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Kasam 21st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 21st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tanuja asks the nurse to go home, the nurse tells her that they tested on her and she is fit and fine. There, Raaj and Bee ji comes to hospital, Raaj came to say a thanks to that girl for saving his Rishi’s life, and it seems as if his new Tannu has returned. The nurse goes out to bring discharge papers, Tanuja looks around wondering how she will pay the bill of such a huge hospital. It is her mistake, else Rishi won’t have to be in such trouble. The nurse brings discharge papers, Tanuja inquires about payment but she informs Rishi gave his credit card details and her payment has been made.

Raaj and Bee ji come to reception to ask for the girl who had an accident. The receptionist tell them her name was Musibat (trouble), this is what Rishi told them. Raaj asks which room she is in, the receptionist

tell them about the address and they head on. The receptionist keeps calling from behind that she has been discharged already. Tanuja left while Raaj and Bee ji were entering, the nurse couldn’t recall her name. Raaj takes Bee ji out to find Tanuja in the way.

Tanuja walked on the road lost in thoughts of Rishi. She wonder if it’s a coincidence that she always meet Rishi on her ways. She hit the temple lady in the way, who had grown really old. Tanuja apologizes for hitting her and touch her arm, asking if she was hurt. The lady holds Tanuja’s hand and cups her face in elation, as she has returned. She turns towards the sky, thanking the Goddess; she apologizes the Goddess as she thought she had parted two lovers forever. Since last 20 years, she lost her trust over the Goddess, but she has witnessed the miracle today. She has returned to save him again. A stall lady tells Tanuja to leave, this woman is crazy. The lady resists, reminding Tanuja the day she came her home. Tanuja turns to leave, but was shocked hearing the lady call her Tannu. The people at market had dragged her already.

Rano sat with Pandit ji, Nakul joins them and asks the Pandit to read his hand, inquiring the Pandit till when Manpreet and Rishi will return. Ahana comes to ask Rano for dinner, Pandit says there is again a Death curse in Rishi’s birth chart and explains it to Nakul. Raaj comes there concerned, and asks him to look again. There was a death curse in Rishi’s life, many years ago and took someone along. The Pandit says this curse returns after 20 years, it has returned in Rishi’s birth chart. Nakul laughs they believe in such illusions, Ahana says they have seen the effect twenty years ago. Pandit insists there is a treatment, a girl whose birth chart has the ability to remove the effects such curses, marries or stay near to Rishi. Rishi comes there cursing the Pandit, and throw him out of the house. Outside, Tanuja comes to Pandit concerned as he had fallen. The Pandit curses Rishi, Tanuja insists that Rishi isn’t a bad person, he helped someone strange to him. Pandit hands her Rishi’s kundli and tells her to go and handle him then and leaves irked. Inside, Rishi calls the Pandit to be an idiot, Raaj insists that there was such a curse twenty years ago as well. Rishi negates it, it happened twenty years ago that Pandit said he will die, but he is still alive, Tannu died. Ahana calls from behind that Tannu knew she will save him from his death curse and will be his shield, she was aware it will affect her too and that is why she wanted to stay around him. Rishi returns, thinking about the lasts words of Tannu. He asks if she did this all even after knowing this, he always thought she saved his life; but she actually knew she will be leaving one day. He runs upstairs, Ahana follow him upstairs.

Nakul confirms Bee ji if Rishi and Tannu really loved each other so deeply. Bee ji says such a love returns in century. Tannu comes inside and hears Bee ji. Bee ji tells Nakul that Rishi was really lively, and they never thought he will fall in love. Then one day Tannu came in his life, and the moment he saw Tannu he didn’t turn to anyone then. Nakul asks Bee ji about the whole story of Rishi, he was aware about Rishi’s love but didn’t know Tannu also loved him so much that she lost her life for him. Bee ji turns around and was afraid of Rano, taking Nakul inside. Rano and Raaj were talking about Rishi’s death curse, Raaj wonders what story is left in Rishi’s life. He was worried that earlier, Tannu was there to save his life; but who will save his life now.

Rishi asks Ahana why he is alive when Tannu has died. He thought about dying and go towards Tannu, bit this universe neither let him die nor brings Tannu back. He was happy when the Pandit said there is a death curse in his birth chart, but when he told about its remedy he was heartbroken. He suddenly recalls its 20th august, twenty years ago. He heads to leave to go to Tannu, as she had promised him a lot twenty years ago.

Raaj and Rano turns to see Tanuja standing there. Rano scolds her for coming inside. Tanuja returns the birth chart, Rano takes it from her and tells her to leave. Raaj blesses Tanuja on her head. Rano panics how she must make this girl understand. Raaj tells Rano to think about Rishi, Rano suggests about finding some girl who can again save him. Raaj guess that it must be the same girl who saved Rishi in the hospital, there is a death curse in Rishi’s life but there is a girl with its remedy as well. She saved Rishi in hospital today and will do it in future as well.

Tanuja returns to her room, thinking about Bee ji’s description of Rishi. She wish to hear the whole story about Rishi and Tannu, how they were connected to each other that only death could part them. She wonders why she is getting attracted to their love story, as if she is connected to it. She gets some vague flashes from Tannu’s past, her head bangs. She was puzzled what does she dream about again and again that hurts her badly. Nidhi and Vidhi return and scold Tannu for not coming to Nano’s home, they order her to go there now.

Ahana informs Rano and Raaj that Rishi has gone out. Raaj and Rano were both afraid. He was worried to find out some remedy for Rishi’s death curse, Ahana assures them nothing will happen to Rishi.

Tanuja comes to Guljeet’s house, she says Bani called her here. Bani was having dinner, and stands up enraged as Guljeet offered Tanuja with the dinner. Bani wasn’t ready to feed her, Tanuja apologizes for not being able to come in the day time. She tell them she had an accident at the day time. Bani asks if she came to ask for money, she has none. Tanuja was about to tell her that Rishi payed her, but Bani wasn’t ready to listen to her story. She reminds Tanuja that Nidhi and Vidhi are there for some special task that is really important; it’s important for them to stay there. Tanuja must not do any such thing that takes them away from that home. She forbids Tanuja try flirting with Rishi, else she won’t be able to stand on her feet.

Rishi comes to the same point, and recalls his marriage with Tannu, their talks immediately after that. He shouts Tannu’s name in rage and agony.

There, Tanuja was lost in thoughts. Bani warns Tanuja to stay away from Rishi as he hates girls. She scolds Tanuja to leave from here, then reminds Tanuja that she has cancer and will be in Mumbai for a few more days. There is a heavy rainstorm, Bani was worried what if Tanuja stays here. Guljeet hands her Bani’s umbrella and was relieved that Tanuja has left.

The lady comes to temple, happy about Rishi and Tanuja. She now understand Tannu was born again, and prays that in this life they get united and doesn’t part away from each other. This time, it’s the testimony of Goddess’ kasam. In this life, they are unaware of each other’s existence, and wish they meet right here.

PRECAP: Rishi looks behind to see Tanuja walking with the umbrella towards him. He removes her umbrella off her face.

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