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Hi guys this is indu u all know me but not as indu …guys this is my real name so its now ur chance to guess who i am ….so guys before also i have written ff on ssel and now i am going to write a series of ff which contain each story of yuvani ….guys i promise u that i wont make it boring i will make my ff the best ever ff u guys have seen just one thing i need is ur valuable comments….so guys each part contains almost 15 to 20 episodes max ….and after that i will end this and start new part ….so guys are u ready…..one more thing i want all of u to do is that while reading my ff u all should think that u r suhani or yuvraj then u can enjoy this ff more than anything…..so guys here is a short intro of the story

Yuvs pov
Pyaar aise ek chees nahi hain jo har insan samajh sakta hain …pyaar sirf Voh lok samaj sakta hain jinki dil mein junooniyat ho …pyaar kab hota hain kaisa hota hain hum samaj nahi sakta kyunki pyaar bas ho jata hain yahi toh junooniyat hain….. (Luv is not just a thing which every person can understand…luv could be understood by those who has insanity or madness in thier heart….we wont be able to understand when and how love happens this is wht madness or insanity …..)


“Mere dil na mane teri ye dooriyan
Meri dilko pyaar tumse hogaya
Ishq mein junoon
Mere ye sukhoon
Milna hain tumhe
Apni sari janam mein
Tumhe pyaar na karne ki wajah nahi di tumne..
Mujhe tumhe pyaar karne ki wajah nahi pata
Tumhari batein mere kanon ko sukhoon deti hain…
Tumhari hasi mere dilko junoon deti hain…
Tumhari nazar mein nazar milana chahthi hoon main
Tumhari haath mein hath rakhna chahthi hoon main…
Tumho toh main hoon ….
Agar tum nahi ho to main bhi nahi
Yahi toh hamari junooniyat hain….”(my creation)…..
(My heart cant accept your distance
My heart fell in love with u .madly i am in luv this luv gives me happiness…i want to meet u in my every birth..u have never given me a reason that i should not fall in luv with u ..and i dont know the reason why i fell in love with u…ur talk gives happiness to my ears ur smiles makes my heart happy i want to lock my eyes with urs and i Want to keep my hand on urs…if u r there then i am their if u are not there then i also wont be their this is madness/insanity…)

Guys i hope u enjoyed this intro….luv u all..

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