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Kasam 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The girls were awe struck watching the huge mansion. The servant comes to inform Rano that Bani has sent three girls. Rano goes downstairs worried. Manpreet comes to tell Rano that he has spoken to Rishi, he is safe. She comes downstairs, Raaj thinks may be Rano is still angry because he took Ahana’s side. Rani informs him about going to the door, Bani sent some girls.
Rishi’s photo frame fell on the floor. Tanuja goes to hold it up and cleans the other side of it with her hand, although Nidhi and Vidhi stop her.
Rishi was drinking in the bar, watching Tannu’s photo on his mobile.
Rano comes in and stops Tanuja, ordering her to keep the photo back. Vidhi and Nidhi wonder who this is, and must be the owner of this house. They come to greet Rano and apologizes her for what Tanuja did.


Raaj comes from behind, and ask them if they are Bani’s relatives; how they are related. Rano asks what they are doing here. Tanuja brings Bani’s letter. Rano reads the letter, Bani wrote she apologizes her and her family; but she has been punished for what she did. Her Neha and Sandy had an accident and are in coma now. Rano was moved. Bani wrote further that she know the pain of watching one’s child as a living dead body. She only had Rano as a true friend, but she betrayed her. In return to her doings she got cancer. She has come to temple in her village as she doesn’t want to die in front of her daughters. She has sent her granddaughters to her and request her for some place in the corner of her house, some clothes and food. Raaj snatches the letter and tear it into pieces throwing it away. He shouts if Bani thinks she will be forgiven only be a letter. It was because of Bani they have been mourning for last 20 years. His health condition worsen as a result of shouting, Rano consoles him. Tanuja comes concerned for Raaj, Raaj shouts that Bani killed his son. Tanuja hurries and helps Raaj with some water, she requests him not to be angry. If they won’t allow them stay here they can leave right away. Nidhi and Vidhi wonder where they will go, Tanuja was only concerned for Raaj’s condition. She heads to leave, Vidhi and Nidhi were reluctant but Tanuja walks outside.
Outside, Vidhi and Nidhi ask Tanuja why she was so decisive. They have come here to stay in this huge house. Tanuja was only worried for Raaj’s condition. Nidhi goes to call Bani to tell her that they are here on the road. Bani orders them to stay right away, she will call them in a while. Guljeet questions Bani if they didn’t allow the kids to stay. Bani says she needs the sweet dish to speak on phone.
In the room, Raaj tells Rano this must all be a lie. Bani can never be someone’s friend, she could have called to apologize. This time also, she must have some intention. Rano gets Bani’s call then, she wasn’t ready to pick up but Raaj urges her to get it on speaker. Bani makes a weepy sound, and says she called to apologize her and Raaj. She says she might die today or tomorrow, she trusts only Rano so she sent her treasures to her, her granddaughters must be reaching her. Rano tells Bani her granddaughters came here, she torn her letter and sent her granddaughters away. Their family has been suffering a lot. Bani was worried if her granddaughters are alone so late at night, she is sure some goons will kidnap and sell them now. Neha and Sandy are in comma, it’s the girl’s mistake to be born to such sinner parents. Raaj looks at the glass of water, recalling Tanuja offer him a glass of water. He goes to look out for the girls, Rano tells Bani that Raaj went to look for girls. Bani thanks Rano, Rano cuts the call. Bani cheers that even after 20 years it’s the same old fake letter, a made up story; the only real thing is Bani.
Raaj comes in his car looking for the girls. Tanuja stands for him, Vidhi and Nidhi were moved. Raaj asks what they are doing here, and asks them to go. Vidhi argues where they will go, Raaj asks to go home. He felt bad for what happened to them and their parents, Tanuja asks if they knew about it. Raaj says it was written in the letter. He apologizes Tanuja for saying a lot to her in anger, Tanuja narrates her grandfather who always said one must not keep the anger inside. It’s good he poured it over her. Raaj turns to leave but slips, Tanuja goes to help him. Raaj calls her sensible, and keeping a hand over her head asks her name. She says Tannu, then corrects Tanuja. Raaj withdraws his hand.

PRECAP: Tanuja brings Rishi inside who was drunk. Ahana comes downstairs, Tanuja hides herself and Rishi behind a wall.

Update Credit to: Sona

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