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Just us – Swasan episode 1

Hi guys!! I wrote this story and I hope you guys like it. Please tell me anything you don’t like. And Happy Friendship Day guys! Enjoy and have a blast with all your friends. Also, Ragini and Laksh are merely just side roles and I am sorry that I didn’t give any importance to them. So Let’s start!! ?

A charming prince is coming on a horse to save her from the goons and when he was about to pick her up, her mom’s loud calling for her disturbs her sleep.
Sumi: Ragini, get up. You are getting late for college.


Ragini; she is very bubbly and childish but loves her sister and mother a lot. She is a girl who can never come out of her dreams. She is eagerly waiting for her prince charming who will give her true happiness of the world and will love her immensely.

Her family is really rich because her mom has her own business opened, which is really famous throughout Kolkata.
Ragini wakes up irritated and goes to get ready. Meanwhile, Swara is packing her belongings, as she has to go to work.

Swara is our main protagonist; she is very mature and responsible. She believes that there is no word love exists in today’s world. Everybody just think about himself or herself. The reason is that she was ten years old when her dad left her mom and she remembered how her dad used to abuse her mom. However, Sumi and Swara never told this to Ragini as she was about six years old and she doesn’t even remember how her dad looked like. She never asks them about her dad because she saw how her mom and sister get upset. She loves them immensely as they are her life whereas to Sumi and Swara, Ragini is their one and only child and they never want to see her upset and that is why, they always fulfill her wish.

Swara bid bye to them and goes to the office in her brand new BMW. She was really nervous as it was her first day and she did not know how is it going to be. She wanted not to be dependent on her mom so she did not tell anyone in the office about her identity.

Ragini goes to the college and her driver drops her. She goes to the college and gets excited. She is doing doctorate and she wants to be a doctor. She looks for her friends but does not find them. She goes in and according to her schedule goes to her class. She finds a young man sitting on the back. She gets mesmerized seeing him; he looks really handsome in black leather jacket and jeans. However, she gets carefree and sits next to him, as it’s the only chair that was left empty. He sees her and smiles to which she responds. After the class gets finished, the guy comes up to her and says hi to her. They both introduce each other through which she gets to know that his name is Laksh. They talk to each other and go to their next class. Ragini gets excited seeing her friends and hugs them meanwhile, Laksh also met his friends and they all go to the cafeteria.

Laksh; he is really flirtatious but respects women. He never hurt any girl’s heart. He pretends to be a strong and hard person but is really sensitive from heart. He does not like when his friends tease him so he just pretends to be strong.

On the other side, Swara goes to the receptionist and gave her the acceptance letter. She directs her to her cabin, which is right next to her boss cabin as she is his PA. When the boss came, she was called to his cabin. She goes and when her boss looked at her, he gets mesmerized seeing her beauty but doesn’t show. She reads the nameplate, which says Sanskar Maheshwari (MD).

Finally, done with the first part. I hope you guys like it. I’ll update the next part soon. Enjoy!!!

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