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Kasam 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The family sat together, a girl Malika come home. Manpreet stares at her flirtatiously. UV warns him, but he doesn’t mind. At dinner table, Malika’s mother inform Rano that Malika was divorced second time. Malika serves Rano with pickles at which Rano cheers. Malika’s mother speaks to Rano about Malika and Rishi’s proposal. Rano cheers at the offer and goes to speak to Rishi. Raaj thinks she is just wasting her time, Rishi won’t agree for marriage.
Rishi stood near the window, Rano comes to him saying she miss him. Rishi replies he is here. Rano asks till when he will punish himself, everyone has moved on but he is still standing where he was two decades ago. Rishi clearly states he likes to live this way. Rano complains and asks when the last time he joked with her was, had dinner with them.


She cries in front of Rishi that he never listen to her. Rishi inquires about her demand. Rano makes him sit with her, wiping her tears. Rishi understands where Manpreet learned this melodrama. Rano asks Rishi to meet her friend. Rishi reminds her of his warning. Rano cries and blackmails that she has to hear so much taunts in parties. She insists on Rishi to come downstairs to meet the girl. Rishi finally agrees to come downstairs, after Rano. He takes his cell phone, turns to see the candles burnt that remind him of his vows with Tannu.
Tanuja was playing with dolls when Vidhi comes to her. She asks Tanu what kind of boys she like, the one with bank balance, and the one who is lover. She suggests herself that Tanu would want a lover, as she always stare at moons. Tanuja tells Vidhi that she only stares at moon because she feels some old link with it. Whatever she has read about love, shows that relations always end up in fights in case of love. She first want to know love, then will think where her counterpart is.
Rano brings Rishi downstairs, Malika stands up for Rishi but he only nods. Nakul whispers in Manpreet ears soon there will be a Mahabharat. Malika’s parents stand to appreciate their daughter. Rishi directly asks Malika if she will be able to love him. Malika says she loved him the day she saw him fighting on the television. Rishi says alright, he accepts the proposal then. Manpreet spit the sip in his mouth, everyone was left open mouthed. He comes to confirm Rishi, Rishi repeats he is ready. Rano cheers and congratulate everyone. Raaj stares at Rishi.
Tanu brings water bottle for Vidhi and hurries her to sleep, else they will get late tomorrow. There is a sudden knock at the door, Tannu goes to open the door. They look from the window, Tannu asks Shalu why they are knocking the door. Shalu requests Vidhi else the villagers will kill her husband. Vidhi was reluctant, Tannu opens the door and calls them inside. The boy informs Vidhi that he married Shalu without their consent, but they aren’t from the same cast. Vidhi accuses Shalu. Shalu insists that she loves him, she vowed while marrying that she wants to be with him for all her lives. He is her childhood friend, he went to foreign then. She can’t forget her Kasam, she is determined to be his shield no matter what. The words echo in Tanuja’s mind. The villagers had come to knock at their doors, Tannu takes the couple inside. Vidhi was reluctant but Tannu goes to open the doors. The villagers ask about Shalu and gets inside the house. Tannu resists that they can’t enter the house, with these logs and guns. Sandy comes out and watches Shalu and husband hidden. Tannu joins her hands to Sandy. Sandy comes to second Tanuja, he brings about a gun to show to the villagers as he is already a murderer. Shalu’s brother spots her behind the bed. One of the man snatches the gun, Vidhi accuses Tannu responsible for this. The man shout at Shalu to come outside, the couple finally comes out of hiding. Her brothers point the gun at Amit, Shalu shares her love for Amit and was ready to die for him, and she gets the bullet fired at Amit over her chest. Sandy goes to protest. Tannu gets some flashbacks of a same scenario.

PRECAP: Rano tells Rishi to fix a date with Malika, and confirms if he would say a yes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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