’s words upset Tanuja. Bani comes with the dress, Nidhi goes helping her. Vidhi tells Tanuja that it seems their visit to Mumbai is as a result of Tanuja’s dream. May be her counterpart is in Mumbai and her luck is taking her towards him.

PRECAP: Rano tells Rishi they all died the day that Tannu did. She hates Tannu the most in world. Rishi stops her there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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