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Kasam 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Bani talks on call with Nidhi and Vidhi, she dreams about Nidhi or Vidhi marrying Rishi. Rishi comes inside with the stroller in hand and calls Bee ji, Raaj and Rano were worried. John tells Raaj that he told Rishi its Bee ji’s. Bee ji cheers that Rishi has been calling her after so long, Rishi comes to her questioning about the stroller. Bee ji likes the stroller, and asks what’s the occasion that he has brought this stroller as a gift for her. Rishi wonders gift? John flee from the scene, Rishi shouts his name to freeze him. Bee ji says the stroller will suit John over his jacket. Rishi comes to question John why he said this stroller belongs to Bee ji. He had already deterred John not to spare him, if it doesn’t come out to be John. Rano joins John scolding how he considered her dupatta to be Bee


ji’s. Rano reminds John when she bought this stroller from Fashion statement and it was lost. Bee ji questions since when Rano began to wear colorful dupatta. Rishi interferes in the argument saying such dupatta are only suited on girls; he has for sure spotted a girl in store room. Raaj stops Rishi and says he must have seen a girl in bar, because he was drunk. Rishi replies he doesn’t go to bars where there are girls. Raaj considers this as problem, had he gone to bars where there were girls she must have come home. Rishi stares at him, Raaj was scared and says Rishi has gone after his grandfather. Bee ji thinks about her husband. Raaj promises John to give him double salary and Melvin as well, because Melvin helped Rishi to his room. John says the girl took Rishi to the room. Rano goes to improve her mistake.
In the store room, Tanuja was tensed. She thinks by now Rishi must have thrown her out of the home had he known it was her stroller. She takes the luggage out to set it, and finds a stroller again. Last night’s events flash in her mind.
In the room, Rishi was confused why he is spotting that girl again and again. May be it was mom’s stroller, but why he feels he met a girl. He was sure there was a girl in front of him, tries to recollect Tanuja’s picture.
Rano comes to store room, inquiring whose stroller it is. Vidhi and Nidhi get aside, while Tanuja accepts it’s her. Rano questions if she entered their home, didn’t she feel ashamed by handing this stroller to Rishi. Tanuja says this stroller flew over Rishi, Rano scolds her to be shameless. Nidhi apologizes Rano and assures to take care of her. Rano leaves the room, looks towards the luggage and forbid them get settled over here for long. She only kept them here just for Bani, but only for 10 to 15 days; in the meanwhile they must get themselves a job and rent a house. She forbid them strictly to even wander around Rishi, if he comes to know about their reality it would be worst for them. Rano leaves, Nidhi taunts Tanuja. Tanuja suggests about leaving this place, there must be something wrong here. Nidhi says they can’t go back to Nani’s place without completing their target. She tells Tanuja to go and find a job, this way she will stay away from Rishi. She informs Tanuja they are going to meet Nani and leave.
Tanuja asks a stall man of newspaper about the address of Andheri where she will get this job. The stall man tells her to hire a bus nearby. Bee ji was listening to Punjabi disco music and drops her aarti plate. She kicks a money plate of the poor, Bee ji was in a hurry but Tanuja stops her. Bee ji was in a hurry, Tanuja wonders how she can go to a temple by hurting a poor man. How can’t she see anyone in the way of temple? Bee ji remembers the old Tannu. Tanuja says she has so much money but not the softness of her heart, she kicked someone’s earnings right away. She apologizes Bee ji if she disliked, but a person no matter he is rich or poor, must respect others.

PRECAP; Rishi scolds his assistant, as he kept her to work over here. He warns her that he won’t let her worth working in any office if she repeats this mistake.

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