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Kambaqt Ishq Special Interlude: Happy Friendship’s Day!

4th August, 2013.

Dear Diary,
Guess what today is? No..it’s not Valentines Day….It’s Friendship’s Day!
A day devoted to friends everywhere!
Abhi, Purab, Akash and I dedicated this entire weekend to celebrating our friendship!
These days, everyone’s so busy that we barely get time to bond with each other.
So we cleared our schedules and got ready for a weekend of fun!


Friday night we went to a club…just us hanging out.
Yesterday night, after spending all day together doing nothing in particular… just talking and laughing, we went to a concert. Today, we went to the beach and had a picnic. We played football and buried Akash from neck to toe in the sand. It was so much fun! Then to end off a perfect weekend, we had movie night party at home.
We watched a couple movies…a horror, a comedy and the last one being a South Indian film,”Arya 2″. The story revolved around a guy named Arya, the crazy but sweet hero, who would do just about anything for his friend Ajay.
Even though Ajay was a completely selfish person, Arya still fulfilled his duties as a friend. It got me thinking how lucky I was to have friends like Abhi, Akash and Purab in my life….who would do anything for me…who would go the extra mile just for the sake of my happiness.
And even I would not hesitate to do the same for them… How many people could say this about their friendship?
Someone once said, “A friend is someone who is willing to take me the way that I am…”
How many of us actually accept a person for their true self…with all their flaws and imperfections? Even I wasn’t perfect when I met these three.
I was a broken child, orphaned for the second time in my life…yet they all accepted me without any conditions and loved me just the way I was. They stuck by me, supported me and helped me grow into the person I am today…
To me, that’s the beauty of friendship…sticking together and supporting each other no matter what obstacles life throws at you.

Pragya heard a knock on her door.
“Come in!” Pragya shouted, quickly hiding her diary under her pillow. She turned towards the door just as Abhi walked in.
“Hey, what’s up?” she asked.
“Just came to give you this..” he said and held out a present to her. They had all agreed no presents…and yet each one of them had broken the rule.
Purab gave her a card and a beautiful snow globe…
Akash had given her a pretty singing jewellery box…
And Abhi had given her a rose and the cutest teddy bear ever!
She had given them all tickets to India’s next big cricket match.
“Another gift?” she asked.
“Yeah…open it.” he requested.
Pragya opened her gift and saw a beautiful friendship bracelet.
“You like it?” he asked.
“I love it” she said.
She took out and wore it.
“Thank you” she said.
Abhi nodded and said. “Now we both have matching friendship bands.”
He held out his hand and showed her the twin to the one she wore.
Pragya smiled and said “Nice..I also have something for you” she said. . “What’s that?” Abhi asked.
She went to the drawer, pulled out a present and gave it to him.
“Open it” she said.
Abhi did as she requested.
It was a photo album.
He opened it and saw pictures of him and Fuggi from when they were kids till now…
“Thanks Fuggi..this is really beautiful.”
“Happy Friendship’s Day, Abhi” she said
“Happy Friendship’s Day to you too, Fuggi…” he said and hugged her.

After Abhi left, Pragya still thinking of him, took out her diary and continued writing…

Friendship…is just a word until you find someone who can give it definition…
And sometimes…just sometimes…the definition of friendship changes to accommodate the feelings of love…

Hi guys…
Just took a little break from the current storyline in celebration of Friendship’s Day…
(episode 21 will be posted tomorrow)

Wanna wish a Happy Friendship’s Day to:
Maahi, Riyashri, Somiya, Di, Durga, Sugan, Aishwarya, Keerthi, Nannu, Rosy,
Haritha, Abhigya, Mukund, Nirmal, Elinor, Reshma, Saranya, Asmithaa, Riyadcruz,
Sabeenia, Rose, Sethidisha, Monesha, Sheerapthinisd, Anu, Maya… and all the other commenters, writers and silent readers!

Love you all….Take care….

Author of the fan fiction: Kambaqt Ishq… (KKB)

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