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Kasam 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Neha panics in front of Sandy about Tanuja’s accident, and she is missing him. She urges him to pack their bags and leave for Mumbai. Sandy was concerned.
The temple lady assures Rishi that this is true, she has returned in a new life. Rishi responds that he accepted everything about this birth chart, luck, and kasam; but what he got in return. He questions where Tannu is now. The lady smiles that this is difficult to believe, it’s unnatural. She had warned him then about the testimonies of their love story, he still have to believe what he did before; that their love story is not only for this life. Rishi stops her from speaking any further, he hates this luck, fate, and birth charts matter. His Tannu left since she has entered his life, and he hates her too. He goes inside the office, while the


watch man stops the lady pushing him away. Tanuja comes to help the lady, who was watching Tanuja appreciatively.
In the office, Rishi thinks about the lady’s words. He think about Tanuja, and wonders why he has been thinking for her. Had Tannu returned she must have given him some clue; he can’t trust anything until Tannu comes to him by herself. The lady was upset that he doesn’t listen to her, she told him that she has seen her but he doesn’t listen. Tanuja brings her to sit near a stall and order tea for her. The lady reminds Tanuja that she met her a long time ago. Tanuja thinks it would be unreasonable if she denies, and accepts. The lady was elated that Tanuja know her and trusts her as well, everyone in the village calls her mad but she isn’t. Tanuja offers her a sip of water. The lady complains that he doesn’t listen to anything and doesn’t even trust about Maa Kaali. Tanuja asks who? The lady says the same… Tanuja forces her to drink tea but the lady was restless and says she is aware about Tanuja’s return. Her feel at the first touch told her that she has returned for the one she has been made for. The lady insists that she will save his death curse when he is in trouble, she can sense different breezes today and Tanuja must hurry to meet him today. Tanuja’s phone bell rings, she says she is really late for interview, else she won’t get it. Tanuja was sure there is something true about whatever this lady is saying.

PRECAP: Tanuja comes for interview and apologizes for being late. Rishi turns around over his chair, both were shocked at the confrontation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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