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Kaala Teeka 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Vishwa says to Manjiri says why won’t you go? Manjiri says because I don’t feel anything. Neither am I happy for gauri nor sad. Nor do I want to give her blessings nor curse.
Yuh comes in Kali’s room by mistake. Nandu comes in and says this is my bride’s room. Yug says I am sorry my wife is in the next room. Nandu says you will become a papa.Yug says yes and thanks.
Vishwa comes with Sharmila and Leela. Vishwa sees Kali and is dazed. He comes in.


Vishwa is about to take Kali’s oxygen mask off. Nandu comes in with doctor and says please check her. Doctor says who are you? vishwa says I think I came in wrong room.
Leela says to Gauri its okay sometimes the child is premature.
Vishwa comes in the room and says we are wrong room.

Yug says means? Vishwa says this is not the right place according to direction. Yug says if he is saying there must be something. I can’t take risks with my child’s life. We willshift Gauri.
The warden says the mental man has created so much drama. Please ome help me. Yug goes with him. Nandusays nothing should happen to my wife. Kali’s face is half covered. So Yug can’t see her. She is about to slip. Yug holds her but he doesn’t see her face. Vishwa comes in and says Yug Gauri needs you there. Come with me. I will handle there.
Nandu says okay I will sit here just save my bride. Vishwa asks warden who is this man? And why he calls her his bride? The warden says she has been in coma for 7 months. This man comes and sits with her all day. He calls her his bride. Vishwa says okay. He sits next to Kali. Vishwa says that means she didn’t tell anyone anything. She should never be in consciousness. I will get time to do what I want to.
Nandu comes in and says why are you looking at my bride? Vishwa says soon everything will be all right.
Vishwa says sorry Kali you will have to die again.

Manjiri looks at Kali’s suicide letter and says God please show me a way to get to my daughter. Manjiri recalls when water spilled on Vishwa’s papers. He said this this ink changes color when water spills on it. Only I have it. Manjiri says this means this letter was written by his pen? How Kali got it? I have to find it out.

Doctor says we have to do her scissor. Vishwa says this is not the right time. Doctor says I know whats better for her life. I can’t risk life of child and mother for you time. Kali’s stretcher pasts by them but Vishwa makes Yug look in different direction.
Neel and Manjiri call pandit and ask if Vishwa did any havan? He says no he has not done any havan in a year. He came here in spring. Its been over a year. Manjiri drops the phone. She says this means that day Prohit lied to us.
Doctors are giving Kali CPR.
Manjiri says Neel I will get all the answers from Vishwa today.

Yug is praying. He says God life of my child and her mother is in your hands. Please take care of them. Nandu comes and sits next to him. He says mai says you can fix everything. I don’t have anything else to give then these pebbles. Please make my bride all right. I won’t ask for anything else. Yug says what are you doing. Nandu says I am requesting God. My bride is ill. Yug says in heart listen to him too God. Make his bride all right.
Kali is being treated.
Vishwa says to Yug this moment is really critical for Gauri and her child. I fear I don’t lose them.
Nandu looks at Kali and says I think God didn’t like my pebbles.

Doctor says to Yug its a daughter. Yug hugs Leela. Doctor says but she isn’t breathing. She is in incubator. Child specialists are checking her. Yug says please save my daughter doctor. I beg you. Doctor says we are trying.
Nandu is praying in temple.
Kali is being treated. Yug is praying for his daughter. Nandu has a candle on his hand.
Kali’s doctor says I think we have lost her. The baby starts breathing and crying.
Kali moves her hand as well.

Precap-Doctor says child and baby both are okay. Prohit says to Vishwa the time is not right. Vishwa says the moment this child is born in is the message of my death. This child is Kaal for me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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