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Junooniyat Hai Yahi Part-8

Part -8

Hello Happy Raksha bandhan to all the lovely adorable sisters….and today’s episode I dedicate to my newly found sister Navi….t his one’s for you di..
Next Morning
Everybody came and started practicing…all were giggling…laughing and were having a light time but…..our Romeo was waiting for his Juliet
The door opened and there she was… though she didn’t apply any makeup but for him she always looks like his angel…
Ragini:Swara….where were you yaar
Swara(avoiding an eye contact with sanskar):Nothing just got late
Ragini:ok anyways….see yeaterday laksh took me to Kingdoms of Dreams and see we clicked so many pictures

Swara(not much interested):Ya nice
Ragini(now in serious tone):What happen swara?You seem to be quite dull?All ok?
Swara(hidding her pain):Ya ragini what will happen to me…I am fine…umm now excuse me
At that time sanyukta came
Sanyukta:She seems to be quite oppressed…right?
Ragini:Ya I think she is hidding something?
Sir:Ok class pay attention..we will today start contemporary dance so I’ll show you the dance today you all can see and ask doubts and learn and tomorrow you all will practice under aastha ma’am as tomorrow I have a important work ok…!
All:Ok sir
Sir:Ok lets start
They danced on the song saawre from Phantom
Sir:Ok so now come and ask whatever you want and if you got a bit go and start practicing…
Sandhir:Sir can you tell that step again
Sir:Ya sure come

And everyone became busy in dancing and now only swasan are waiting looking eachother through the mirror
Aastha:Guys what are you waiting for come on start come sanskar

And now unwillingly swara had to let him touch her

Pehle kyun na mile hum
Tanha hi kyun jale hum
Milke muqammal hue hain
Yaa thhe tanha bhale hum

Saware.. saware.. saware..
Na humaara hua na tumhara huaa
Ishq ka ye sitam na gawara hua (x2)
Sun bairiya sanware
Sun bairiya sanware
Pal pal ginke guzara
Maano karza utaara
Tum se munaasib huaa hai
Phir se jeena humaara
As they started the dance ma’am went to keep a check on others

Sanware.. sanware..
Sanware.. hmm..
Na humaara hua, na tumhara hua
Ishq ka ye sitam na gawara hua (x2)
Sun bairiya sanwre
Sun bairiya sanwre
Dhalti raat ka ik musaafir
Subah alvida keh chala
Jeete jee tera ho saka na
Marke haq adaa kar chalaa
{ Na humaara hua, na tumhara hua
Ishq ka ye sitam na gawara hua (x2) }
Sun bairiya.. sanware..

They finished the song with tears in their eyes
Aastha:Ok guys its enough for today meet you all tomorrow
They teachers left and all were busy in chatting and packing their stuff while swara was all set to leave so she bid bye to everyone and took a leave…
Sanskar thought that this was a right time to know the truth about her and he decided to follow her…
Around 8 to 8:30p.m
Swara was going through a silent lane listening music as if she was used to it…and here sanskar was following her…after walking for more 15mins he saw swara entering somewhere and he was shocked to see the place…!

To be continued

Hey guys sorry for leaving you in suspense I know most of you will not sleep tonight thinking that what sanskar would have seen well I have my english exam tomorrow so…I’ll try to give the next episode asap…till then good night(as I am writing this at night so if its uploaded in the morning so good morning..) lobe you loads do comment silents readers too????

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