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Kasam 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nidhi and Vidhi plan about going inside the house to find out of Nakul is inside.
Raaj was going for wrestling match and asks UV to join him. UV goes to get ready.
Nidhi and Vidhi were just coming outside when Tanuja arrives with Bee ji in the cab. She helps Bee ji inside along with the driver. Nidhi and Vidhi go to spy about Tanuja. Raaj was worried, UV also comes down concerned. They bring Bee ji to lay down on a couch, Raaj asks UV to call the doctor. Ahana and Rano hurries downstairs, Tanuja tells Rano she fainted halfway. Nakul comes downstairs concerned for Bee ji, Tanuja assures Nakul that Bee ji will be fine. Tanuja asks them to bring napkin and medicine, Raaj insists she might get well this way. Tanuja asks UV to take Bee ji to her room, Nakul takes Tanuja to the room while she asks


Ahana to get water and napkin then. Rano was curt at Tanuja, Raaj advocates Tanuja that she is doing right. Nidhi shares with Vidhi that Nakul is so cool, and wonders why Nakul is in Bee ji’s room with Tanuja. Nidhi tells Vidhi that their mom is coming, and they will get Nakul for sure.
In the room, Tanuja sat with Bee ji. Ahana comes with the napkin and water, Tanuja tells them to keep wet napkins over forehead and hands whenever there is such hot flashes and dizziness. She asks them all to get away, as she might feel difficulty in breathing. Raaj asks Tanuja how she know about it, Tanuja replies that in their village people often get such condition because of dehydration. She requests Ahana to turn on the AC. The doctor arrives, John goes to pick Chintoo. The doctor asks who kept cold napkin over her head, Tanuja tells the doctor she watched her faint on a road side. The doctor agrees that Tanuja provided her with the best of treatment. Rano curtly repeats Tanuja’s story. The doctor tells them to give them cold water and juice when she wakes up, they should not gather close around her as it will cause her difficulty in breathing. Nakul goes to drop the doctor out. Tanuja asks for cold water again. UV thanks Tanuja, and asks about her name. Rano distracts UV asking about Divia, UV reminds Divia went to her mom. Rano was angry that she didn’t inform her. Ahana brings cold water, then asks about Tanuja’s name. Rano takes the water bowl and interrupts that she will take care of Bee ji. She signals Tanuja to leave as she needs to find a job. Bee ji held Tanuja’s hand tight, and wakes up then. They were all relieved, Bee ji asks what her name is. Tanuja replies Tannu. They were all moved. Bee ji asks Tanuja to get her juice, Rano was ready to prepare it.
Raaj takes Rano aside, Rano shares she is worried what if someone finds about Tanuja.
Bee ji asks Raaj to take her away, as she can no more bear her scolding when she will tell Rano she went to the old temple. Rano fumes at this, Raaj takes Rano outside and calls UV and Ahana out as well. He whispers at Tanuja to come to him, and request Bee ji to leave her hand for a while. He asks Tanuja not to mind about Rano, Bee ji must not get to know where she lives and that she is Bani’s granddaughter. Tanuja nods, then comes to Bee ji again. Outside, Raaj assures he warned Tanuja not to tell anyone.
Tanuja reminds Bee ji that she met her. Bee ji remembers how much she scolded. Tanuja tries to avoid by going to get a juice. Bee ji insists on her to sit back, Tanuja asks if she would pull her ears. Bee ji calls it a good idea. Tanuja asks Bee ji when she knew about her illness, why she still went to temple at such a hot time. Bee ji tells Tanuja that she went to pray that her grandson gets a girl, who loves him. Tanuja asks if any girl can work. Bee ji smiles, even Tanuja can.

PRECAP: Rishi asks who is there on call, Tanuja replies Tannu. The cell phone fell off Rishi’s hands. Rishi enters Bee ji’s hand and comes to confrontation with Tanuja.

Update Credit to: Sona

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