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Kaala Teeka 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vishwa says are you scaring me? Prohit says I just came to warn you. Just see, Kali is gone and since this child is born fate has started its game. Vishwa says I can beat any fate. Prohit says I just wanted to warn you. Till then I will try finding Kali. Vishwa says find her, she shouldn’t be alive.


Vishwa says because of this child Kali was found and lost? Her life is equal to death to me.
Amma says to Nandu you brought her from hospital? Nandu says they said I can’t meet my bride. Amma says before another drama lets leave her in the hospital. Nandu says I won’t let her go. She is my bride. Amma says I will take her. Nandu says you won’t. Kali wakes up saying, Yug. Nandu says Yug?

Leela says why can’t I see her face? Vishwa says a little more wait. Leela says I will. Gauri says papa, she hugs him and says thank you for helping giving me all I wanted. Vishwa says you’re welcome. Gauri says I know I can’t see her face. She is sleeping so peacefully. Can you give her blessings that she wins all her battles and never gives up. Vishwa recalls what Prohit said.
Vishwa comes home and says to Manjiri why didn’t you come for Arti? Manjiri says because I can’t pretend. How do I own the girl who came in price for Kali’s life. And you haven’t answered my questions yet. Vishwa says you are blaming me on basis of this letter? I forgot this letter home when I was leaving for havan. And Kali was home that day. You are right. I haven’t been to Shantikun for havan because that’s in Mithla. I went to another district you can call pandit ji and ask him. I am sure that after that you won’t have any doubts. Manjiri says are you sure you are not hiding anything? Vishwa says have I ever hidden anything from you?
Yug comes and says Pishima please give Naina your blessings. Manjiri leaves. Vishwa says let her go Yug. You should go and rest. Yug leaves with Naina. She is crying. Yug leaves her there. Manjiri sees Naina crying on the couch. She comes near her. Manjiri picks her up and hugs her. Yug is peeking in from the window and says I knew Pishima you can’t stay mad for long.

Scene 2
Kali is shocked to see Nandu. She shouts. Amma says don’t worry its all okay. I will bring you water. She gives Kali water. Nandu says my bride is up. Amma says he is mentally upset, he brought you home from hospital. Kali says Yug.. I have to go home. What badky papa did with me I have to tell Yug. Yug doesn’t even know about our child. Amam says your child is no more. Kali is dazed. Amma says before seven months you fell in ditch and you have lost your child. The water glass slips from Kali’s hand. Amma says you have been in coma. You just got conscious yesterday. Kali is sobbing and says my child. My child is no more. Badky papa must have said I did suicide. He asked me to write a letter as well. Manjiri ma would be shattered. I have to go home. Amma says you can. Nandu says she is my bride she can’t go. Amma says yeah yeah she won’t come here I have to talk to you. Can you bring down that oil can? He says yes. Amma locks her in the room. Amam says you can go now. He won’t stop you.

Kali comes home and sees Yug, Vishwa is going with him. Kali says where is everyone going? Leela comes and sits in the car. They all leave. The car walks past the gate. Yug couldn’t see Kali. Kali says everyone must be going to temple.
Pooja is going on in the temple. Yug is there with Gauri and the child. Kali comes there. She climbs the stairs with trouble. Kali sees Vishwa guiding the pandit. Kali says if he sees me he will try to kill me again, I have to tell Yug everything. She sits there holding her head. Kali says please give me strength God.
Leela gives Yug bangle and says my grand mother in law made me wear it. Make daughter in law wear it. She gave us a child. Yug makes Gauri wear it. Kali sees is and is bewildered. Chulbuli says congratulations maa ji. You are seeing fourth generation. Manjiri comes and says my blessings are only with you when you were with truth. Kali says Manjiri maa? You also considered lie a truth.
Kali sits in a corner and cries. Kali says everything is over. My dreams my life everything is burned. lie won. My last hope Manji maa has also forgotten. I should better die.

Precap-kali shouts this is your justice? You took manji maa yug my dignity everything from me? Vishwa puts naina in a basket and leaves her near the bank of river.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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