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Kasam 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nakul was in an attacking mode in his game, when suddenly he got a punch on his stomach. Suddenly he went to get beaten badly. Manpreet and UV were concerned, they demand Nakul to accept his defeat. Nakul wasn’t ready to accept a defeat, else his Guru will lose.
Neha shows an old album to Bani and her daughters. She kept them as a memoire to her broken luck. Vidhi and Nidhi appreciate Neha. Bani shows the girls photos of Raaj and Rani, both were good people but an ant stung them and they changed. They come across Rishi and Neha’s photo. Tanuja comes there, Neha accuses her and says it was someone with similar name as hers who stung them. Bani scolds Tanuja to bring water for her.
Raaj calls Rishi informing her that Nakul is being beaten up badly, as he wants to prove he is just like him. Rishi


coldly replies he never asked Nakul to lose his life for him. Manpreet asks Raaj to do something, Raaj suggests Manpreet to go in the ring. UV and Manpreet both head to their help. One of the boys suggest them to have courage and see the fight, if they enter the ring once they will be left with no choice. Nakul breathed badly. Manpreet and UV were tensed, the countdown went on. Tanveer come to punch Nakul again when Rishi stops his hand in mid-air beating Tanveer. Nakul thanks Rishi, but Rishi slaps him hard shouting at him to run out of the ring. Manpreet says Rishi still holds the 20 year old anger inside him. Raaj boasts about Rishi to be his son.
Vidhi and Nidi look towards TV where Rishi was fighting, both call Rishi as their prince charming. Neha comes to call them both as her carbon copy. She suggests her daughters to get Nakul. The girls only discuss Rishi then. Neha says Rishi’s heart only beat for a single girl, Tanu. Tanuja comes there, where Rishi was being announced as the winner but she couldn’t see his face. Bani scolds Tanuja to go and prepare food for them.
Nakul boasts about his Guru, Raaj stares at Nakul. Manpreet says Raaj is afraid for him, as who would now save Nakul from this Chuks. Both UV and Manpreet make him fearful, Rishi comes to hug Nakul instead. Rishi says it was because of him he went into the ring, he had created a home for pain within himself. But in these 20 minutes he spent 20 years, his pain will get healed this way. He leaves blessing Nakul, Raaj smiles weakly.
Vidhi comes to room, Tanuja was cleaning rice for the next day. Vidhi announces that Nana and Nano are leaving tomorrow, Tanuja wish the whole family stays together and miss her parents as well. Vidhi tells Tanuja that her Nani know the one who won the fight in ring today. Tanuja recalls what was his name, and calls Rishi. Rishi hears the call, replying yes. He comes to see moon, and Tannu’s memories flash in his mind. He wonders how many hearts this moon has to see parting away.
A girl Shalu and boy come to find hiding at midnight, as the villagers follow them.
Vidhi watches Tannu making a mark in the mid of rice. She asks what Tannu was making, it resembles her birthmark, R. Tannu says she doesn’t know and she didn’t intend to… she calls the name Rishi.

PRECAP: Tannu tells Vidhi she needs to understand love, then will think about who that lover in her life would be.

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