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Kasam 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Bani prepares food for Vidhi and Nidhi and serves them. Vidhi was happy that her servant prepares good food. Bani boasts it’s a very old servant, Guljeet. Nidhi denies eating Paratha, as this will make her fat. She then asks girls who came across the bachelor in that home, the girl reply Tanuja. Bani spits her bite.
Bee ji comes to ask the poor man about the girl, she gives him some money and asks if she passes by this place daily. The man denies watching such girl since long. Bee ji smiles she was speaking with such love, the beggar laughs that she was actually scolding. Bee ji found it loveable.
Bani warns Nidhi and Vidhi to be aware of girls like Tanuja.
The driver comes to take Bee ji home, as after dropping Bee ji he has to get the car to Rishi. Bee ji shares with driver that she


met a girl today, she was just like her Tannu as if Tannu’s soul had come into it.
Tanuja was worried as her dress was ruined, and think about changing at home.
Bani advices the girls not to let anyone near the guy they like, specially like Tanuja.
Nidhi tells Bani that Tanuja came across Rishi and not Nakul. Vidhi was dreaming about Rishi, as she likes him a lot. Bani slaps her to keep their eyes only upon Nakul, only he can be a hero for one of them. Rishi won’t ever look towards any girl. She was excited when they will attack Nakul’s heart. Nidhi was hopeless they will never get an entry in that home, only because of Tanuja. Bani was irked. Nidhi tells Bani that Raaj forbid them enter the home ever, but Tanuja couldn’t wait and went inside the home. Rano also came to store room, she forbid Tanuja to wander around Rishi. Bani was determined to show a good lesson to Tanuja, she dials Tanuja’s number. Bani forbids the girls come near Rishi, he is burnt at heart and can even burn everything.
Rishi comes out of the cab, the driver asks him for the rent. Rishi hands him a big note, and walks curtly wondering if Bee ji had to go tonight. In the office, all the girls appreciated Carol’s tattoo. Carol boasts to be Rishi’s personal assistant. The men in the office laugh at her, Carol consider this heart shaped tattoo to be an invitation for men, everyone was shocked to see Rishi who appeared from behind. Carol fell over him, he holds her. Carol thanks him, and apologizes. She reminds him about his meeting at 10 and its 10.15. Rishi announces she is fired, she didn’t come to fell over in his office. Rishi gets a call from the driver who inform Rishi that Raaj Kumar took Bee ji to temple in his car, he will come as soon as the driver returns.
Bani scolds Tanuja on the call, and asks her to come home as soon as possible. Tanuja was concerned, Bani scolds her that she was warned not to enter that home, then why she went inside. She wants to spoil her grand daughters’ life as she has ruined Neha’s life. Rano forbid her get near to Rishi. Bani tells her to hurry to her home. Tanuja hurries to go to Bani’s house but a racing car hits her badly. It was Rishi’s driver, while people gather around cursing the driver. The driver checks on Tanuja’s nerves, the people there warn the driver to call police if he doesn’t take Tanuja to hospital. He agrees to take her hospital.
In the office, the manager confirms Rishi if he has really fired Carol. Rishi stares at him, he leaves. Rishi calls the driver, the driver was stammering. Rishi says he can’t be late as he has an important meeting, he is coming downstairs and wants the car down there.
Bani shows modern clothes to the girls. Only this is the way to impress the boys these days. The girls were happy that she scolded Tanuja, now she won’t wander around Rishi. Vidhi and Nidhi butter Bani to be young.
Rishi was impatiently waiting for the driver, the driver hurries outside the car and apologizes Rishi. He asks Rishi for some money as his wife is really unwell. Rishi tells him to go to work somewhere else. Rishi asks him for the keys, the driver tells Rishi he had an accident in the way, he hit the girl whom he was taking to hospital. Rishi was concerned and goes to see Tanuja and gets in the car to go to hospital. In the way, Rishi was about to hit another bike. He instructs the driver to park the car on a side. Rishi opens the door, Tanuja’s face was covered by a cloth.

PRECAP: Rishi comes out of the car concerned what if the client denies finalizing the deal. He was about to enter the building when there is a huge blast.

Update Credit to: Sona

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