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Kasam 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Bani calls Tanuja to give her some suggestions about the interview. She was worried if they don’t get this job, they might lose the house. Tanuja was worried how she would speak so much. Bani advices her to follow her instructions, she will get the job. Tanuja prays to get this job, as it is really important for her. Tanuja comes to the reception, she hurries Tanuja to the conference room upstairs and sends a girl along Tanuja.
Bee ji comes to the temple, and says she came for thankfulness as her prayer was answered. Secondly, she is happy Rishi sat with the family. Today, she wants to ask for a bride for Rishi as Tannu can’t return in his life. She asks for some signal if her prayer is going to be heard.
The girl leaves Tanuja outside the conference hall, Tanuja prays for the luck and knocks


at the door. Rishi allows her to enter. Tanuja apologizes for being late, Rishi turns around on his chair. Both were shocked to see each other, Tanuja wonders if she will have to work in Rishi Singh Bedi’s office.
Bee ji keeps a flower up on a stone and prays that this flower must fall down if Rishi can get a worthy girl. She was restless, and after the countdown she opens her eyes but the flower was still there.
Rishi stammers in front of Tanuja as he had stood up. Tanuja recalls how Bani urged her to get the job, and says she know him already. He might also know her, but if he doesn’t still he can trust her. She will take all the responsibilities of his work, and will take care of his food as well. She is young and can attend to his calls even late at night. Rishi stops her interrupting he isn’t interviewing her here. Tanuja thinks he hates girls, and would never appoint her. Rishi brings her back to present, and tells her to leave. Tanuja argues that she will do whatever he asks her to. She says she really likes him, who keeps in his limits, she is really desperate for him… Rishi stares… she qualifies for this job. He finally stares as she continue speaking. Tanuja requests him to keep her for this job. Rishi wonders how much does she speak, and keeps a hand over her mouth scolding how must she speaks. Now she must stay silent and listen to him. He realizes being close to her and straightens at once, then stammers again for a sorry. He says he never touch girls, and explains he isn’t someone whom she is looking for and he isn’t here for an interview. He came for an interview with the owner of this company. He tells her to leave now, she slips. He holds her, both bend to hold her file up and hit their heads. Rishi apologizes, and hands her file back. She turns to leave, but her stroller was stuck with his watch. He hands it back into Tanuja’s hand, she hurries outside. Rishi calls her a real trouble.
In the temple, Bee ji asks if there won’t be any girl in her Rishi’s life. But alright, now she will pray from a God; she wants Tannu back for her Rishi. Rishi and Tannu married in the same temple, then why Rishi had to lose her. She is asking Tannu back in Rishi’s life now. Tannu comes downstairs, the receptionist apologizes Tanuja. Rishi comes to owner’s office. Tanuja was upset and prays she get a job soon, else Rano will throw them out of her house. Rishi watches Tanuja from behind the curtains, and finalizes the deal. He turns again to see Tanuja had left now.

PRECAP: Bee ji lay faint on the couch, Tanuja says she found her in the way. Rano asks Raaj what this girl is doing here. Rishi was concerned and hurries towards home, listening about Bee ji.

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