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Kaala Teeka 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Yug is looking at ultrasound and says he is just 2.5 months and he has eyes. Kali says you really like kids? Yug says I am waiting my child.. Kali says our child. We will be his parents. Leela says in heart I know it will really hurt you both. I won’t be able to forgive myself for this.
Yug hears arti, he thinks its Kali. Everyone comes downstairs and are dazed to see Gauri doing arti instead of Kali. Gauri says Yug come here mom dad should do arti together for the child. Kali asks Yug to go.
Kali prays for the child as well. Chulbuli says but you are not his mom. Kali says Krishna was raised my Yashoda. Yug says to Kali you are right. I know you will be a perfect mother for this child.


Kali sees Bijli and says what are you doing? Bijli says cutting fruits for Gauri. Kali says you don’t give papaya to pregnant woman. It can be dangerous for her.
Yug comes to Leela and says what are you seeing dadi. Leela says your childhood photos. You used to say I love you and I would give you candy. Your own child will play in this house now. He will be like and will have a dimple like you. Yug says Kali will give her love of a mother so he will be even better than me.
Leela says if the child is not your own then it is so difficult to accept it. When Kali has her own child will she treat hers and Gauri’s equal. Yug says Kali isn’t like that. I know even after Gauri leaves, Kali will always accept that child.
Gauri shouts and says how dare you put papaya in my fruits plate. Kali says I didn’t.. Leela says Kali? I told you never give her papaya. Kali says I knew that is why.. Gauri says that is why you gave me this so my child.. She starts crying. Gauri says you hate my child so much then you did this drama? Dadi ji because of you I am ready to live in this house now tell me if this her behavior with him before even birth.. I should rather abort my child. Leela says don’t say that. Leela says how can you be so careless. Kali says I separated all papayas and asked Bijli not to put that in Gauri’s plate. Bijli says I am sorry amma ji. Kali says I should never have given you this responsibility. Yug says exactly Kali you should never give this responsibility to servants. You have to take care of everything related to child yourself. Kali says you think this is my mistake? Yug says not mistake but carelessness. What if something happened to the child? Gauri says please Yug don’t say anything to Kali. Gauri pretends fainting. Leela says what happened? Gauri says I feel so weak. Leela says Yug take her to room. Yug picks Gauri and takes her to her room. Kali goes to her room.

Kali tells everything to Manjiri. Manjiri says she is trying to take Yug away from you. Vishwa will be here in a day or two. We have to be careful about Gauri. Manjiri hears Neel saying I thought my love might change you but there is so much hate and blackness in your heart. Manjiri says to Kali I will call you later.

Yug says to Kali I don’t know why is this happening with us. He holds Kali’s hand. Gauri comes there and says sorry did I disturb. Kali says what is it? Gauri says little Yug wanted to eat chat. So I thought if yug can take mom and child to chaat. Yug says I have work. I will ask driver to send it, Kali says fulfill a pregnant woman’s wish because that are child’s wishes but Yug is busy so we should go together. We sisters haven’t spent time since long time. Yug says that’s perfect. Gauri says who will look after house when you go with me, we will go some other day. Kali says what is more important than baby? Dadi would be mad. Leela says where are you two going? Kali says Gauri wants to eat chaat. I am taking her out. Leela says you won’t go Kali. I have to talk to you. Gauri says then who will take me to eat chaat? Leela says Yug will take you. Gauri says but he has work. Leela says is anything more important than his child? Go take her and feed her whatever she wants. Yug says okay.
Yug and Gauri go out. Gauri holds Yug’s arm.
Leela says in heart no matter how hard this decision is I have to do this for my grandson.

Yug and Gauri come to chaat place. Yug says be careful the road is wet. You might slip. Gauri says its really muddy. Yug says wait. Yug holds her hand. Gauri says in heart you will give me your heart too.
Gauri orders forever herself. Yug orders so much. Gauri says you will eat so much we can share? Keeper says madam is right sharing increases love. Yug says that is why I ordered all that. Parcel it. I will eat it with my wife home. Yug says why are you not eating? Gauri says eat with wife in anger and goes back to car.

Precap-Pandit says tomorrow is sun eclipse. Kali says but how can it affect the child? Leela says Pandit ji is saying that. Gauri will stay home all day tomorrow and that’s your responsibility. Bijli comes and says Gauri is going to commit suicide.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Stupid story stupid plot this writter had no common sense kaala teeka is the worst dtama i ever seen

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