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Kasam 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Bee ji watches Tanuja’s hand, saying she appears to be related to her from last birth. Tanuja tells Bee ji that she speaks really sweet, and goes to get juice for Bee ji. Bee ji thinks she appears to be the one sent by Maa Kaali, they appear to be related from their past life.
Tanuja was preparing juice, Ahana comes to help her and asks her to put some lesser salt as she has high BP issues. Ahana wonders how Tanuja came to know Bee ji lives here, Rano comes to save them that Bee ji came to consciousness for a few minutes qualifying this is what Bee ji told her. She sends Ahana to look for Chintu and warns Tanuja if Rishi gets to know they are granddaughters of Bani, he would kill them all.
In the room, Bee ji was thinking about Tanuja and Rishi being together.
In the office, Rishi was


angry at the delegates for being late. His manager comes with the phone from UV, Rishi denies but then takes the call hearing about Bee ji. He rushes home at once.
Raaj thanks Tanuja, he recalls once before he told her and her sisters to get out of this house at midnight still she served him with water in concern for his health. Today, she has saved Bee ji. He miss someone whenever he looks towards her, she seems to be her shadow. Tanuja asks if he is speaking about his daughter. Raaj nods sharing she is no more in this world, her name was Tannu. She might feel it strange, but he can see her shadow in Tanuja. He keeps a hand over her head, blessing her.
In the room, Bee ji was angry at UV to inform Rishi. When he would come to know where she went, he would be angry and scold her. UV explains he told Rishi she is fine, still he is coming back. Bee ji was worried that she went to temple for Rishi, did UV tell him she had fainted in front of temple. Bee ji dials Rishi’s number, sending UV away to act in front of Rishi. She tells Rishi that she didn’t faint in front of temple. Rishi scolds Bee ji for not taking care of herself, she isn’t even well. Bee ji was offensive as he called her old, since her grandson isn’t yet married. She cries that everyone scolds her. Tanuja comes to the room, and watching Bee ji cry she takes the phone and in turn scolds Rishi for not having the manners to speak to elders. Rishi asks who she is, she replies Tannu. Phone fell off Rishi’s hand, Tannu slaps the phone back. Rishi wonders who was faking him, who is the girl calling herself as Tannu. Tanuja takes Bee ji to the bed, and brings the juice for her. She asks Bee ji who was this misbehaving person on call. Rishi tries the call again, but the receiver had been placed wrong and went busy.
Raaj thanks the doctor on call for coming home for Bee ji. Rano comes there, Raaj was scared. There, Rano was worried that Tanuja is still in Bee ji’s room. Raaj says he went into Bee ji’s room, but Bee ji had held Tanuja’s hand really tight. He has no worries as Rishi isn’t home. Rishi comes home then wondering which girl is there in Bee ji’s room. He hurries to Bee ji’s room. Rano was worried if Rishi comes to know she is Bani’s granddaughter. Raaj hushes Rano up for speaking about it. Raaj wonders how Rishi came to know about the presence of the girl at home. In the corridor, Rishi thinks who that girl is, how dare he cut his call after saying a lot to him? Tanuja notices Bee ji is asleep and turns to leave, Rishi enters the room then. He was shocked at confrontation with her. He asks if she is the one who cut his call, he shouts how dare she cut his call. Tanuja hushes him up, he instructs her to stay away. Tanuja asks him to lower his voice, Bee ji is asleep. Rishi shouts that he left everything for Bee ji, but she cut his call. Tanuja clarifies she didn’t know he was there in the call. Rishi shouts if she is dumb, no one cut his call till today then how dare she. He asks about her name, UV comes there. Tanuja says I am sorry for cutting his call and runs away. UV inquires Rishi why he was shouting at her, they didn’t even thanks her for favoring Bee ji. She was the one who brought Bee ji home. Rishi wonders how she know about their home, then says people do anything for money. She must be spying on their home, or this is possible the taxi driver saved Bee ji’s life. UV insists on Rishi that she is a nice girl, only Rishi dislikes every girl. Rishi asks UV to come sit, they will discuss the matter. UV was reluctant to argue.

PRECAP: Bee ji wakes up to ask Rishi about Tanuja. She was sure Tanuja loved her, she will come to meet her, she is hers and will come to meet her; she has been given to her. Rishi asks why? Bee ji says may be for Rishi.

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