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Kaala Teeka 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Gauri says please stop this drama Kali. Manjiri says this not a drama. I had been looking everywhere for her. Manjiri says I left Kali’s photo at the hospital. A nurse called me up and told me a girl was admittied. When I when there it was Kali. Leela says where was she all this time? Manjiri says she was in coma. She had partial memory loss. She had an accident. Neither she remembers that accident nor what happened after it.

Kali recalls Manjiri saying you will tell everyone that your memory is loss. kali said one more lie? Manjiri says you are my soldier this is the war I am leading. If you say that Vishwa won’t kill you. Kali says who would trust us? A woman comes and says I would say that and they would trust us. Kali said I wanted to be away from lies. Manjiri said the lie for a good cause is better than truth.
Manjiri says you can ask doctor. Doctor says she is right. She was in coma. She lost her memory. She didn’t even remember she was going to be a mom. When she got conscious she had labour pain and she gave birth to the child. Raghu says can I see the baby? Manjiri says yes she is your granddaughter. Gauri says whats the proof that this is your and Yug’s child. Leela says yeah we don’t know where you were all these days. Manjiri says how many days has she been not here? Leela says almost a year. Manjiri says seven months. And you should know a child takes 9 months to be born. And Kali was in coma. Doctor says yes she was.

Kali says I told you Manji maa I don’t want to come in this house. They are acussing me now. They don’t even bother to care what I bore. I am leaving. Manjiri says I want to as Gauri a question. Whats the proof that you haven’t hidden your daughter yourself? Yug says what are you saying. Manjiri says what is wrong. We all know what kind of person she is. But Kali never crossed any limit. You can’t blame her. Kali tell me what is this child to you? Kali says my life. Manjiri takes the baby and gives it to Leela. Manjiri says this is your fourth generation. Your great grand daughter. Leela takes her. Vishwa says Leela ji I don’t accept this. She lost the memory not I. How can I forget that she tried killing Gauri’s daughter. She accepted her sin in her suicide note. how can we forgive her and keep her in this house. We should rather get her arrested. Manjiri says wait a minute when Kali doesn’t know her crime. How can you punish her. Vishwa says how can I forget what she did. Manjiri says what will the world think of us. We should keep her here with us until her memory is back. and this child she is generation of this house. Its her right to be in this house. Yug says the child can live here but not Kali. Manjiri keeping a mom away from her child is a sin. Yug says what about what she did to our child? Manjiri says this is your child as well. Naina. And Kali staying here can be beneficial for everyone. Kali is gauir’s Kala Teeka. Maybe with her living here Gauri’s fate might get better and she finds her daughter. Leela says yeah thats possible. Leela says yeah this is our great grand daughter as well. Kali can live here.

Manjiri says Yug can you own this child and Kali? For this child. Kali says I don’t want to beg for sympathy. I am her mom and I can take care of her. I am leaving. I will bring her up. Raghu says yug stop Kali. Yug says stop Kali you won’t go anywhere. you will stay here. in this house with naina.
Manjiri says we can punish her later. Vishwa says in heart how was the baby saved after falling from that height. Manjiri says in heart this is our time to fight.
Kali says Naina we will fight and you will be my strength. Gauri says I lost my daughter.. What are you people thinking and yug you want to keep Kali here. Leela says don’t make a fuss out of it. This is yug’s child as well. Kali says don’t feel insecure. i don’t need anyone I have my child. Manjiri says lets go Kali to your room.

Kali is playing with Naina. Manjiri comes there. Manjiri says don’t worry. This is all right. We will be successful. Kali says but lying isn’t right. Manjiri says

Precap-Kali says is naina crying? Yug says when kids cry they musthave seen bad dreams. It can be due to nazar. Make her wear this black thread. Kali says my daughter won’t wear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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