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Kaala Teeka 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Pandit says sun eclipse can be dangerous for Gauri. Kali says but what it has to do with Gauri? Leela says if pandit ji said that you have to listen to her. Sharmila comes home. Leela says why are you here with a bag? Chulbuli says I asked her to come. She will take care of Gauri too. She is the aunt. Leela smiles and says thats very good. Leela says to Kali Gauri should stay inside the house tomorrow thats your responsibility. Kali says its too late Yug where are you? Yug touches her shoulder and says you favorite chatt. She says you remembered? He says of course. I went to market how could I forget my wife’s favorite. Kali says lets sit and eat. Kali says did you eat? Yug saysI thought if I would eat alone you would kill me. Kali laughs and says I am not that dangerous. Gauri is seeing them together and is jealous. Kali says I know I will always be in your heart. Yug says in all my lives you are advance booked.


At night, Kali is knitting a wool sweater for the child. Yug says what are you doing? Kali says nothing. Yug says show me. He says this is so cute. you made it? I have decided the name, Naina. Kali says if its a boy Laksh. Yug says it will be a girl. Kali says boy. They both says boy girl over and over again. Kali says we will love the child anyway.

Bijli comes to Leela and says Gauri is going to do suicide. Leela says oh God. She runs, Gauri is standing on balcony. Leela says don’t do this. Gauri says I might even survive but this child will die, Bijli says she is doing drama. Gauri says I will die but you grandson will die with me as well. Leela says sit and talk calmly. Leela says please I beg you come down. I will do anything. Gauri says okay. I am dropping this plan but if you don’t kick Kali from my and Yug’s story then I will do this. I have kept my promise but you have been failing. Leela says I will do as you ask.

Scene 2

Next morning, Kali says its afternoon Gauri will surely do something wrong I have to stay alert. Kali is looking out of the window. She draws the curtains of Gauri’s room. Leela comes in and says take care of her.

Bijli says to Gauri Kali is in hall. Gauri says I will make a story dadi will trust me.
Gauri comes downstairs near the door. Kali says what are you doing here? Gauri says someone was ringing doorbell. Kali says I will check it.
leela says what are you two doing here? Kali says doorbell rang I will check. Gauri says in heart all plans are going in vain. What will I do now.
Leela says Yug take her to room. Gauri says this paranoid dadi. She knew that eclipse ended and hour ago and this was all drama.

Kali sees a snake near Gauri and drags her and accidentally goes in the garden. Yug and Leela come there too. Leela slaps Kali. Kali says there was a snake there and I was trying to save Gauri. Yug says where is it? Kali says it was here. I saw it myself. Gauri was going towards it. Gauri says I didn’t see any snake. Kali says you were walking towards it. Leela says stop this drama. I was fool that I trusted you. I thought you would have love for the child but no you showed you low character. You have negativity for the child. You don’t want him born. Yug says if snake was here we could see it too? All the door and windows are closed. Bijli says I didn’t see any snake either. Gauri starts fainting. Bijli says I saw in the film, because of sun rays the kid gets crippled.

Leela says to Kali we have to find a solution of this. I will prepare a pooja. Kali says Gauri just stepped out and until you look at sun nothing happens. Leela says don’t give me these lectures. I don’t want any misunderstanding. Chulvuli says Kali do as maa ji asks. Leela says there will pooja tomorrow get Gauri ready like a married woman. Kali is dazed. Kali says married woman? Leela says pooja is for the child who is of Yug and is in Gauri’s womb so she should sit like a widow or what? Kali says in heart dadi wants to make her Yug’s wife?

Precap-Kali sees red chunri, Kali says to Gauri I made you wear all the married woman stuff but you have no right on this sindur. Pooja starts pandit ji asks Yug to fill Gauri’s hairline.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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