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Kasam 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

In the panchait, Neha and Sandy were accused of betraying the villagers. Sandy gets the chance to clarify himself. Sandy says he warned him to behave well but he misbehaved with Tanuja. He accuses them to have killed Shalu’s husband, he is their son in law. The villagers warn Sandy of not leaving his daughters as well. Sandy warns Shalu’s father that his son must have gone to jail, had her daughter not stopped him. Everyone enforces Sandy to leave the village, if he wants his daughter to stay alive. Sarpanj announces the decision that he must send his daughters away from the village, else they won’t be responsible for any mishap with them. Shalu’s brother deter Sandy of killing his daughter before they can leave the village.
At home, Bani and Guljeet were waiting for Panjait’s results. Neha


comes scolding Tannu as it’s because of her only that her own daughters are endangered. Sandy comes in to hold a hand over Neha, but Tannu stops Sandy. Neha curses Tannu again, Sandy again shouts at Neha but Neha wasn’t ready to hear anyone. She was afraid of villagers, they didn’t leave their daughters, and then what are her daughters to them.
Shalu’s brother bolts Sandy’s door, some men throw kerosene over the house and throw a match stick. The back up as the house get fire. Sandy calls himself as Tanuja’s father and will always be with her. He assures Tannu his side. Bani reminds Sandy he has two other daughters as well, Sandy interrupts her enforcing that Tanuja is also his daughter just like Vidhi and Nidhi. Guljeet asks Sandy to start any fight with the villagers only when they have left. Tannu watches the fire, she goes to open the window and calls everyone as the house is on fires. They try to open the door but it had been locked from outside. The smoke enters the house, Tannu fears for Nidhi and Vidhi.
A village lady comes to ask the men put off the fire. Shalu’s brother warn her that they will burn her house as well. The other man take them away, else police will be called. Vidhi and Nidhi were talking about a boy in room, Tannu hurries inside informing them about the fire. Sandy finally succeeds in unbolting the door. Tannu helps Vidhi and Nidhi run outside. Vidhi runs inside to get her diary again. Tannu watches a wooden rack about to fell over Nidhi and comes to save her. Vidhi drags Nidhi, while Tanuja still struggles with the log. She was hurt by a table and fell down, her head pangs and there is a flash from the past of a similar situation.
Rishi was playing with his lighter in his office. Suddenly some papers get burnt, an assistant come to his help suggesting to put on some water. Rishi orders him to go, he recalls Tannu throwing water over him.
Sandy sat beside Tannu, worried for her. He cheers as she finally coughs and opens her eyes. Neha taunts Sandy that his Tanuja turned this house to hell. Bani comes inside thankful. Both Neha and Bani curse Tannu, Bani wonders what the need for her to faint inside was. She offers Tannu to work in stage dramas. Guljeet asks Tannu why she went inside. Tannu qualifies she went to bring the book out. Neha still accuses Tannu and questions about the book. Tannu was silent, looks towards Nidhi and Vidhi. Nidhi explains that they were inside, it was their book; Tannu only came to bring them out. Nidhi interrupts Vidhi and says it was just a college book. Sandy thanks Tannu that it’s because of her only that her Nidhi’s makeup was only ruined. Neha announces about the punishment that her daughters can no more live in this village. Tannu cries. Neha goes inside.
Bani thinks she is the only one in their relatives.
Divia speak with her mother complaining about her in laws, Rano comes back from her work out session. Rano cheers, Divia butters Rano calling her as a mother. Rano turns to go inside, Divia asks Rano for her diamond necklace to wear. Rano gifts the diamond necklace to her forever she is elated today as her Rishi agreed to marry. Divia cheers, then watch Ahana tensed. Ahana says something is about to happen, Rishi is going to meet Malika. She hope his meeting is cancelled. Divia forbids her say so, else Rano will get upset again. She thinks her necklace would be cancelled with the meeting. Ahana cries that she miss Tannu every now and then.

PRECAP: Bani assures the girls that Tanuja is going with them as a maid. Sandy talks to Tannu that she must leave, as this place is unsafe for them to stay.

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