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Kaala Teeka 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Scene 1
Kali goes from there and washes her face. She sits to feed the baby food. The family is busyt doing arti.
Manjiri sees Kali and says Kali.. Kali runs from there. Manjiri stops and hugs her. Manjiri says I knew my daughter was alive. Kali says I am alive. This child gave me a new life. I am her mom. Except her I have no one in this world. Manjiri says how can you say that. I am your Manji maa. I looked so much for you I cried so much and you are saying this. I am your Manji maa. Kali looks away. Kali says don’t give clarifications.
She says mama loves you baby. The love she never got herself.
Manjiri says who was it? Tell me. Kali says I can’t lie and you can’t bear truth. So let me go. Manjiri says I can bear anything. Tell me. Vishwa? Kali nods. Kali is crying. Manjiri hugs her. Manjiri says this time is not to cry. I am with you. Kali says then why are you in tears? Manjiri says they are tears of joy. Joy of seeing you. These don’t bother me. Kali tells her everything. Kali says God saved me but I lost my child. Manjiri says I ashamed to call him my husband. Enough of this injustice. I will fight this for your justice? Kali says what justice? Who will give it? The father who considered me daughter? The sister who never considered me sister. The husband who forgot his wife for his inborn child. He believe in superstition now.


Kali says this baby is my life. I will live for her. Manjiri says when she grows up will you be able to tell her that you compromised? Don’t be weak. fight for your life and marriage. One more battle. Battle of justice. Kali says I am tired. Manjiri hugs her and says we will fight. Kali says okay but for this child. I have condition.

The pooja is over. Yug says where is Pishima? Leela says she was here. Yug says her phone is off as well. Chulbuli says she must be around. Yug says neel lets go find her.
Kali says I don’t wanna be part of that family again. Badky papa will try to kill me again and can harm her again. You won’t accuse him. Manjiri says but if we don’t expose him how will you get justice? Kali says thats my condition. I don’t know anything else.
Raghu and neel look in one direction, Yug in another.
Manjiri says I accept your condition but you have accept one thing as well. You will tell everyone that this is your child. Kali says I won’t lie. Manjiri says won’t you tell the world when they try to snatch her? That she is yours. Promise in front of God that you will consider her yours. Kali says God gave me this child. Manjiri says God took one from you and gave you another. Kali says I vow I am her mother and I will always be. Manjiri says you have to say that in front of family. Manjiri says if you want me to accept your decision. And this isn’t a lie.
Raghu and Neel say we couldn’t find her. Yug says her phone is off as well. Chulbuli says she might have left home without disturbing arti. Lets go home.
They all are leaving.

At home, Yug says what is police doing. First we lost the child and now my wife. Manjiri comes in. Raghu says we were looking for you. You could have informed before coming. Kali stands up. Everyone is dazed to see her. Yug says Kali?

Precap-Yug says happy to know you are not dead. You have no shame. What you want from here? Kali says I am her mother I can bring her up. Yug says we can keep the child but not Kali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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