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Kaala Teeka 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kali says I don’t wana live. She cries. Kali starts walking in the water. She says your human who prayed for you day and night is drowning. She is drowned till head in the water. Vishwa puts the baby on ground and says my life matters more than yours. My princess and family need me. He makes a circle around her. He tries to kill her with a rock and says I can’t kill my own blood. What do I do. If I kill her, I will be her murderer. I won’t be able to live with the guilt but if I don’t kill her she will kill me one day. Vishwa puts the baby in a bucket. He leaves the baby in river. The baby is floating in the water. Vishwa says pardon me if you can. Kali is drowning in the water. The baby is floating and crying. The basket stops on Kali’s hand. she takes it

out of water. Kali looks at the baby and is dazed. Kali says who left the baby here? What should I do? I have to save this child. Kali comes out and screams whose child is this please save this child. Pandit ji comes and says why are you screaming? Kali sayus this baby was drowning. I saved her. If her parents come looking for her please give her back to them. I have no relation with this child. she puts the bucket on ground.
Pandit ji says the way you saved her means that God wants you to take her. It might be God’s signal of taking you somewhere. Try to understand it. Kali says I get it. Maybe this is my reason to live. Kali picks the baby and hugs her. Kali says God took my child and gave me her. I will bring her up. We will live for each other.

Scene 2
Leela says to Chulbuli by 2KG rangooli and make it big like Kali used to.. She is silent. Yug says what are all these preps for? Leela says its baby’s celebrations. Gauri says where is my baby? Naina.. Leela says I have been preparing here. She must be in cradle. Gauri says she isn’t upstairs. Leela says Manjiri might have taken her to play. She asks sharmila. Sharmila says no I haven’t seen her. Vishwa asks whats wrong. Gauri says this is not a joke where is my daughter. She asks Chulbuli she says I don’t know. Sharmila says Naina is nowhere. Leela says how can this happen. she asks watchman did you see someone taking child out? He says no I didn’t. Leela starts crying and panicking. Leela says where can the baby go? yug says this is all because of me, I forgot to tie thread on her cradle. Yug says in heart I wish I could tell you Yug I have done this for a bigger purpose. Yug slaps servant and says if something happens I will get you arrested. Manjiri stops him and says they leave at night.
Raghu says we have to inform police. kali says what will you say to police? What will you say? He can’t even recognize her. He hasn’t even seen her face. Gauri shouts and cries i want my baby papa. I want my baby.

Scene 3
Kali has made a cradle for the baby with trees. She works in kitchen. Naina is about to fall. Kali holds and hugs her. Pandit ji gives her parsad. Pandit ji says tomorrow is janmashtami Jha babu will arrange food for a lot of people. Kali says I know his reality.

UPrecap-Yug and Manjiri are in the car. Kali walks past there with the baby.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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