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Hi guys dis is me indu ty all for ur comments keep commenting luv u all and sorry for d delay as i didnt have net connection sorry kaan pakad ke maafi….so guys enjoy d episode
Suhani yuvi sharad and sow reach yuvs house..
Sow:suh this is yuvi my bf…
(Yuvi completely shocked)yuvi:bf??
Sow:bf means best friend idio..
Suhani:oh yuvraj birla nice to meet u..
Yuv:nice to meet u mam..
Yuv:dont call me yuvraj birla call me just yuvi…
Suhani:ok yuvi…

Yuvi:thats like a good girl vaise sow sees consider me as a best friend u can also consider me like best friend..
Suh:wow thats nice so we are friends right??
Yuv:yes …
He forwards his hand she shakes it….
Yuv couldnt take of his hand from her hand even suh couldnt take off her hand they have an intense eyelock…it was broken by sow..
Sow:suh lata aunty called me i told her u reached safely…
Yuvani takes of their hands
Suh:haan ok…but is there something special today??
Sow:suh today is yuvis bday…
Yuvs face fades when yuvi hears this..
Suh:wow happy bday yuvi ..
Yuvi smiles slightly hearing this ….


But he just goes from there without anybodys notice…
Suh ,sow and sharad prepare cake for yuvi …after some time ..sharad goes to call him..
Sharad comes back with a dissappointment.
Sharad:guru didnt come …
Suh:why wht happened to him why didnt he come …??wait i will go and call him..
Before sharad could stop suh she went to yuvs room
Suh:yuvi why didnt u come downstairs ??
Yuvi:nothing i dont want to celebrate anything…

Suh sees yuvs hand bleeding and moves towards him in concern..
Suh:yuv wht happened??ur hand …and y r u lookin so unhappy..
Yuv takes off his hand..
Suh:yuv wht is it why do i see lot of pain in ur eyes as if u …
Yuv:yes u r right there is lot of pain inside me and u cant understand that..
Suh was stunned as yuvi got angry on her…

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