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Kaala Teeka 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
The baby is in the garbage. The truck leaves. The baby is crying. A hermaphrodite sees her and picks her up. He says such a cute baby. Who could throw him in garbage. The other hermaphrodite takes the baby from her and says this his our lottery ticket. The good one says give me the baby. The other two hit the hermaphrodite and takes the baby with them.
Kali looks for naina. Kali sees the hermaphrodite and asks him if she has seen the baby? she says my companions took the baby. Go run after them. Kali runs there.

Gauri says I threw the baby myself. Where could it go? Manjiri comes and says what happened Gauri? Why are you looking at the window? Gauri says the window is open. Manjiri says watchman will take care don’t worry. they leave for the temple.
Kali sees

the hermaphrodites. They take an auto. Kali chases them in another auto.
The baby is crying. The hermaphrodites sing song for her. They stop at a temple. kali comes there and looks for them. They ask a woman to feed the baby. The woman feeds the baby. Kali can’t see her. Kali comes and sees the baby in hermaphrodite’s lap. Its not Naina.
Everyone reaches the temple. Kali is dazed. Kali hides. Kali cries and says God give me my Naina back. A kid comes and says don’t cry. Everything will be okay. Kali says thank you.
The hermaphrodites are leaving with the baby. The other one says let’s go for tea and leave the baby here. We will come back in a while. They leave the baby in the basket and go for tea.
Yug says where is Kali? Manjiri says I called her, her phone is off. Leela says why? Yug says let me look. Gauri says Yug I will come help you. A worker of temple picks up the basket. he trips and Naina floats in the air. Kali sees her and runs towards her. Naina falls in grass. they all rush towards her. Manjiri picks her up. Kali takes her and hugs her. Manjiri says thank you Ram ji for saving our daughter. Yug says but how did this all happen? Kali says there was a man. He took Naina from me and tried running. Yug says who was that man? Where is he? Kali says he has fled. Manjiri says its of no use. Our Naina is fine that should be enough.

Leela says I request you Kali this child is our grand daughter. Take her to havan please. A snake comes in the temple. Vishwa says this is not possible. The child will be placed near idol if the flower falls from Ram yug will win. If flower falls from Sita Kali will win. The winner can either let Naina or stop her from being in havan. Yug says I have no issue. Kali says I am ready as well.
Gauri says to vishwa I don’t this baby with Yug. Vishw says I don’t want that either. Flower will fall from sit and that child won’t sit here. Gauri shouts snake.. Everyone is scared.

Precap-Manjiri says how can Gauri sit here when Kali is here. Gauri says I married Yug. Manjiri says Kali and Yug are still not divorced. so according to law you marriage is still not legal. Leela says how is that possible. Gauri will sit in the havan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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