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JUNOONIYAT PART 1(episode 2)

Hi guys this s me indu guys i have to tell u one thing i may not be able to update for 2-3 days cause i am going for state badminton competition ….sorry for d inconveinience and guys ty sooo much for ur love and support guys keep commenting like this and supporing like this luv u all ummmmahhh…..
Sow:yuvi go and get dressed up
Yuvi:ya i will go i dont know wht to wear….
Sow:whtever u wear u will look gud..but wait..
Sowmya opens his cupboard and takes out a green coat and black top and black jeans..
Sowm:wear this yuvi..
Yuvi:sow i hate green u know that ….
Sow:oh sorry sorry..take this.
She hands over a blue coat to him..
Yuvi:thank u…
He goes to his bathroom and change …later he comes out
Yuvi:sow so when is ur frnd coming??
Sow:u didnt leave this till now??
Yuv:no ..so tell me.
Sow:she will be coming within an hour ….
Yuvi:is this ur same frnd whom u used to talk about …?
Sow:yes yuvi if i start talking about her i cant end it she is soo much to talk abt
She is actually entirely diff she does not like to put make up ..she become frnds with everyone trust everyone love everyone this is her law…
Yuvi:really…she has not done any kind of mistake??
Sow:she is ms perfect .. she doesnt make mistakes …but ppl can make fool out of her…. she is completely diff her eyes her looks her way of talking her behaviour..

A place is shown
A girl is coming out of the train wearing saree her face is not shown her hair blows around her face she removes the hair from her face her eyes are very beautifull ..suddenly it started raining slightly ..she started jumping with happiness everyone do notice her but she behaves as if she is alone….she is suhani…
Suddenly she notices everyone noticing her she ran from their….
In yuvs house..
Sow:look it also started to rain she just luves rain…
Yuv:whts her name??
Sharad comes
Sha:guru its time come..
Sow:oh ya i forgot time in talking come yuvi…come fast…
Sowmya leaves…
Yuvi:sow wait…
Intresting girl (to himself)
Yuvi smiles


Yuvi chooses ……

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