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Kasam 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tannu helps Amit and Shalu leave from the back door of their house, while Sandy holds the bunch of villagers outside. The goons hit Sandy on the arm. Tanuja goes to take care of him. They run outside in search of Amit. Sandy takes the blame over himself. Bani and Neha stare at her, Sandy insist on Tanuja to go and sleep. Neha is angry and may say anything. He tells Tanuja his heart was relieved today as she saved someone’s life.
Rano was happy and was ready to hear anything from Bee ji today. Bee ji tells Rano that Yuvraj and Manpreet have gone behind Rishi. Rano swirls and asks Raaj why he is upset, if he has some problem with her being divorcee. Raaj says that he isn’t against divorce as society does. He believes if two people can’t get along well, they should part ways. He wonders how Rishi


can agree for marriage so soon. Rano insists that Rishi has burnt all the memories of Tannu from his mind, just as she did to her photos. Raaj asks Rano to speak to Rishi once more. Rano accepts to talk to Rishi but tomorrow, today she want to dream about Rishi’s wedding.
Rishi stood at the window, Manpreet and UV come to congratulate him. Manpreet cheers that he finally has seen first love of first sight with Malika. UV scolds Manpreet for joking with Rishi. Manpreet insists that love can happen any and everywhere. UV warns Manpreet not to talk about love as he has already seen Manpreet flirting with girls after marriage. Manpreet was cheerful as they are really happy for Rishi’s life. Rishi asks if they are done he is really sleepy.
Vidhi tells Nidhi that the whole village hates them, they have saved a couple the whole village hates. Tannu stood beside window, she says that girl was ready to sacrifice her life for that boy; how can someone lose his life for someone else. Vidhi and Nidhi denies that no one can give its life for someone else. Tannu says she can, she felt that girl to be really close to herself. She speaks about love. Vidhi and Nidhi take Tannu’s attention to a boy, the noticed the boy was talking about Tannu while she was filling water in the tube well. Vidhi brings a diary where all the numbers of boys with details are written. Tannu was uninterested. Nidhi was angry that Tannu is of no use. Tannu thinks that Shalu gave a promise to someone, she was ready to be shot to save him. She wonders if she would also feel such love, she has heard her father say that she is created for someone. Vidhi and Nidhi come to sleep in Tannu’s room. She lay down on a couch, and dreams about a couple, parting away in front of Mumbai. She wakes up from feeling distressed. Vidhi wakes up, Tannu calls it a bad dream as someone was moving away from her. It was a boy may be, she never met him but it seems she know him. It was all blurred, but only thing clear was Mumbai Central Station. Vidhi lay down asking Tannu to forget about Mumbai. Tannu wonders why she saw Mumbai board when she never went to Mumbai; and who was that boy beside her.
The next morning, Rano comes to Rishi showing his birth chart that says he will marry twice. Rano suggests about fixing his meeting with Malika. Rishi wants to meet Malika alone. Rano says she will invite Malika’s family in the hotel, there they can speak to each other. Rishi leaves when Rano is done. Rano shouts Manpreet’s name. Manpreet was hurrying towards Rano when he hits a lady with boxes of gifts. The girl drops the boxes, she turns to be Ahana. She and Manpreet have an argument, she hurts her foot at which Manpreet was concerned. Ahana taunts he only finds ways to touch her. Manpreet denies, Ahana asks if they gave birth to two children without any fire. They finally calm down, Manpreet appreciates her quality of winning all the fights with him. Rano comes there and tells Ahana about Rishi’s remarriage. Ahana was upset.
The next morning, Tanuja serves tea to everyone. Bani scolds her and tells her about Panchait deciding their fates. Tanuja was worried and wants to go to Panchait. Bani stops her.

PRECAP: The girls demand Bani for a maid. Bani assures Tanuja is going with them as a maid. Sandy tells Tannu that she must leave, this village isn’t safe for them.

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