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Kaala Teeka 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vishwa sees the snake. Kali goes towards the snake. Yug says what are you doing Kali? Kali picks up the snake and throws it our. Sharmila says she saved your life and you wanted to kick her out.
The havan starts. The flower falls from Ram’s side. Kali says how did the direction of wind change. Yug says as Naina’s dad I have right on her. Now we will do this havan. Yug says let me and my daughter sit in havan. Leela says come Gauri sit with her. Manjiri says Gauri won’t sit there. Gauri says I am Yug’s wife and I will sit next to him. Manjiri says Kali and Yug are not divorced yet so accroding to law your marriage is illegal. Leela says Gauri will sit there. Manjiri says to Leela you brought Gauri because she was a mother to be. now why are you taking a mother’s


right from her. Manjiri says come Kali sit with yug. Kali and Yug do the havan. Vishwa says to prohit what I don’t want to see always happens. something wrong is gonna happen. Prohit says you have made a mistake by leaving Gauri’s child alive. vishwa says yes I made a mistake. Now I have to fix that or everything will be ruined.
Vishwa calls minnister. he says I have lost the seat. You are a fraud. I won’t give you a penny. Prohit says what happened? Vishwa says another loss.

Scene 2
Manjiri brings Kali in her room with Naina.
Kali says what happened Manji maa? Why you bought me in room? Manjiri says I didn’t want anyone to see feeding Naina with bottle. Kali says Naina is hungry. Bottle is in bag. Manjiri says I will bring it.
The shemales come home and ask Leela there is blessing in your house. Show us her face.
Leela comes in room and sees Naina in cradle. She brings her in the hall. The shemales take the baby from her. They dance with Naina. Manjiri comes in room and sees that Naina’s isn’t there. Kali comes out of washroom. Manjiri says Kali where is Naina? Kali says I went to washroom. they hear hermaphrodites. Manjiri and Kali come downstairs. Kali sees the baby in hermaphrodite’s hand. Kali says to Manjiri these are the same people who abducted Naina. We have to take the baby from them before they recognize. Kali says give me Naina back she will start crying. Leela says its okay. Leela says they are giving her the blessings. Their prayers always work. Kali take the baby from them. They leave. Manjiri says lets go Kali. A hermaphrodite says dimpy is it the same baby we found in the garbage? Yug says in garbage? What are you saying? She says we saved this baby. After that we took her to the temple and placed her in the flower basket. When I came back the baby wasn’t in the basket. Gauri says in heart she never fell on floor. She fell in garbage truck. Leela says thank you for saving her. They leave.
Yug says to Kali you wanna explain something? Vishwa says what would she explain? She is a careless mother. You have no right to be called her mother. Leave this child here and better leave this house. Naina will stay here she doesn’t need you. Manjiri says who are you to talk between a mother and a child? Leela says he is the grand father and this child is Chaudhary family’s daughter. Everyone has rights on her. what if they didn’t save her? In garbage? If you can’t handle her leave her here and go out of house. Kali says she is my Naina I will go but with her. I will never go alone. Kali runs upstairs in her room. She locks the door. Leela and Vishwa say Kali open the door. Manjiri says what are you people doing?Leela says don’t say this. I won’t bear this irresponsibility. Vishwa says Kali open the door. He tries to break it. Vishwa breaks the door and Kali falls on floor.

Precap-Leela gives Naina to Gauri and says feed her. Kali says my Naina won’t drink her milk. Gauri tries to feed her and says this baby hurt me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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