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Kasam 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishi was sitting with Bee ji. She wakes up, Rishi tells her that he returned as soon as he came to know about her illness. He scolds her why she went to temple so far. Bee ji was offensive that she just woke u up and he is scolding her, he isn’t her Bee ji but she is. Bee ji asks about her Tanuja, Rishi tells her that she has left. Bee ji was sure she will return, God has sent her may be for Rishi. Rishi was frustrated again, he asks how many times he has to tell them he only loves Tannu, and miracles never happen. He helps Bee ji to lay down again and wish her good night. Bee ji thinks that Tanuja was returned to her as a result of her prayers.
Neha comes to Bani’s house, and cheers she is having the old feeling of Neha. Sandy allowed her to go to Mumbai and stayed at home to look for his cattles.


She tells Bani she came to take care of her daughters and get their dreams fulfilled, and for that they need to fix Tanuja from getting over smart.
Tanuja wakes up from a nightmare. She shares with Nidhi and Vidhi about a bad dream in which a girl is shot with a bullet. Nidhi teases her as she has been made for someone and took a second birth; may be its from her earlier birth. Tanuja wonders if really this dream has been linked to her old life and was confused.
The next morning, Rishi comes downstairs scolding a girl that her job is finished now. He meets Manpreet downstairs and asks about the reason for such an anger. Rishi tells him that his personal secretary wants a leave as her husband is ill, why then she joined the job. Rishi then looks towards Manpreet and says he is a good option for being a secretary. Manpreet was reluctant and asks about some time limit. Rishi reminds Manpreet about losing a bet to him, that if his worker leave from office he will work in their place. He leaves. Ahana had heard this all from behind, and was excited. She asks Manpreet to go and get ready for office, she will prepare his favorite breakfast. Manpreet wonders is his wife doesn’t feel pity for him. She tells him she wants to see Manpreet work for a long period of time.
In the park, Nidhi deliberately fell over Nakul and mocks about her foot twist. Nakul helps her sit on a bench and was concerned. Vidhi comes curt, and calls Nidhi as Nakul’s sister. He clarifies she isn’t his sister. Vidhi twists Nidhi’s foot and gets a chance to flee.
The staff cheers watching Manpreet, as he would save them from getting scolded. Rishi scolds Manpreet for being late, he had to discuss a few things with him but after the meeting now. Rishi assures Manpreet he will set him free as soon as Manpreet gets him a new secretary. Manpreet asks the receptionist to call their HR right away.
Tanuja comes to look for Mehta enterprises, a man guides her the way. Tanuja wonders if she will get a job today, where her luck would get her today. She stops by a small temple to pray for this job and she get what’s in her fate, today. She comes to wear her shows again, Rishi comes from behind to hit her. She shouts at her sandal. Rishi was shocked watching her, and asks about her problem. Tanuja says her shoe has broken, but she would get it fixed. Rishi asks if she really doesn’t understand and is dumb, he shuts her up and hurries into his car.

PRECAP: Tanuja brings cake in the conference room, Rishi was getting up the chair then. Tanuja’s face is ruined by the cake, while it gets over Rishi’s face as well. Tanuja looks at Rishi’s photo in the conference room and was afraid at once.

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