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Kaala Teeka 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Pandit asks Yug to make Gauri wear mangalsutra. Yug makes her wear it.
Nandu brings Kali outside Chaudhary house. He says madam Chaudhary house is here.
Yug picks sindur. He fills Gauri’s hairline.
Shand says madam ji get up? He says she slept again? She sleeps a lot. What will I do now. He says let me talk to that watchman. Nandu is mentally ill. He says what if he shoots me? I can’t talk to the guard. I promised her I will leave her inside the house. He makes horn sound the guard is distracted. Nandu takes her inside.
Yug makes Gauri wear garland and so does Gauri. Nandu hears the wedding mantra. Yug takes the rounds around fire with Gauri. Nandu peeks in. Nandu says marriage? Bride and groom? Vishwa gets a call he comes out in garden. Nandu says wedding is done. Vishwa hears him. Vishwa comes forward to see who he is? Leela says the wedding is about to end give them your blessings.


Nandu takes kali from there and comes back to his village. The kids say who is she? They say she is Nandu’s bride. Nandu says shut up and run from here. Nandy says they call you my bride? I feel so shy. Will you become my bride? Will you marry me? Really? I am getting everything ready. Nandu lits fire and says my couple is made.

Gauri and Yug take blessings from Leela and Vishwa. Yug says in heart you are nothing to me now Kali. Nandu picks up Kali and takes rounds with her around the fire. He reads the mantra himself. A woman sees them. She says Nandu.. He says amma. She says don’t do this please stop. He says just last round. Amma says what are you doing? Leave her. Nandu places her on the cart. Nandu says she is my bride. Amma says what have you done? She fainted, you married an unconscious woman. She is really injured. Lets take her to hospital.

Kali is being treated in hospital. Doctor says she is in coma. Nandu says when will she be conscious? she says we can’t say anything.

Inspector says Manjiri we looked everywhere and couldn’t find her. some animal might have taken her. Manjiri says she is alive my heart knows that. Inspector says we are marking her dead in our records.

The nurse says no one comes to meet or ask about her. Just that mad person and always asks the same question. Nandu comes in and says Nandu’s bride is up? The nurse says no. Nandu says you look even more pretty today. He places a flower next to her. He says let me read you the news. The nurse says when she gets to know she lost her child how would she feel. The other nurse says I am thinking the same.

Gauri says baby see there are so many preparations for you. Chulbul says to Yug packing Veerpur is so close why are you taking so much stuff? Yug says Gauri can need anything. Chulbul says there had been no complications in seven months. Yug says to Gauri why are you walking under the ladder. Its not a good side. He asks the servant to take it from there. Gauri says don’t worry the baby is fine. Leela says I made her wear the thread, everything would be fine. yug says thank you. Vishwa comes and says I have talked to the doctors, and seen the kundli. The child will be born on right time. Yug says I want to talk to you papa. Sharmila says to Chulbuli Yug has become his puppet. Chulbuli says there is nothing more important than this child for Yug. And Raghu made Vishwa partner and now Vishwa is the owner of this house.

Yug and Gauri leave. There is a cat. Gauri says what happened? Yug says the cat passed by its not a good sign. Manjiri says this is all in your mind only. In seven months you have changed so much. Aren’t you the one who fought the against superstitions. Time changed you. Gauri says you do this mala all the time then whats the difference between you and Yug. Manjiri says difference between right and wrong but you can’t understand. Daughter and Father made Yug like them. Yug says we are doing this for our child. You are doing this in hope of Kali’s life. Manjiri says i am sure she is alive and she will come back. She will fight the death. Her fight is not over yet. Watchman says the gate is opened. Yug says lets go Gauri.

On the way, Gauri starts screaming with pain. Yug says are you okay? Gauri says its really paining. Take me to a doctor. Yug finds a hospital and stops there. Nandu is there with flowers for Kali. Yug says is someone here? My wife is in pain. Nandu gives them wheelchair. Yug says thanks. He says I am Nandu I help everyone.
Yug calls Vishwa and tells her. Vishwa says the child shouldn’t come before time this isn’t right. Yug says I couldn’t do anything. He is standing outside Kali’s room.

Precap-Nandu is fighting the staff. Yug can’t see Kali’s face. Vishwa comes in there too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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