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kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 32)

Greetings to u guys.
Episode – 32

Leela is lookin through pics of some boys for sharmila. Chulbul slips the pic of neelu in it. Leela likes him.
LEELA- chulbul who is this boy?
CHULBUL- oh this neelkant jha. Stepson of kalyani jha. He has no father only his chacha. Samjhe ki samjhay?
LEELA- I have selected him for sharmila.
CHULBUL- I’ll tell her.
LEELA[ in her mind ]- he looks too good and innocent for my evil plans.
Chulbul goes to sharmila and tells her everything.
CHULBUL- y did u ask me to slip in his photo. What if maaji hadn’t selected him.
SHARMILA- I would have died. I luv him and a life without him is toooo bad.
Leela overhears everything. Sharmila turns to find leela standing and both the maa – beti duo get shocked. Leela comes near sharmila and blesses her. Sharmila is dazed.
SHARMILA- dadi!!!!
LEELA- I accept this relation.
Sharmila hugs her. Leela smirks.


It’s midnight, kaali is sleeping. Yug comes there. He goes near her room window.
YUG- ssshhhh kali hey wake up.
Kaali is still sound asleep.
Yug throws a paper at her. She wakes up. Kaali rushes out.
KAALI- what r u doin here? What if somebody sees us then we will die. I told u I will not become ur’s. Go from here. Pls.
Yug takes cotton out of his ears.
YUG- ab tumhara chig chig hogaya toh chale [ now if ur speech is over let’s go ] Kaali punches him. He laughs. He takes kaali to some romantic place.
KAALI- wow u r great!! U r engaged to somebody u luv somebody else who r u?
YUG- I am an angel who luvs every girl he sees but marries the sseta of his life.
Kaali smiles.

PRECAP : The next epi would be a mahasangam.

Hey I have some doubts related to the current track of the show.
How can vishwa or gauri or yug cannot recognize their own child/ grandchild. Most importantly vishwa cause he is the one who took the baby and floated her in the water.

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