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junoon wala ishq – twinj epi-27

hii alll
so here with next one
u all tell dat u all will mish me n i really mished u all……………so epi to post karna hi tha…………i know m on time n ajkal bohot regular ho gayi hu……..but kya karu tumlog ne apne lovely,sweet se cmntse muje majbur kardiya n u know today is 1 august n i had posted a os hope u had read it dat is posted without registerstion so thought to write epi also as last epi was bohot small thaaaaaaaaaa
saby yaaar kitne dino baad epi post kiya…….really missed u
zuha…..i read ur ff but cant able to cmnt as i was in hurry…………

no more bakbak
n yaa i m giving links also of d places but d links r not cming in my os but dey had not posted so hope ……..in dis 1 dey will not do dis
ok by end me milte hai
d wheels of d train r goes round n round
round n round
d ppl of d train r quiet n quiet
quiet n quiet
alll through d way
no no d ppl of d train r not singing…i m saying as d atmosphere is shant n quiet (in whole train only twinj n der frnds r der means in one block)
n d atmosphere is coz of TWINJ
dey both r sitting beside eachother n making faces n showing back to each other n all collegues r bored as dey know dat twinkle is angry n if dey will do masti den at d end dey will b beaten by twinki
dey r just watching dem
rohan:t..tw.twinki……..chalo v will play something
tw:(angrily)i dont wanna play
kunj:(murmus)khelna aata hoga tab khelegi naa(he was adding salt in injured place
tw:i listened
chinki:tw n kunj coz of u both v r not able to enjoy……….plz twinki maan jaaa naa khelna
tw after so much of time she gets ready but in 1 condition
tw:i will play if dis saddu will not pplay
kunj: n if dis syappa queen will play den i will surely play
every1 put der hand on der forehead n gets sad..seeing dis tw says
tw:if he wanna play with us he will hav to say sorry to me with situps(bachchi kahiki)
kunj:n dis is not gonna happen
dey both see eachother with full tashan
maya:its ok guys if dey dont wanna play v will play
mehe:yaa v will play
tw widens her eyes n say
tw:which type of frnds u all u will not let me play with u all
abeer:if u want to play with us den u both have to throw ur gussa n have to forgive eachother


dey both dint get ready……..so every 1 starts to play dey all seats on der seats only but like making a round n start to play paasing d parcel(i know childish game hai but my fav game)
tw:i m ready to forgive him
kunj:wat ready to forgive………i m not seeking u for forgiveness..huh
n yaa i can say i m ready to forgive u
tw:i m also not seeking for ur forgiveness.
kunj:dont repeat my words
dey both face each other angrily
kunj comes to her ears
kunj:i think i should change my place my izzat (dignity)is in danger
tw:not again……………..n bdw i should say dis to u as u had come close to me now n u know naa at aamu house at midnight also u kiss on my lips
kunj get hurt by dis words .he without speaking goes to washroom
tw also felt bad
tw:yaar wat have i done i again hurt him by dat……………
tw also goes behind him

kunj was crying in washroom
kunj:s…she dint tr..trust me…. dat was by m..mistake but…s.sh..she think as i do that knowingly…….dat time i didnt….do anythinng…….wen she ask for forgiveness i thought she means it …but………no……..i love her but she dont……..i will have to make distance with her n avoid her to not let her know dat ilove her
n he opens tap n washes his face again n again n looks in mirror…
kunj:she really dont trust me…i know she dont love me but as a frnd also she dont trust me
n he keeps taking water in his hand n unknowingly spilt d water on his shirt he dint realize till it was full wet
kunj sees dis n in anger tear his shirt
dat side twinkle was coming towards d washroom blabering
tw:he is really hurt….i m just a fool……..in anger it comes out of my mouth…….i love him dan how can i hurt him
she goes n was about to knock …..but kunj opens it..he was wearing only jeans n he was not wearing anything above n exposing his six abs he was going to take another shirt…but wen he opens d door n tw was going to knock….so both bumps n tw was about to fall but kunj hold her…her hands was on kunj’s bare chest n his hand was on her waist…both come to senses
tw:kunj listen
before she could see kunj goes again in washroom but before he could close it tw also enters n both bumps n kunj fall on d tap n it breaks dan in whole wahroom water .n both gets drenched…..
tw:kunj listen m sorry
kunj:for wat?
tw:kunj dont act innocent i know u r hurt by my words
episode ends on kunj tensed face
i know middle me se end kar diya….but sorry
how was it??
comment karna
n m glad dat u all like my os thank u all of u for cmnting

___________________________GOOD NIGHT_____________________________

Credit to: Aamu

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