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Kaala Teeka 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vishwa tells the birth time to Porhit and asks him to check her birth’s effects.
Doctor checks the Kali is breathing again. She says its a miracle.
Doctor says to Vishwa child and baby both are safe. They are very happy. Leela says Yug come here.
Prohit calls Vishwa and says this child is not lucky for you. I am sending you something. Vishwa reads that the child is born in the moment which brings his death’s message. He says this child is Kaal for me.


Yug asks doctor how is that guy’s wife? She says there are two miracle today. she is not in coma anymore. Viwsha says in heart before Kali tells everyone truth I have to kill her. He comes in room but Nandu comes there. vishwa says Kali I will kill you anyhow. He leaves.

Nurse brings in Gauri’s child. VIshwa covers the baby and says no house member can see the face of baby at this moment. Please close your eyes all of you. Nurse says we have never heard this before. There are kids born here every day. Yug says science can’t understand it but badky papa knows better. Nurse says but mother has to feed her. Vishwa says she can feed with her eyes closed. I request you all to stay away from child until the right time comes.
Manjiri comes. Vishwa says Gauri has a daughter, Manjiir says aren’t her hands red? Vishwa says what are you saying? Manjiri says isn’t that child responsible for Kali’s death. Vishw says what are you saying. Manjiir says look at his letter you made Kali write it. The pen it is written from is in your pocket all the time. Vishwa says you should better consult with a psychiatrist. Vishwa says you can’t be happy for her. Manjiri says why don’t you go do a havan? Its been over a year. Vishwa says what you mean? Manjiri says so many lies, you get trapped in one of them. Vishwa says Neel take her home. Kali screams. Manjiri says this is Kali’s voice.

Kali says to Nandu who are you? Doctor says he is your husband he brought you here when you were dying. Kali says my husband is Yug. Nandu says I took rounds with you around fire. You are my wife. Kali is crying. Kali says please be quite. Doctor says her condition is not okay please be quite. She says to Kali don’t take stress. Doctor says what is your name? And how this happened to you? Kali recalls Vishwa shoving her off the cliff. Kali says I was Kaala teeka for him, I considered him father. She holds her head. Doctor says please bring injection.
Manjiri says I heard Kali. Vishw says what are you saying. This is hospital. Neel take her home. Manjiri says to Vishwa I always pardoned you. This sindur and mangalsutra was my pride. But if I get to know you are behind Kali missing. I will cross all limits and forget you were ever my husband.

Doctor says to Nandu please wait outside the room. Do you want her in coma again? Nandu says no. Doctor says to Nurse until everything is clear keep him away from her. Vishwa overhears them and says this is the right time to do what was left. Vishwa is coming in her room. Raghu says we should go to temple. Vishwa stops. Vishwa says I can’t go I have to talk to doctors.
Nurse looks in Kali’s room and says patient is not in her room.

Scene 2
Nandu has Kali on cart. A car hits them a bit and Kali falls down. Nandu says can’t you see. Manjiri is driving. She says to Neel we have to check. Manjiri comes out and says let me help you. Nandu says bride get up.
Nandu’s amma is coming. Neel says lets go from here. He takes Manjiri and drives.
Amaa says you brought her again? Manjiri says we should stay here to help them. Neel says we can’t.
Vishwa meets prohit and says why you called me here and asked me not to come with driver. Prohit says this kundli of the one you have been waiting to be born. VIshwa sees the kundli and is dazed. Prohit says she is born in the moment that she will kill her granddad. Vishwa says she will kill me? she is my blood. How is this possible. Prohit says I couldn’t believe it either. I read is over and over again. You should check it too. Vishwa says for this child I murdered. She became my Kaal? How is this possible.

Precap-Kali says I have to go home. My and Yug’s child. Yug doesn’t know. Amma says your child is no more. You lost him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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