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Kalash 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kalash 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Nivi comes to Shweta’s room and knocks her door, she asks her to open it, shweta is tensed inside and says she is so hard skin, anyone would have died in her place but she is ready to kill me, Nivi shouts that if you dont come out then it would be bad for you. Shweta comes out of her room, Nivi grabs her arm and says how dare you? why did you do it? whats your animosity? i gave you good life and you are paying me this? i paid for you credit card and you did this with me? answer me, why you did it? Shweta says i didnt do anything, Nivi says i can see you are lying, you called Saket when you got to know about auction, he came here and bought because you asked me, you both are cheaters, you have done it earlier too, you bought my house? i will do bad with you than Sakshi. She drags Shweta,

Ravi runs behind her but Nivi drags Shweta and locks her in Sakshi’s room. Shweta says dont lock me here, she looks around in room and says i will have to live with this mad girl now? Sakshi smiles at her, Shweta says she can bite me, she knocks door and says Nivi open it, i didnt do anything, i am sorry, open it. Ravi tries to open door but Nivi says dont touch door, Ravi says why you keep blaming others without proofs? everyone has problems but that doesnt mean you can solve it by shouting? you have problems in your life because of your anger, bring her out, Nivi says do you want, she leaves, Ravi opens door and brings Shweta out, she says save me Ravi, Ravi says nothing will happen to you. Shweta stares Nivi and leaves from there. Ravi says to Nivi that my family didnt do anything wrong, dont blame them, Nivi says i am doing this for everyone, i want house back so they all can live with us, you dont understand, i take them as my family so when they do this with me, i feel hurt, if they go against me then they are going against you too, i cant manage it, you handle it, i have to talk to Saket, i need to talk to him, she grabs her purse and leaves. Ravi says to Monty that i know you didnt do anything wrong, everything will be fine, Monty says dont show me fake concern, i know you brought me out of jail and taking my side but you can fool this family by doing this not me, leave me alone, he leaves.
Vikas is setting alarm, he says to Shweta that wake me up for alarm, i have work, Shweta lies on bed, vikas asks what happened? you talk so much daily, i am habituated to your blabbering, did you lose your voice in auction? Shweta says Nivi was locking me in room but you were silent, what kind of husband are you? vikas says i was so tensed, but Ravi brought you out, you know i was worried for Sakshi, Shweta says i expected this only, Vikas says i dont expect anything from you? how did you like Sakshi’s room? should we transfer you to her room? Shweta throws pillows at him and says you are bad person.
Devika is massaging Janki’s hair, Janki says it feels good,

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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