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Kaala Teeka 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kali is crying in her bed. She looks at the idol. Kali says why am I sad? I shouldn’t be. This is what you want maybe that I bring up Gauri’s child first.
Manjiri says to Vishwa you are here I looked for you everywhere. Prohit says he was in temple hungry. I brought him here. Manjiri says Gauri when you came? Gauri says Prohit ji told me about him so I came. Manjiri says he was really worried for you. Gauri says yeah he does care for me. Why are you doing this drama? If you could you would throw me and my child out of Kali’s life. Manjiri says you know how happy Kali is for this child. Gauri says she isn’t happy, she is jealous of me. Vishwa says Gauri you don’t say that about you sister. Gauri says you call princess and are so much for her. I am leaving.


Vishwa says Neel will drop you. Gauri leaves.

Neel comes to drop Gauri. Sharmila says better you came, you can spend some time with Sharmila as well. Sharmila says my head hurts. Neel says I came to drop Gauri. Neel leaves.
Kali says to Gauri you went to meet papa? Gauri says yes he asked me to give this child to you. Kali says thats better for everyone. Kali says sit there I am bringing water for you take you medicine. Gauri replaces the medicine with contraceptive.
Yug says to Kali later, you know I read on internet that baby hears parents. Let me say good bye to the baby. Yug comes in Gauri’s room. Yug says I just came to say baby good night. Gauri says can you give me my medicines? Yug says sure, he says why is there an extra strip in medicine? Its not in prescription either. Gauri says Kali cross checks them. Yug checks on internet and says this is contraceptive. Kali says what? yug says you brought this contraceptive. Kali says no. Leela comes in and says what am I hearing? I knew this. A woman can’t bear her husband’s child in another woman’s womb. that is why you tried to let her fall from the wheelchair. And now this medicine. Kali says there is nothing like that. Yug says how can you be so careless? If Gauri had eaten them I would have lost my child. Kali says I swear I don’t even know how it came. Gauri says maybe chemist gave it by mistake. Kali says there can’t be a mistake. I double check all the packets. I will go ask the chemist. Kali says this child is mine too. I consider him my child. I can never let Gauri eat something like this. Do you trust me? Say something. Yug says its okay. I was just tensed. Leela says Yug this girl, Yug says you go to chemist. He leaves in anger.
Kali turns to Gauri and says I can see how clever you are. I will tell badky papa about it. Gauri says in heart he did all this. He is my father.

Scene 2
Next morning, Manjiri tells Vishwa that Kali called and what Gauri did. Vishwa says I thought if I talk to her she would change. Manjrii says she isn’t using her senses. I have a solution, can we keep her here with us till her delivery? Vishwa says will Yug agree to this? Manjiri says if you say. If Gauri is here I can better take care of her and Kali and Yug can live in peace as well. Vishwa says okay I will talk to yug.
Vishwa says in heart Manjiri you always care about Kali.

Gauri comes home. vishwa says my princess is one in a million. What you are going to do now, is the last trick. Manjiri is coming there. Vishwa tells Gauri entire plan.
Vishwa says anger is the greatest weakness. Kali considers you her sister. She did so much for you, its about time you do something for her. Gauri says Kali is nice. Manjiri hugs Gauri and says your dad is right. Leela ji called she was asking about you. She has arranged some pooja. Vishwa calls Leela. Leela tells him about the pooja.

The pooja starts. Gauri is dressed for the pooja. yug isn’t there. Kali lights the candle. Yug comes in. Suddenly there is fire all around Gauri. Gauri screams for help. yug jumps in and saves Gauri. Gauri hugs Yug. Yug says relax. Kali says I don’t know how this happened. Yug says I will tell you how. Someone mixed sulphur in Rangooli. Everyone is dazed. Kali says who can do this? Leela says you don’t know? You prepared all this. You made this rangoli. Kali says how can you even think that. I don’t even know.. Yug says after abortion medicine I forgave you but I said i won’t next time if some harm happens to my child. Kali says this is our child. yug says this is my child. Kali says what are you saying? Yug says enough get out of this house. Yug takes her hand and drags her near do. Kali says how can you even think I can do this. Yug says who else would? This is not the first time. Yug shoves her out but Vishwa holds Kali.

Precap-Vishwa says I think telling you people wont change a thing. You people don’t deserve Kali. And you Yug if you weren’t her husband I would have taught you the real lesson.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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