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Kaala Teeka 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kali gives Yug medicines, Yug says I don’t like these. Kali says how will you be okay if you don’t eat them? Yug says I was okay when you made me hear Naina’s heartbeat. Thank you for saving my life again. Kali says don’t say thanks. Yug says I love you. Kali hugs him and says I love you too. She says in heart Gauri wants to part us using this child. How do I tell you this.
Gauri screams save.. Everyone comes in. Yug says are you okay? Leela says what happened? Gauri says I saw a bad dream in which someone killed my child. It was some shadow and killed my child. Leela says this is what pandit said. Gauri says what? Leela says that this is not right for the child. I knew no one would trust me. You won’t stay here, you will live in Yug’s room from now on. Raghu says how is that possible? Leela says why? This is Yug’s child. Yug says but dadi.. Kali says dadi is right. Gauri should stay in Yug’s room. In this way I and Yug will stay close to the child. Kali says I will get an extra bed arranged for you. Kali says come help me Bijli. Everyone leaves.
Gauri says this Kali is so clever. Leela says no bad language it will have bad effect on child. Be patient.


Gauri comes in room with Leela. Leela says what is this? Kali says dadi you said that room isn’t good for Gauri. So I and Yug moved our stuff from here so Gauri can stay here. Rest Gauri I will bring you blanket. Lets go Yug. Gauri says dadi your temporary daughter in law thinks she is too clever. Now I am in this room and Yug will be with me soon and Kali will be out of this house.

Scene 2
Vishwa is doing pooja in temple. Prohit comes and says pandit ji let me meet Vishwa. Pandit says Vishwa has been doing this for 3 months. He shouldn’t be disturbed. Prohit says I have been looking for him. Pandit says he is doing this for faith. Prohit says doesn’t he have any responsibilities as a father? I want to talk to him about his daughter. Pandit ji says okay go meet him.

Kali freshens up in the morning. She doesn’t feel well. Kali says I didn’t eat anything. Am I? She is so happy. Kali says when Yug gets to know about this he will be so happy.
Gauri asks Yug to change TV channel for him. Gauri says a pregnant lady should listen to music. Yug says I know. Kali says I should rather consult a doctor first before telling yug.
Kali says to Yug I am going to hospital. He says are you okay? Kali says just for protein test. Yug says I am coming as well. Gauri pretends like she has some pain.

Prohit comes to Vishwa and says sorry to disturb you I want to talk to you about Gauri. Prohit tells him everything. Prohit says she has been pregnant for three months. Vishwa keeps doing his pooja.
Vishwa comes home. Manjiri says Vishwa you were to come after monsoon right? He takes out his sword. Neel comes downstairs as well. Manjiri says why have you taken it out? Vishwa says when a Brahmin takes out a sword it is to kill someone. Manjiri says whom are you talking about? Vishwa says my daughter has been sent to jail. And you didn’t even tell me. You could have saved her. You could have called minister. Manjiri says she is not innocent. She broke the law. Vishwa says she is my princess, she will always be innocent. Manjiri says where are you going? He says to seek revenge for what happened to my daughter. Manjiri says I won’t let you do this. Vishwa says move from my way otherwise you will be first attacked by this sword. Manjiri says please listen to me. He shoves her and leaves. Manjiri says Neel we have to go to Yug’s place. Neel says I am coming lets go.

Leela says send my breakfast in the room. I will eat there. Yug fills a glass of juice, Vishwa comes and shatters the glass with his sword. He shoves Yug. Everyone is dazed. Vishwa says sinner. What you thought? You can do anything with my daughter? He is about to kill him, Yug holds his hand. Yug says your daughter has sinned not
me. Your daughter is responsible for it. Your daughter has fooled. She did it with me not I did it with her. And she has been sentenced for it by law. And about her being pregnant I have decided to own that child. Leela says he is right. Vishwa says you will own the child but what will happen to my princess? Where will she go? Who will marry her? Yug says I am married to Kali and no one can take her place. I told this to Gauri and she is ready. Vishwa looks at Gauri.

Precap-Vishwa takes Kali to a cliff. Vishwa says its about time that you repay for my favors. If you really considered me your father and you don’t wanna see my dead face, then divorce Yug.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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